Startups are finding new ways to tailor technologies specifically to cannabis businesses.

Overall funding to cannabis-centered startups has ballooned in the past two years, up over 90% since 2014 despite a slight decrease in 2016′s investment levels.

While private investment to the industry remains siloed among a select group of cannabis-focused investors, institutional investors such as Founders Fund, Y Combinator, and 500 Startups are slowly taking notice.

As the industry continues to grow, startups are finding new ways to tailor technologies such as HR tech or order management platforms specifically to cannabis businesses. In addition to dispensaries, startups are building digital compliance solutions, data analysis tools, and a host of consumer product goods.

We used CB Insights data to identify over 60 private companies focused on cannabis functions and mapped them into eight main categories.

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Click on the image to enlarge. This map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space.

marketmapThe breakdown is as follows:

  • Medical Cannabis: Companies such as PharmaCannis produce or sell marijuana intended for medicinal purposes.
  • Delivery/E-Commerce: Companies such as Eaze Solutions or Flow Kana develop direct-to-consumer marijuana delivery facilitation platforms or online marketplaces.
  • Management Services: Companies such as Strainz, a brand management company, provide business management services to the cannabis industry.
  • Cannabis Production: Companies growing marijuana for either recreational or recreational & medicinal use.
  • Payments/Tracking/Compliance: Companies such as Optileaf or Hypur develop digital solutions to aid order and sales management, payments processing, compliance assurance, and seed-to-sale tracking.
  • Consumer Products: Companies such as Jane West make and sell cannabis-based products or cannabis accessories direct-to-consumer.
  • Investors/Holding Companies: These are the most active cannabis-centered investment firms and holding companies.
  • Data/Analytics: Companies such as Headset are developing data-based business and market intelligence tools specifically aimed at the cannabis industry.

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Cannabis Startups

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Cannabis Industry Market Map
Company Total Disclosed Funding ($M) Category Select Investors
PharmaCannis $45 Medical Cannabis Undisclosed Investors
Aphria $6.24 Medical Cannabis Broadband Capital, Delavaco Group, York Plains Investment Group
Minnesota Medical Solutions $16.61 Medical Cannabis Undisclosed Investors
Leafline Labs $15.10 Medical Cannabis Undisclosed Investors
Surterra Holdings $10.31 Medical Cannabis Valkyrie Capital
Pharmacielo $7.81 Medical Cannabis Undisclosed Investors
Altmed $7.50 Medical Cannabis Undisclosed Investors
Theraplant $7 Medical Cannabis Undisclosed Investors
Ask The Pot Scientist $12 Medical Cannabis Undisclosed Investors
Flow Kana $0.26 Delivery/E-commerce Undisclosed Investors
Grassp $1.50 Delivery/E-commerce Undisclosed Investors
Eaze Solutions $24.50 Delivery/E-commerce 500 Startups, Casa Verde Capital, Slow Ventures
Tradiv $4.64 Delivery/E-commerce Anslinger Capital, CanopyBoulder, Poseidon Asset Management
Meadow Care $2.22 Delivery/E-commerce Liquid 2 Ventures, Poseidon Asset Management, Y Combinator
Arbor Pacific $2.30 Management Services Undisclosed Investors
Medmen $18.75 Management Services Cap-Meridian Ventures, N Squared Management
Reynold Greenleaf & Associates $2.30 Management Services iAnthus Capital Holdings
Electrum Partners $1.01 Management Services Undisclosed Investors
Strainz $8 Management Services Undisclosed Investors
Adistry $0.12 Management Services CanopyBoulder
Rubicon Holdings $5.72 Cannabis Production Undisclosed Investors
Mindful $3.94 Cannabis Production Undisclosed Investors
Canndescent $6.50 Cannabis Production Adam Cohen, Adrian Sedlin, Lee McPherson
Copperstate Farms $27.10 Cannabis Production Aphria
Solstice Group $2.10 Cannabis Production Undisclosed Investors
MJ Freeway $8.03 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Adam Wiggins, Roger McNamee, Tao Capital Partners
Wurk $1.02 Payments/Tracking/Compliance ArcView Group, CanopyBoulder, Poseidon Asset Management
S2 Solutions $1 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Undisclosed Investors
Flowhub $1.86 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Poseidon Asset Management
Biotrackthc $5 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Merida Capital Partners
PayQwick $1.05 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Undisclosed Investors
KindManage $3.50 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Undisclosed Investors
OptiLeaf $0.69 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Undisclosed Investors
Hypur $6.18 Payments/Tracking/Compliance Undisclosed Investors
CanopyBoulder $1.20 Investors/Holding Companies ArcView Group
Casa Verde Capital N/A Investors/Holding Companies N/A
Privateer Holdings $122 Investors/Holding Companies Founders Fund, Undisclosed Investors
Poseidon Asset Management N/A Investors/Holding Companies N/A
The Arcview Group $1.42 Investors/Holding Companies Undisclosed Investors
MJIC $2.40 Investors/Holding Companies Undisclosed Investors
Cronos Group N/A Investors/Holding Companies N/A
Dixie Brands $8 Investors/Holding Companies Undisclosed Investors
Syqe Medical $22.03 Consumer Products OurCrowd, Philip Morris International
Green Gorilla $2.51 Consumer Products Steven Saxton, Undisclosed Investors
Mirth Provisions $2 Consumer Products Undisclosed Investors
AD Remedies $0.28 Consumer Products ArcView Group, MJIC
CWB Holdings $4.25 Consumer Products Undisclosed Investors
Kush Bottles $2.27 Consumer Products Undisclosed Investors
Nutiva $21 Consumer Products MB Financial
Jane West $0.80 Consumer Products Undisclosed Investors
Therabis $0.50 Consumer Products Undisclosed Investors
Hound Labs $1.71 Consumer Products Undisclosed Investors
Suncliff $1.77 Consumer Products Undisclosed Investors
Leaf $2.02 Consumer Products CanopyBoulder, CJV Capital, Phyto Partners
Headset $1.43 Data/Analytics Undisclosed Investors
Potbotics $2.36 Data/Analytics Undisclosed Investors
Frontier Financial Group $2.53 Data/Analytics MJIC
Baker $3.18 Data/Analytics 500 Startups, Base Ventures, Poseidon Asset Management
Confident Cannabis $3.12 Data/Analytics Slow Ventures
Steep Hill $1.00 Data/Analytics ArcView Group
BDS Analytics $2.02 Data/Analytics CanopyBoulder

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