These are some of the companies you should be watching at FinovateFall based on CB Insights' predictive Mosaic scores.

The Finovate conference series is in its 10th year bringing together tech execs, VCs, and financial services professionals. For the FinovateFall event starting Sept. 8 in New York, CB Insights has run the list of presenting companies through our database to find out which ones have the most momentum.

We sifted through the startups using our company upload tool. We then applied our Mosaic algorithm, which tracks the health of private companies, to come up with this list of 11 startups you should be sure to look for at the conference. If you want to find out more about the FinovateFall presenting companies in our database, you can do so using a publicly available company list called “FinovateFall 2016 Presenters.” You can check that out by logging into your account, or by signing up for a free trial. You’ll be able to see each company’s performance, funding history, investors, competitors, and more.

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1. Avoka

Avoka: Customer-Centric Digital Transformation

Avoka turns paper or static PDF forms into online and mobile engagement tools that allow businesses to transact with users whenever, and wherever, they want — on a smartphone, tablet, computer, or kiosk. The company has won “Best in Show” at Finovate Europe and Finovate Spring.

Select investors: Moelis Capital Partners, KPMG mLabs

Total disclosed funding: $12M

2. Overbond

Overbond: Primary Bond Issuance Platform

Overbond is making its Finovate debut this year. The Toronto-based company provides a cloud-based platform that streamlines communication between bond dealers and issuers and provides advanced bond market analytics.

Select investors: Founder Institute, Morrison Financial Services

Total disclosed funding: $7.5M

3. Sindeo

Sindeo: A Better Way To Get A Mortgage

Sindeo, formerly known as MoneyPark, aims to provide a convenient and low-cost mortgage experience. Another new presenter at Finovate this fall, Sindeo bills itself as a modern mortgage marketplace.

Select investors: New Ground Ventures, Renren Lianhe Holdings

Total disclosed funding: $13.6M

4. MX

MX: Data-Driven Money Management

MX, formerly MoneyDesktop, develops tech that enable financial institutions and others to bring financial management and transactional banking features together in a single native cross-platform app.

Select investors: Commerce Ventures, USAA

Total disclosed funding: $54.1M

5. Trusona

Trusona: When You Truly Need To Know

Trusona provides an insured cloud identity suite. The Arizona-based company offers free multi-factor authentication that is easier and more secure than passwords.

Select investors: KPCB

Total disclosed funding: $8M

6. Juvo

Juvo: Financial Inclusion for All

Juvo, another Finovate newcomer, provides a platform for mobile network operators to deepen their relationships with subscribers and provide access to financial services. The San Francisco-based company has operations in the US, London, and emerging markets including Jakarta, Manila, and Hanoi.

Select investors: Freestyle Capital, Seed-Resolute, Wing Venture Capital

Total disclosed funding: $5.3M

7. SaleMove

SaleMove: Enterprise-Class Omnichannel Sales Platform

SaleMove enables organizations to engage online visitors the same way they would in person through video, audio, chat, and co-browsing without any downloads or installations.

Select investors: Entrepreneurs Roundtable Accelerator, Tola Capital, Wildcat Capital Management

Total disclosed funding: $5.1M

8. Qumram 

Qumram: Record. Replay. Preserve. Prove. Predict

Qumram, based in Switzerland, provides a compliant and transparent digital audit trail of all online, mobile, and social interactions. Every digital interaction is 100% recorded, and can be replayed on demand, without technical assistance.

Select investors: Zirkonia, angel investors

Total disclosed funding: $2.5M

9. Clinc 

Clinc: AI For The Planet

Clinc provides Clinc Finie, an intelligent personal financial assistant and machine learning research platform.

Select investors: National Science Foundation, Hyde Park Venture Partners

Total Funding: $1.4M

10. MapD

MapD: The World's Fastest GPU Database And Visual Analytics Platform

MapD develops GPU-powered data analytics and visualization software that enable data analysts to explore large datasets at high speed.

Select investors: NVIDIA, Google Ventures

Total Funding: $13.7M

11. RightCapital

RightCapital: Financial Planning Software

Right Capital provides a financial planning solution that digitizes and redefines the financial planning experience for financial advisers and their clients.

Select investors: Camellia Venture Capital, angel investors

Total Funding: $1M

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