From Fred Wilson and Jack Dorsey to Kathryn Minshew and Dan Primack, these are some of the best tech follows on Twitter.

If you’re part of the tech community — or you want to be — Twitter is indispensable; it’s one of the world’s biggest ongoing conversations on the future of tech and entrepreneurship and some of the most important names in tech, startups, and investing are on it.

But jumping on the 140-character train (or just upping your tweet game) can be daunting, especially with so many people out there to follow. To help you get started, we compiled this list of the best tech entrepreneurs, CEOs, VCs, and reporters on Twitter, with feeds chock full of new, newsworthy, and unique insights about leadership, running a business, investing, tech trends, tech hype, and much more. It’s like having all the brightest minds in the tech, startup, and VC world wired right to your phone.

Any great accounts we left off that you think belong on the list? Please let us know in the comments.

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Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Founders

Taavet Hinrikus

This Estonian founder sounds off about fintech trends, cybersecurity, and anything else related to building the future through tech and cooperation.

Drew Conway

Founder of data analysis company Alluvium sounds off about the state of data science, people solving hard problems in innovative ways, and the struggles of startups and leaders.

Jack Dorsey
Twitter, Square

Going simply by the Twitter handle @Jack, the Twitter and Square founder’s feed is a who’s who and what’s what of all things mobile- and startup-related, with a healthy dose of pop culture and current events thrown in. His retweet game is also one of the strongest around.

Dennis Crowley

Crowley is responsible for online sensation Foursquare (and its precursor, Dodgeball) and also helped start Kingston, New York’s men’s semi-pro soccer club, the Kingston Stockade (which he tweets about a lot). His tweets are about advances in online communications, startups (his and other people’s), politics, and his baby.

Jeff Glueck

This Foursquare co-founder’s feed is filled with great insights, retweets, articles about location-based data, and fun ways to get the most out of your neighborhood or a visit to another city. Following this tech Twitter heavy-hitter is your way to get ahead of the curve on how location-based data is changing marketing, sales, and the world.

Simon Crosby

This co-founder of Bromium, an enterprise cybersecurity company, posts tons of articles, retweets, and replies to other experts about cybersecurity and how it affects your life and your business. If there’s a conversation about privacy, security, malware, or anything else that puts people or information at risk online, he’s in it.

Leah Busque

TaskRabbit’s founder coded the first version of the site herself and uses her Twitter voice to talk about her company, entrepreneurship, equality, and quality of life.

Aaron Levie

The CEO and founder of tweets about startups, robots, the IoT, politics, and occasionally his grandparents.

Kathryn Minshew
The Muse

Not surprisingly for someone who struck out with her co-founder (Alexandra Cavoulacos) to start a company devoted to helping people find their dream jobs, Minshew’s Twitter feed is filled with posts and insights about careers, interviews, and how to attract top talent.

Gesche Haas
Dreamers // Doers

Looking for some inspiration along with your startup news, politics, and cat pics? Gesche’s Twitter feed could be for you. As the founder of Dreamers // Doers, she’s committed to helping women-led ventures succeed and has started a community of support to do just that.

Patrick Collison

Patrick is one of the two brothers behind the Stripe payment app. When he’s not keeping his followers updated on Stripe’s developments (new markets, partnerships, and tech advances), he’s writing about books, math, data, and other topics sure to broaden your world.

Julian Weisser
Within Health

Within Health brings nutritionists into the office to help make workers healthier and happier, so it makes sense that co-founder Julian Weisser posts a lot about health and wellness. He also writes about startups and has a real commitment to hustle and round-the-clock grinding, with gems like the one above and others like “As a founder, I appreciate investors who are game for a strategy sesh at 5pm on a Saturday. Huge. Momentum doesn’t care about the weekend.”

Donald Richard

Donald is all about social media and the power of marketing and branding. He’s active in conversations with other entrepreneurs, investors, and tech leaders. Follow him for fast-moving conversations and sharp insights.

Stewart Butterfield

Slack recently took out a full-page ad in the NY Times to print an open letter to Microsoft welcoming them to the team communication tools market (a la Apple’s letter to IBM in 1981), but it’s not official until you tweet it out. Butterfield tweets about Slack, travel, politics, AI, and Canada (he’s Canadian).

John Sheehan

John’s pinned tweet above shows that when it comes to running a successful business and getting stuff done in the startup game, he gets it. Follow him for robust conversation about business, coding, innovation, and more.

