Q1 2016 to date has already topped the record for most early-stage deal activity in insurance tech.

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In November 2015, we released the first Periodic Table of Insurance Tech highlighting key players in the insurance tech space you need to know, including startups, VCs, corporate investors, and accelerators. But the market has grown immensely since, as startups across pet insurance, small business insurance, new sharing economy frameworks, and more attract venture capital investment.

Q1’16-to-date has already topped the record for most early-stage insurance tech (seed/Series A) deal activity. Of note, two startups, peer-to-peer insurance company Lemonade and small business insurance startup Next Insurance rank atop the largest US tech seed rounds since the start of 2015.

And interest in the space has not been limited to venture investors as a host of carriers and reinsurers have joined the mix. Just this week, Guardian Life made its first strategic investment thought its venture arm GIS Strategic Ventures in health benefits startup Maxwell Health.

Webinar: The State of Insurance Tech Trends
Senior Analyst Matthew Wong will cover the startups you need to know, the smart money insurtech bets, and the big moves from insurance incumbents and big tech.

So with this mind, we mapped 130+ startups and private companies in the insurance tech space, who together have raised over $3.5B in aggregate funding. Note: It’s important to point out that some startups below span or are planning to span multiple personal lines and so are not limited in their category placement below. Click the map below to expand.


The map focuses on 11 categories, as follows.

  • Life/annuity: Private startups providing distribution of life insurance products including term life and annuities including Abaris and PolicyGenius
  • Auto insurance (split into distribution, usage-based insurance/telematics, and claims): Startups ranging from aggregators including CoverHound and Goji to white label auto claims apps (Snapsheet) to per-mile managing general agents like Metromile.
  • P2P insurance: Private peer-to-peer insurance and mutual-based startups include Lemonade, Guevara, Friendsurance, and others.
  • Small business insurance: Private tech companies serving as commercial insurance brokers and managing general agents to SMBs  include Insureon, Embroker, and Next Insurance.
  • Insurance industry software/analytics/IaaS: Insurance-specific software across the value chain providers range from BI and data-warehousing startup Quantemplate to insurance fraud detection firm Shift Technology to re-insurance SaaS analytics startup Analyze Re to claims inspection startup Spex.
  • Mobile insurance management: Startups focusing on allowing consumers to manage and purchase insurance policies via their mobile device including Knip and GetSafe.
  • Product insurance: Companies insuring or tracking products — i.e. smartphones, laptops — for insurance applications.
  • Renters/homeowners: Startups providing distribution of renter’s insurance and homeowner’s insurance as well as lease default insurance programs.
  • Sharing economy: Startups working on new insurance products in coverage areas including short-term rental marketplaces and for sharing economy 1099 workers.
  • Health insurance: Across new carriers like Oscar as well as healthcare insurance startups targeted at individuals (Stride Health) and employers (Zenefits).
  • Pet insurance: Startups include Embrace Pet Insurance and Figo Pet Insurance.

A full list of the startups included in the map is below.

Insurance Tech Rising: 136 Startups Across P2P, Life, Commercial & More
Company Category
PolicyGenius Life/Annuity
Ladder Financial Life/Annuity
Abaris Life/Annuity
Sure Life/Annuity
Bima Life/Annuity
PolicyBazaar Life/Annuity
BankBazaar Life/Annuity
Sureify Life/Annuity
Figo Pet Insurance Pet
Embrance Pet Insurance Pet
Trov Product
Schutzklick Product
Gaggel Product
The Zebra Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Insurify Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Cover Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Goji Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Coverfox Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
CoverHound Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
ComparaOnline Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Everquote Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Cuvva Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Topcheck Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Easypolicy Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
CompareAsia Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Turtlemint Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
RenewBuy Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Root Insurance Auto (Distribution/Comparison)
Embroker SMB
Next SMB
FounderShield SMB
Coverwallet SMB
Insureon SMB
Finanzchef24 SMB
Knip Mobile Insurance Management
GetSafe Mobile Insurance Management
Clark Mobile Insurance Management
FinanceFox Mobile Insurance Management
Brolly Mobile Insurance Management
Ok Auto Insurance Auto telematics/UBI
Metromile Auto telematics/UBI
Telematic Auto telematics/UBI
Sensei Auto telematics/UBI
Censio Auto telematics/UBI
Octo Telamatics Auto telematics/UBI
Zhong An Insurance Auto telematics/UBI
Acculitx Auto telematics/UBI
Driveway Software Auto telematics/UBI
Snapsheet Auto Claims
Claim Di Auto Claims
SafeShare Sharing Economy
Y-Risk Sharing Economy
Slice Labs Sharing Economy
Bunker Sharing Economy
SafelyStay Sharing Economy
Guild Insurance Sharing Economy
Harbor Renters/Homeowners
Quilt Renters/Homeowners
Bungalow Insurance Renters/Homeowners
Poncho Renters/Homeowners
Matic Insurance Renters/Homeowners
LeaseLock Renters/Homeowners
The Guarantors Renters/Homeowners
Lemonade P2P
Guevara P2P
Friendsurance P2P
Uvamo P2P
Inspool P2P
Ethic P2P
TongJuBao P2P
PeerCover P2P
Inspeer P2P
Jointly P2P
Ledger Investing P2P
BoughtByMany P2P
Quantemplate (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
AnalyzeRe (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Tyche (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Praedicat (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
InforcePRO (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Shift Technology (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
One (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
FirstBest Systems (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Zipari (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Vericred (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
MiEdge (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Dynamis (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Kasko (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
ClaimKit (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Premfina (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Avyst (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Unirisx (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Lapetus (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
MassUp (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Pablow API (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Fitsense (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Fadata (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Covi Analytics (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Acturis (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
LiveGenic (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Spex (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Rightindem (Re)Insurance Software & Analytics
Oscar Health Insurance Health
Clover Health Health
Melody Health Insurance Health
Zenefits Health
Gusto Health
Grouphub.io Health
SimplyInsured Health
Justworks Health
Maxwell Health Health
Lumity Benefits Health
Namely Health
Easecentral Health
Collective Health Health
Allay Health
Limelight Health Health
Bloom Health Health
Healthcare.com Health
Stride Health Health
Hixme Health
Flock IS Health
Picwell Health
GoHealth Health
Gravie Health
GetInsured Health
Eligible API Health
HealthPocket Health
Zest Health Health
Bayzat Health
Maestro Health Health
Navera Health
SmartHR Health
Array Health Health
Beam Dental Health
Goco.io Health
HealthSherpa Health

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