This past week’s venture capital drama centered on race & gender in Silicon Valley (last week’s drama was about a fictitious startup cash crunch in case you missed it).  As as is customary with the topic of race and gender, there were some reasoned arguments and some name calling.  And as is even more often the case with race & gender, there was very little to no data beyond a couple of anecdotes and the gut feelings of a couple of individuals.

Data — that’s what we bring to the conversation.

So attached below is the Human Capital Venture Capital report which is the only real study of VC-backed founders and their race, gender, education, age and founding team composition ever done.  There are some interesting insights that can be gathered from it, and the best part is that it’s data-based and not based on a couple of folks anecdotal viewpoints.

For those who missed the entire kerfuffle, it may still be playing out on Twitter.  But if not or your too busy to check, here is a post by Michael Arrington discussing his interview for a CNN program, Black In America: The New Promised Land: Silicon Valley where he talks about race in Silicon Valley.  His post was followed up by a response from Soledad O’Brien of CNN here.  (She quotes the CB Insights statistic from the Venture Capital Human Capital report in her response)

Gender and Education Demographics: Venture Capital Human Capital