Smart money VCs have participated in nearly 40 equity deals to more than 20 companies in the smart home space since 2011.

Startups are transforming homes with products such as smart locks, doorbells, lighting, along with products to kit out homes for pets and babies, and much more.

New, younger companies are venturing into the space, as our research shows: the proportion of annual deals that went to early-stage startups raising seed/Series A rounds saw a 22 percentage-point increase, from 52% 2011 to 74% in (the first half of) 2016. There has also been an increase in the number of companies receiving their first seed funding — only 16 companies received their first seed funding in 2013, compared to an average of 25 companies per year from 2014 onward.

We used the CB Insights database to identify 67 private companies in smart home technologies and mapped them according to 11 main categories they’re operating in.

Our smart home category includes companies producing consumer-facing products that replace or augment existing home products such as appliances, with the requirement that they be connected to a smartphone or the internet, or integrate sensors and digital interfaces.

IIoT and Advanced Manufacturing Research Briefing
The "smart factory" of tomorrow is being built today with sensors, industrial robotics, 3D printing, along with specialized computing to make sense of the data. We'll be delving into the technologies revolutionizing manufacturing efficiency. 

The breakdown is a follows:

  • Appliances & Audio Devices: These include household products that function as a conventional appliance or device, yet offer advantages through connectivity, such as Sectorqube‘s MAID Oven and Sonos‘ smart home speakers. Sonos is the most well-funded smart home startup in terms of equity financing.
  • Device Controllers: While most startups produce individual smart home products, these companies produce the devices controlling them. Examples are Peel‘s universal remote and Ivee‘s personal voice assistant, advertised as “Siri for the home.” Both of these companies have received VC funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners and Foundry Group. Most of these products are able to control smart home products from other companies such as Philips and Nest.
  • Energy & Utilities: These are companies that utilize sensors, monitoring tech, and data to conserve water and energy. Ecobee and Rachio, for instance, develop products that monitor and control AC and water sprinkler systems respectively, to help make consumption more efficient. Interestingly, several startups in this category have received funding from corporations and corporate venture capital firms, such as Carrier Corporation, which backed Ecobee, and Amazon’s Alexa Fund, which backed Rachio.
  • Gardening: These companies focus on producing smart products for watering and monitoring household yards, gardens, and plants. This is one of the smaller categories in terms of number of companies. The most well-funded startup in this category is Edyn, which recently raised a $2M Series A round.
  • General Smart Home Solutions: Instead of producing a single smart gadget, these companies build or distribute multi-device systems that automate several parts of your home, such as ecoVent‘s custom vent/sensor system or Vivint‘s third-party device bundles. Vivint, specifically, has secured $145M in equity funding — second in smart homes only to Sonos.
  • Health & Wellness: These are products that assist home occupants in maintaining their health and lifestyle, such as MedMinder Systems‘ smart medicine containers and Beddit‘s under-the-bed health sensor. A notable deal in this category is Hello‘s $40M Series A round last year, which made it the most well-funded smart home startup in health & wellness, with over $50M in equity funding.
  • Home Robots: This category is home to companies that produce robots specifically for maintenance and assistance in a home environment. These include robotic assistant Jibo, whose total equity funding is currently at $52M, and home cleaning robot Neato.
  • Lighting: Taking cues from products such as the Philips Hue, companies like Sequioa Capital-backed LIFX are coming up with their own app-controlled lightbulbs. Others such as Switchmate are going beyond the bulb and building app-controllable light switches.
  • Pet/Baby Monitors: These companies focus on producing video monitors and sensors to monitor pets and babies through the comfort of a smartphone. Most startups in this space, such as Y Combinator alumni Lully and Petcube, are young and still in their early stages of funding.
  • Safety & Security: These companies utilize the internet and home automation technologies to help protect you and your home with monitors, internet-enabled locks, smart smoke detectors, and more. This is one of the larger and more well-funded categories, as companies in this space include Ring, Simplisafe, August Home, and Canary, which have all received over $40M in equity funding.
  • Miscellaneous: Startups in this category have particularly unique offerings, such as Electric Objects‘ dynamic art display, Kamarq‘s sound table, and Notion‘s universal sensor.

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See the full company list, below:

Dawn of the Smart Homes
Company Select Investors Category
A.I. Nemo Lightspeed China Partners, China’s Innovation Works, Chengwei Capital, Foxconn Technology Company Home Robots
Audio Analytic Cambridge Angels, Cambridge innovation Capital, IQ Capital Partners, Lean Investments Safety & Security
August Home Bessemer Venture Partners, SoftTech VC, Qualcomm Ventures, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures Safety & Security
Avi-on N/A Device Controllers
Beddit Inventure, Indiegogo Health & Wellness
BeON Home Dangold Investment Safety & Security
Canary Connect Khosla Ventures, Two Sigma Ventures, Cota Capital, Waiden Riverwood Ventures Safety & Security
Cocoon Aviva Ventures, Breed Reply Safety & Security
Ecobee Relay Ventures, Tech Capital Partners, Carrier Corporation, Ontario Capital Growth Corporation Energy & Utilities
EcoisMe Virgin Media Accelerator, Deutsche Telekom Venture Fund Energy & Utilities
ecoVent Systems Blue Fog Capital, Tamarisc, Emerson, Techstars General Smart Home Solutions
Edyn Fenox Venture Capital, Indicator Ventures, QueensBridge Venture Partners, Y Combinator Gardening
Electric Objects First Round Capital, Cherubic Ventures, RRE Ventures, SV Angel Miscellaneous
Emberlight WeFunder Lighting
Evermind Tristar Technology Ventures, Solidus Company, Jumpstart Foundry, LaunchTN Health & Wellness
Fluent Home N/A Device Controllers
Glue Kaj Hed, Peter Carlsson Safety & Security
Grove Labs Galvanize, Rough Draft Ventures, Upfront Ventures, Vayner RSE Gardening
Hello Horizons Ventures, Temasek Holdings Health & Wellness
Hiku Otter Rock Capital, Firsthand Technology Value Fund, Otter Rock Capital Appliances & Audio Devices
iBaby Labs Pet & Baby Monitors
Independa City Hill Ventures, Miramar Venture Partners, LG Electronics Appliances & Audio Devices
Innit N/A Appliances & Audio Devices
iRule Detroit Venture Partners, IncWell, Compuware Ventures Device Controllers
Ivee Foundry Group, Drummond Road Capital, 500 Accelerator Device Controllers
Jibo CRV, Acer Group, LG Electronics, Fairhaven Capital, Osage Partners Home Robots
Kamarq Energy & Environment investment, iSG Investment Works, Saison Ventures Miscellaneous
Keen Home FundersClub, Techstars Ventures, American Family Ventures, R/GA Accelerator General Smart Home Solutions
Kitu Granite Ventures Appliances & Audio Devices
Latch 3rd Prime Capital, Expansion VC, Lux Capital, Primary Venture Partners Safety & Security
Leeo Formation 8, Visionnaire Ventures, E.ON Venture Partners, Max Levchin Safety & Security
LIFX Sequoia Capital, Blackbird Ventures, Qualcomm Ventures, SV Angel Lighting
Lockitron Andreesen Horowitz, Y Combinator Safety & Security
Lully Two Sigma Ventures, Y Combinator Pet & Baby Monitors
Lumetric American River Ventures, Big Sky Partners, Greenhouse Capital Ventures, California Clean Energy Fund Lighting
MedMinder Systems N/A Health & Wellness
Musaic Alexa Fund, Jlabs Appliances & Audio Devices
Muzzley Portugal Ventures, Plug and Play Accelerator Device Controllers
My Alarm Center Imperial Capital Safety & Security
Myfox Jaina Capital, Cogepa, Orkos Capital Safety & Security
Nanit 645 Ventures, RRE Ventures, Upfront Ventures Pet & Baby Monitors
Neato Robotics Noventi, Vorwerk Direct Selling Ventures, CIR Ventures Home Robots
Netatmo C4 Ventures, Iris Capital, Legrand General Smart Home Solutions
Ninja Blocks Blackbird Ventures, 500 Startups, Square Peg Capital, SingTel Innov8 Device Controllers
Niwa HAX Gardening
Notion Foundry Group, Liberty Mutual Strategic Ventures, DFJ Frontier, Techstars Miscellaneous
Peel Technologies Lightspeed Venture Partners, Redpoint Ventures, Harrison Metal, Alibaba Group Device Controllers
Petcube Almaz Capital Partners, AVentures Capital. Y Combinator, SOSventures Pet & Baby Monitors
PetNet Alexa Fund, Bolt Innovation Group, Black River Ventures, Cherubic Ventures Pet & Baby Monitors
PlumLife Microsoft Ventures Accelerator, TechStars Lighting
Rachio Foundry Group, Miramar Digital Ventures, Alexa Fund, Slow Ventures Energy & Utilities
Ring Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, True Ventures, CRV, First Round Capital, Felicis Ventures, Richard Branson, Upfront Ventures Safety & Security
RobArt Innovacom, Robert Bosch Venture Capital, SEB Alliance Home Robots
Rokid Linear Venture Home Robots
Roost DCM Ventures, Center Electric, RPM Ventures, Start Garden Safety & Security
Sectorqube Kickstarter Appliances & Audio Devices
Sense Labs CRV, Prelude Ventures Energy & Utilities
Sentri AppWorks Ventures, Microsoft Ventures Accelerator Device Controllers
Sevenhugs CapDecisif Management, Business Angels des Grandes Ecoles, Femme Business Angels, Investessor, Kima Ventures, NovX Capital Pet & Baby Monitors
SimpliSafe Sequoia Capital Safety & Security
Sonos Index Ventures, Redpoint Ventures, Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co, Elevation Partners, Appliances & Audio Devices
Switchmate Pejman Mar Ventures Lighting
Tado Target Partners, Shortcut Ventures, INVEN Capital Energy & Utilities
There Corporation VNT Management Energy & Utilities
ThinkEco NYU Future Labs, Urban Future Lab Energy & Utilities
Vivint Solamere Capital, Jupiter Partners LP, Peterson Private Equity, Peter Thiel General Smart Home Solutions
WigWag CSC Venture Capital Device Controllers

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