Jonathan Abrams

In another example of an entrepreneur’s Twitter feed matching their company’s purpose, Jonathan Abrams’ is filled with retweets of other people’s Nuzzel newsletters, giving his readers (and you) access to the online reading lists of prominent people from diverse industries, including Charles Ornstein, Mark Evans, and Michelle Rafter.

Rand Fishkin

No rundown of Twitter greats would be complete without a nod to one of the gurus of SEO and marketing. Rand’s feed is filled with posts like this one and links to amazing articles on business, the startup world, and tech.

Sara Mauskopf

Sara Mauskopf’s is all about helping parents and children through the power of technology, so her tweets about parenting, her company, and her child all blend together pretty seamlessly.

Payal Kadakia

Any entrepreneur knows that mistakes, missteps, and do-overs are part of “the dance.” So does ClassPass’s Payal Kadakia, who posts about fitness and startups and also has lots of bits of inspiration like this to offer.

Sara Chipps
Jewelbots, GirlsDevelopIt

Tech is for everyone, and no one knows that like Sara Chipps, of GirlsDevelopIt and Jewelbots fame. Both her entrepreneurial efforts center around helping women and girls get more active in coding and posts like the one here show her commitment to diversity in tech.

Scott Heiferman

Meetup’s Scott Heiferman believes in the power of community to bring people together and change lives; he tweets about the same.

Tiago Forte
Forte Labs

Tiago Forte’s company, Forte Labs, is all about helping employers and employees work together on goals that “are fundamentally aligned around human-centered productivity.” Follow him for insights on the nature of work, startups, tech, design, and more to boost your productivity and your morale.

Andrew Ng

Coursera’s founder is bullish on AI, as is apparent in tweets like this one. Follow him to stay ahead of the curve on artificial intelligence and more.

Sallie Krawcheck

With experience at Merrill Lynch and Smith Barney, Ellevest’s founder is a fountain of finance knowledge. If you want to learn how to dominate your financial future and help close the gender gap in pay and investing, she’s for you.

Jennifer Pahlka
Code for America

Pahlka’s Code for America is committed to “[helping] government work for the people who need it most.” Her posts revolve around her organization’s numerous events, retweeting great quotes from other tech thought leaders, and lots of uplifting content.

Mike Dudas

Like all things mobile, including mobile marketing, mobile commerce, and advances in mobile technology? So does Mike Dudas. His company, Button, aims to help mobile developers acquire and retain users. If you love mobile-related stuff, his Twitter feed will acquire and retain you.

Ryan Hoover
Product Hunt

Ryan’s company specializes in helping users find new and interesting products and his Twitter feed is pretty much that, interspersed with tweets about startups and creativity.

Dave Girouard

With a resume spanning Google, Apple, and now Upstart, it’s safe to say the Dave knows a thing or two about the tech world. Follow him for startup advice like the post above and much more (including his thoughts on UW Football).

Marcela Sapone
Hello Alfred

Hello Alfred’s CEO and co-founder believes in the power of people and puts out a wide array of tweets, often with instructive messages like this.

Eoghan McCabe

With gems like “your product is already obsolete” and “only the paranoid survive,” Intercom’s co-founder and CEO has a Twitter feed with some hard truths for you about the startup world.

Feross Aboukhadijeh

Self-professed mad scientist Feross Aboukhadijeh is all about coding. He tweets about it, works with other programmers on coding projects, and shares what he’s into in his feed. Great for anyone into coding and the startup world.

Balaji S. Srinivasan, Andreessen Horowitz

Balaji’s pinned tweet above says it all. His Twitter self-description also includes the line: “I hear this Bitcoin thing might be kind of a big deal.” Maybe…


Fred Wilson
Union Square Ventures

When it comes to investors to follow, of course Fred Wilson is on the list. Wilson is a paragon of the VC and tech world, having forged his career in the Big Bang of the early dot com era, investing in the likes of Twitter, Twilio, and Tumblr. His feed is filled with posts about the state of the startup world, investing, tech news, as well as tweets about his family and life in NYC.

Guy Kawasaki
Canva, Garage Technology Ventures

The current chief evangelist of Canva (formerly did the same thing at Apple) has a powerful retweet game, sharing weird and funny videos, articles about social media, and uplifting content.

Mark Suster
Upfront Ventures

Suster’s website, Both Sides of the Table, is a reference to his early career as an entrepreneur and his current one as a VC, making him a startup world double-threat. He posts about trends in tech and investing and includes lots of how-to guides like this one on how to deliver a compelling speech or presentation.

Chris Sacca
lowercase capital

Another strong investor to follow, this Shark Tank shark has a keen eye for investment opportunities, knows a thing or two about the startup game, and has a healthy sense of humor about himself and his past missed investments.

