These early- to mid-stage companies have raised rounds from investors such as First Round Capital, Starbucks, Salesforce Ventures, and Redpoint Ventures.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has permeated many industries from finance to healthcare, and sales is no exception. Within sales tech, there are a number of startups using AI and machine learning capabilities to help facilitate and streamline the sales process, particularly in the area of voice call and speech analytics.

We used the CB Insights platform to surface 10 notable, early- to mid-stage (Series C or earlier) sales tech startups developing software platforms that specifically incorporate AI and machine learning. We selected these companies based on several factors including the recency and size of the companies’ disclosed funding, as well as Mosaic scores, CB Insights’ algorithm that uses financial and non-financial signals to predict private company health.

After evaluating the companies on the list, we determined that the 10 companies below are some of the top companies to pay attention to. We have listed them in descending order of disclosed funding.

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1. Conversica


Conversica provides an automated AI-powered sales assistant that helps companies contact and qualify leads by engaging in a conversational format.

Select Investors: Kennet Partners, Toba Capital, Providence Equity Partners

Total Disclosed Funding: $56M

2. Aviso


Aviso uses machine learning to provide predictive analytics to sales teams so that they can make more intelligent and data-driven decisions.

Select Investors: Shasta Ventures, Bloomberg Beta, First Round Capital

Total Disclosed Funding: $31M

3. Takt


Takt helps companies scale individualized customer experiences and exchanges by using machine intelligence to adapt to the specific preferences and needs of an individual customer.

Select Investors: BCG Digital Ventures, Starbucks Corporation

Total Disclosed Funding: $30M

4. Cogito


Cogito provides real-time guidance to improve phone interactions to agents using a combination of artificial intelligence and behavioral science.

Select Investors: Romulus Capital, Salesforce Ventures, OpenView Venture Partners

Total Disclosed Funding: $28.4M

5. Tact


Tact (not to be confused with Takt, above), provides an AI-powered smart assistant that helps salespeople interact more smoothly and efficiently with their existing CRM, and helps to automate adiministrative tasks.

Select Investors: Accel Partners, Microsoft Ventures, Redpoint Ventures

Total Disclosed Funding: $26.2M

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chorusai uses artificial intelligence to monitor sales conversations and provide insights to sales teams on how to increase deal closings.

Select Investors: Redpoint Ventures, Emergence Capital Partners

Total Disclosed Funding: $22.3M

7. DigitalGenius


DigitalGenius offers a platform that helps automate a company’s customer service system using artificial intelligence and deep learning. The product can integrate into existing customer service systems.

Select Investors: Bloomberg Beta, Salesforce Ventures, Compound Ventures

Total Disclosed Funding: $7.1M

8. TalkIQ


TalkIQ offers a conversational intelligence platform that provides key AI-driven insights to sales teams using tools such as voice recognition and natural language processing. The company also offers voice-to-text transcriptions.

Select Investors: Atomic Management, Polaris Partners, Felicis Ventures

Total Disclosed Funding: $7M

9. Gong


Gong uses AI to provide a platform that records and analyzes phone calls with customers to help sales representatives improve their rate of success. The platform also gives sales team managers an up-to-date view on the progress of their employees.

Select Investors: Norwest Venture Partners

Total Disclosed Funding: $6M

10. Altocloud


Altocloud uses machine learning and predictive analytics to provide insights to companies on their customers so that they can improve the customer experience.

Select Investors: ACT Venture Capital, Delta Partners, Digicel Group, Enterprise Ireland

Total Disclosed Funding: $3M

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