We used the CB Insights database to help you determine the companies to check out at CES.

With the CES coming up on January 5th, we decided to examine the thousands of exhibitors at the show and determine which of them are some of the key companies to watch. After scraping the exhibitor page on the event website, we evaluated the companies on the CES 2017 list using our Mosaic algorithm, CB Insights’ predictive algorithm for measuring the health of companies using financial and nonfinancial signals.

After evaluating the companies on the list, we determined that the 10 companies below are some of the top high momentum companies to pay attention to. These companies run the gamut of industries and use cases, from an automated sous vide cooker to a freight forwarding company to a 3D printer maker.

Research Briefing: Early-Stage Startup Trends
This briefing dives into Seed and Series A venture capital trends in the United States and highlights states that have seen substantial activity as well as the verticals within tech driving investment. 

1. Anova


Anova is the maker of an automated sous vide cooker. The device is sold at Target stores, among other online and brick-and-mortar locations.

Select Investors: Kickstarter

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $1.8M

2. Flexport


Flexport is a licensed freight forwarder that uses people and software to manage the complexity of international trade.

Select Investors: Bloomberg Beta, Susa Ventures, Founders Fund

Total Disclosed Funding Raised: $91.6M

3. Markforged


MarkForged is a carbon fiber additive manufacturer. Markforged has created a 3D printer capable of printing continuous carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass.

Select Investors: Matrix Partners, North Bridge Venture Partners

Total Disclosed Funding: $1.1M

4. Netatmo


Netatmo is making a suite of smart products for the home that allow users to monitor security, weather, and air quality.

Select Investors: BPI France, C4 Ventures, Iris Capital

Total Disclosed Equity Financing: $38.4M

5. Occipital


Occipital is using hardware and software to scan objects and create representations of them in the virtual world. The technology has a variety of use cases in augmented and virtual reality.

Select Investors: Foundry Group, Grishin Robotics, Shea Ventures

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $21.3M

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6. Roli


Roli is providing tools to make it easier to make music. The company is rolling out smart instruments and hardware to streamline the process of music creation and production, as well as creating software that includes a new sound engine, C++ frameworks to make music apps run faster, and collaboration tools.

Select Investors: Firstmark Capital, Balderton Capital, Foundry Group

Total Disclosed Equity Financing: $43.5M

7. SigFox


SigFox is a provider of cellular connectivity specific for Internet of Things and Machine-to-Machine communications.

Select Investors: Samsung Ventures, Partech Ventures, Intel Capital

Total Disclosed Financing: $311M

8. Sqord


Sqord is a fitness platform for kids that makes use of a software platform and kid-friendly wearable.

Select Investors: Providence Ventures, Kima Ventures, Techstars

Total Disclosed Equity Financing: $3.44M

9. Ultrahaptics


Ultrahaptics allows users to feel buttons and interact with virtual objects without physically touching them. The technology uses ultrasound to project sensations through the air and directly onto the user, enabling new types of gesture controls and the ability to touch objects in the virtual world.

Select Investors: IP Group, Woodford Investment Management

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $15.6M

10. Wonder Workshop


Wonder Workshop is a maker of hardware and software to teach kids how to code. The company currently makes robots and accompanying apps to teach kids programming principles.

Select Investors: CRV, Madrona Venture Group, WI Harper Group

Total Disclosed Funding: $35.9M


Who are you excited to see? Anyone we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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