Rob Go
NextView Ventures

Rob Go’s Twitter feed is laser-focused on startups, with advice for founders and employees alike, plus cool new products from startups, and articles about same.

David Pakman

This spirited VC is your ticket to staying on top of startups, tech advancements, and even this hot Twitter tip.

Bill Gurley
Benchmark Capital

Bill Gurley’s Twitter feed is all about how tech is changing the world (especially Uber): car owning and sharing, housing, Snap Spectacles, and much more.

Christoph Janz
Point Nine Capital

Christoph Janz is focused on the struggles of investors and founders and how both can be better at their jobs.

Dave McClure
500 Startups

Dave travels the world talking about tech and startups, seems to know just about everyone in tech, and puts up tons of cool pics, retweets, and articles.

Jeremy Liew
Lightspeed Venture Partners

This partner at Lightspeed claims to be “overcompensating for a geeky youth.” He does this by posting about tons of cool tech stuff (drones, Snapchat Spectacles, location-based tech). He’ll also give you great advice for startup success like the tweet above.

Christine Herron
Intel Capital

Hard-working VC Christine Herron is all about supporting diversity in tech, tweeting quotes and articles from other thought leaders, shooting out highlights from conferences, and helping to raise the next generation (her child).

Brad Feld
Foundry Group

Brad Feld’s Twitter feed is not for the faint of heart: he pretty much only shares articles (his own and others’). So when you’re ready to buckle down and do some serious reading on coding, entrepreneurship, investing, and anything else that even remotely touches the startup world, Brad will be waiting for you.

Shervin Pishevar
Sherpa Capital, Hyperloop

Sherpa Capital’s co-founder and managing director is all about builders: founders, entrepreneurs, inventors, investors, and anyone else who is changing the world. His tweets are protected, so if you want to see what he has to say, you’ll have to follow him.

Eileen Burbidge
Passion Capital

Eileen Burbidge tweets tirelessly about the startups that she and Passion Capital support, advances in tech and finance, and more.

Sarah Hodges

Sarah Hodges, a VC at Boston’s Pillar, shares insights and articles about leadership, the evolution of AI and tech, and women in tech and investing.

David Cohen

David Cohen and the team at Techstars have invested in companies now worth a combined $80B, so he knows a thing or two about the startup and investing world.

Chris Dixon
Andreessen Horowitz

Chris Dixon’s pinned tweet above pretty much sums up his approach to work, startups, and investing.

Matt Turck
FirstMark Capital

Few Twitter feeds are as diverse as Matt Turck’s. He tweets about everything that’s new and different and building our future. From AI and big data to genomics, investing, founder advice, and more.

Benedict Evans
Andreessen Horowitz

Evans’s Twitter bio says that he’s “Trying to work out what’s going on, and what happens next.” Apparently he’s doing that by tweeting about every new tech advancement, trend, investment, and innovative startup.

Om Malik
True Ventures

This True Ventures partner and Gigaom founder posts links to tons of tech and startup stories, doles out advice like the quote above, and has conversations with other investors and founders.

Tech Reporters

Caroline Fairchild

Fairchild’s beat is all things tech- and startup-related and if you follow her, it’ll be yours too.

Dan Primack

The former author of Fortune’s Term Sheet is still one of the most-listened-to voices in the finance, startup, and tech world. His writing appears on Medium, and his new news operation is called Axios. As the tweet above shows, he really knows (newsletter) marketing.

Kara Swisher

Kara Swisher runs Recode and like her publication, Swisher’s Twitter feed offers tech news, reviews, and analysis—and more. She’s witty and insightful and her Twitter is pretty much mandatory. Apparently her podcast is cool too.

Shira Ovide
Bloomberg Gadfly

Formerly of the Wall Street Journal, Shira writes about tech for Bloomberg Gadfly and offers up insightful commentary and great links on her Twitter feed.

Adam Lashinsky

If you get Fortune’s Data Sheet, then you hear from Adam all the time. Why not increase your intake of amazing tech and finance articles collected from around the web by following him on Twitter? He posts links to high-impact tech news constantly, meaning you’re always in step with the biggest stories.

Nitasha Tiku

Nitasha Tiku is a senior writer at Buzzfeed covering tech. We scrolled through tons of tweets from her that include witty commentary and links to great articles. #23 will shock you!

Gabe Rivera

The head of tech news site Techmeme offers up cutting commentary on the big stories of the day and links to tons of informative articles and other tech news types.

