Company Mosaic

Our Company Mosaic algorithm, funded by the National Science Foundation, gives you predictive intelligence into the health of private companies.


See the companies of the future by quickly evaluating the signals of health you care about.

Compare potential partnership, investment or acquisition targets

Compare potential partnership, investment or acquisition targets

Mosaic gives teams the unique ability to compare the health and growth potential of multiple targets in one place

increasing access to opportunities for the best private companies


While working at American Express, the founders of CB Insights experienced firsthand the challenges of understanding private companies. Traditional scoring methodologies were time-lagged and highly incomplete, especially for emerging companies with limited credit histories.

As a result, business development, marketing and even risk management professionals were hampered in their efforts.

In 2012, CB Insights approached the National Science Foundation (NSF) with a proposal to use machine learning and advanced language processing techniques to build a system that would solve for these challenges. The NSF provided several grants to CB Insights to develop this technology.

The technology we began developing with the NSF has become Mosaic.

What is mosaic?

Mosaic is a quantitative framework to measure the overall health and growth potential of private companies using non-traditional signals (covered below).

There are three distinct and independent factors that are synthesized into one final Mosaic score. These models are the three M’s:

Measures the individual performance of a company relative to itself and peers using signals from social media, news sentiment, mobile and web traffic/usage, customer and partner signings.

Quantifies the health (or lack thereof) of the industry in which a company participates based on funding, deals, industry sentiment, and exit activity among other factors


Assesses the financial strength and financial viability of a company based on financing history, burn rate and investor quality

The individual model scores from the 3 M’s, as well as the overall Mosaic score, are used by clients in a variety of ways to help them understand what’s next.

How do our customers use mosaic?

Marketing & business development 

Identification, prioritization and nurturing of opportunities


See fast-growing markets and industries before others to inform strategic decisions

Product development 

Pinpoint fast-growing private companies to understand their business models, products and technology

Account management

Classify existing customers with momentum which may be suitable targets for upsell

Risk management

Assess the health of current and prospective customers to assess credit risk and decrease accounts receivable risk


Identify and analyze vendors in areas of interest and track vendor health on ongoing basis

Backed by the National Science Foundation

Mosaic is a quantitative framework to measure the overall health and growth potential of private companies using non-traditional signals (covered below).

First, it is worth noting that this is a very hard problem to solve and one we’ve been tackling for years. And it is also a very important one. Private companies, especially those in high growth sectors like tech, energy and life sciences, are the lifeblood of our economy and massive drivers of employment, innovation and commerce. Increasing their access to opportunities is a good thing for society.

The difficulty and importance of doing this means that any type of algorithm that purports to assess their health must be rigorous as doing this poorly can have deleterious impacts on companies and the people at those companies. Superficial tracking of buzz and vanity metrics may be interesting and good for notoriety, but such shallow methods ultimately do more harm than good to private companies and undermines our discussion about them as they introduce more noise than signal.