Casey Newton
The Verge

Casey is the Silicon Valley editor of The Verge. He’ll keep you up to date on every tech and startup development. His pinned tweet above kind of says it all.

Charles Arthur

Charles Arthur, who was The Guardian’s tech editor from 2009 to 2014, is now living the freelance life, writing tech stories, covering the evolution of the markets, and much more, his way.

Emily Chang
Bloomberg Technology

The host of Bloomberg’s Studio 1.0 asks some of the biggest names in tech the hard questions. Her tweets don’t pull any punches either.

Rachael King
Wall Street Journal

No hype, no fake news, just hard-hitting reporting on the biggest tech stories of the day.

Farhad Manjoo
NY Times

Farhad covers tech for the NYTimes from all angles, retweeting political stories, articles about new companies, gadget trends, and more. As this pinned tweet shows, he has a pretty good sense of humor.

Seth Weintraub

Seth is a self-proclaimed tech addict and compiles tons of data that you can see on his site Electrek, “a news site tracking the transition from fossil fuel transportation to electric and the surrounding clean ecosystems.” His Twitter feed is filled with posts like the one above, giving you a look at how tech is changing the world.

Tim O’Reilly
O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly Media’s founder is super-active on Twitter. Follow him for a broad look at the stories of the day.

Jay Yarow

Jay is the SVP of CNBC, spent time at Business Insider, and hosts a technology podcast with Farhad Manjoo, so he’s got you covered on anything you want to know about tech, politics, business, and beyond. He also offers cutting insights and a dry sense of humor.

Mike Isaac
NY Times

Mike Isaac works out of the NY Times’ San Francisco bureau, covering tech news from the biggest corporations to hot new startups. He weighs in on how tech is affecting society, how politics affect tech, and the nature of news in the digital age.

Christina Farr
Fast Company

Christina Farr covers advances in biotech, medicine, and medical technology and always couples her articles with analysis and insight. If you’re looking for a comprehensive view into a complicated sector, she’s got it.

Nilay Patel
The Verge

The Verge editor-in-chief and host of The Vergecast is an endless source of the hottest tech news and trends, served up with his own insights.

Joanna Stern
Wall Street Journal

This WSJ personal tech reporter is hooked into everything you need to know about new consumer devices from the biggest names and innovative startups. She’ll also keep you posted about her adorable dog and is well-connected to other tech reporters.

Biz Carson
Business Insider

Business Insider’s tech startups and VC investor reporter tweets out the tech world’s latest, must-have info on a constant basis and has an eye for a well-worded post.

Ellen Huet

Ellen Huet is based in San Francisco and covers every- and anything startup related. She posts links to the latest stories, adds her own commentary, and as you can see above, gets her hands dirty delving into stories.

Mark Milian

Bloomberg’s technology editor is connected with countless other tech reporters and shares a constant flow of the latest stories about tech companies, startups, major corporations, tech advances, and more.

Eric Newcomer

This Bloomberg reporter goes deep on startups, focusing on some of the biggest names in tech (Uber, Airbnb, etc) and on trying to pick the next companies that’ll be innovative and important.

Julie VerHage
Bloomberg TV

Julie VerHage reports on tech for Bloomberg and Bloomberg TV. Expect her to keep you on top of every news story about tech companies, new gadgets and apps, and financial trends with the occasional cute gif thrown in for good measure.

Ari Levy

Based in San Francisco, Ari tweets about the startup scene, funding trends, tech, and more and is hooked in with lots of other tech writers and reporters.

Dan Frommer

Recode’s Editor-in-Chief Dan Frommer tweets the tech, startup, and corporate stories that you need to stay on top of and is always involved in lots of robust conversations.

Erin Griffith

Currently helming Fortune’s Term Sheet newsletter, when Erin isn’t sending her readers the latest venture and PE deals right to their inboxes, she’s tweeting about them. If it’s newsworthy and deals with investing or tech, chances are she’s tweeting about it or linking to a story by another reporter.

Jason Del Rey

Recode’s Jason Del Rey covers Amazon, e-commerce, and payments. Follow him and get every need-to-know story in these fast-paced areas as they break.

Katie Roof

Katie is a senior writer and video host at TechCrunch. Follow her for an inside track on investments, tech industry news, analysis, and more.

Joshua Topolsky
The Outline

The Outline is an independent news organization run by Topolsky and company. Joshua posts about all things tech and anything else newsworthy, and also provides a healthy dose of self-awareness.

Who are your favorite founders, CEOs, VCs, and tech writers to follow on Twitter? Let us know in the comments.

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