We used CB Insights to identify over 80 private cybersecurity AI companies and categorized them into 9 areas of operation.

Cybersecurity companies saw a record number of funding deals last year and on a quarterly basis Q1’17 was the most active quarter for deals to private cybersecurity companies over the last five years. Alongside overall rising investment activity, a number of cybersecurity companies are emerging to offer up novel solutions to cyber threats by leveraging the advantages of artificial intelligence (AI).

According to CB Insights’ AI Deals Tracker, cybersecurity is the fourth most active industry for deals to companies applying AI.

Research Briefing: AI in Cyber Defense
Join us and see the history of financing to private companies, primary market categories, and forward looking trends pertaining to the future of digital resilience and AI, and more.

We used CB Insights data to identify over 80 private companies in cybersecurity that are using AI and categorized them into the nine main areas in which they operate. Two unicorn companies valued at over $1B are included in the map: the automated endpoint protection company Tanium and the predictive intelligence company Cylance.

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Category Breakdown

Anti Fraud & Identity Management: This is the most populated category within the cybersecurity AI market. Startups in this category mainly help secure online transactions by identifying fraudsters. For example, the company FeedZai utilizes machine learning algorithms to proactively detect fraud in financial transactions. Similarly, companies like Socure can detect fraudulent users on websites and in mobile applications also using machine-learning algorithms.

Mobile Security: Included in this category are startups such as Appthority, which provides a cloud-based platform that automatically identifies and grades risky behavior in mobile apps including known and unknown malware, new malware used in targeted attacks, corporate data ex-filtration, and intellectual property exposure. Similarly, Skycure’s predictive technology leverages massive crowd knowledge to proactively identify threats to secure mobile devices.

Predictive Intelligence: Companies such as the unicorn company Cylance aim to couple sophisticated math and machine learning with a unique understanding of a hacker’s mentality, and by doing so offer technology and services that are predictive and preventive against advanced cyber threats. Likewise, the company SentinelOne uses predictive execution modeling to detect and protect network devices against targeted, previously unknown threats in real time.

Behavioral Analytics / Anomaly Detection: Startups in this category include Darktrace which uses advanced mathematics and machine learning to detect anomalous behavior in organizations’ systems and networks in order detect cyber-attacks. Unlike software that puts locks on doors, Darktrace’s approach allows enterprises to protect their information and intellectual property from state sponsored, criminal groups or malicious employees who are already inside the network as well as from external attacks. Companies such as BehavioSec offer a behavioral biometric systems that creates digital fingerprints from an end-user’s behavior through monitored keystrokes, mouse behavior, and anomaly detection to ensure security of IT organizations, e-commerce, and more.

Automated Security: Startups in this category include unicorn company Tanium, which couples an application of AI known as natural language processing with endpoint protection on a massive scale. Tanium empowers security and IT operations teams to ask questions about the state of every endpoint across the enterprise in plain English, automatically retrieve data on their current and historical state, and execute change as necessary within seconds. Other companies include Demisto which offers systems that are designed to automate security tasks across 100+ security products and weave human analyst activities and workflows together.

Cyber-Risk Management: Companies in this category range from cyber-insurance oriented companies to those that are security policy and compliance focused. For example, Cyence empowers the insurance industry to understand the impact of cyber risk in the context of dollars and probabilities. Other companies include Cybersaint, which offers solutions for streamlining the cyber-risk compliance process. Slightly different, but still within the business of managing cyber risk is the company Wiretap, which helps secure enterprise social networks, as well as collaboration tools, by securing against intellectual property and confidential data leaks, insider threats, HR policy violations, compliance issues, and external sharing risks.

App Security: Companies in this category are focused on securing specific enterprise applications rather than entire networks. This includes both web-based and dev-ops oriented applications, and more. This category includes companies such as Authbase, which provides frameworks to help developers secure applications by finding, fixing, and monitoring web, mobile, and networks against current and future vulnerabilities; the company Cryptosense, whose software employs a unique mix of formal analysis and machine learning to find security flaws in cryptographic systems; and Cyber 20/20, which monitors network traffic for suspicious activity within applications and automatically submits them to a machine learning platform, where they are analyzed and shown to be malicious or not. 

IoT Security: These startups include SparkCognition, which develops AI-powered asset-protection software for the safety, security, and reliability of the IoT. Bastille Networks utilizes machine learning algorithms to secure the IoT on corporate campuses by identifying airborne threats such as hidden recording devices or transmitters in a conference room, and allow for a preemptive response to data theft. CUJO is a smart firewall that protects a user’s connected home from criminal hackers by using a combination of cloud services, machine learning, and mobile apps to manage the network.

Deception Security: illusive networks provides solutions that combat Advanced Persistent Threats by proactively deceiving and disrupting in progress attacks. CyberFog (dba CyberSwarm) offers a deception tool that detects and fights cyber attacks by creating a neural network of thousands of fake computers, devices, and services that act like a fog and work under the supervision of machine learning algorithms.

Market Map

Click on the image below to enlarge. Categories are not mutually exclusive and companies may operate across multiple categories. This market map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space. See the full list of companies below the category breakdown.

Cyber Ai Market Map 6.17 body image 3

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31 items

Cybersecurity AI Market Map Companies
Company Category
Agari Data Anti-fraud
Bangsun Technology Anti-fraud
Castle Intelligence Anti-fraud
Cybertonica Anti-fraud
DataVisor Anti-fraud
FeedZai Anti-fraud
GreatHorn Anti-fraud
Gyomo Anti-fraud
IDwall Anti-fraud
Precognitive Anti-fraud
Pulse ID Anti-fraud
Ravelin Anti-fraud
Rippleshot Anti-fraud
Shift Technology Anti-fraud
Shumei Technology (nextdata) Anti-fraud
Sift Science Anti-fraud
Simility Anti-fraud
Skymind Anti-fraud
Smyte Anti-fraud
Socure Anti-fraud
Troo.ly Anti-fraud
Unfraud Anti-fraud
Veridu Anti-fraud
VU Security Anti-fraud
Zyudly Labs Anti-fraud
Authbase App Security
Cryptosense App Security
Cyber 20/20 App Security
Demisto Automated Systems
EdgeWave Automated Systems
Javelin Networks Automated Systems
LogicHub Automated Systems
Tanium Automated Systems
Zenedge Automated Systems
Cyberfog (CyberSwarm) Deception Security
illusive networks Deception Security
Bastille Networks IoT Security
CUJO IoT Security
SparkCognition IoT Security
Appthority Mobile Security
Mi3 Security Mobile Security
Sentegrity Mobile Security
Skycure Mobile Security
Zimperium Mobile Security
Cylance Predictive Intelligence
Deep Instinct Predictive Intelligence
indeni Predictive Intelligence
Innefu Labs Predictive Intelligence
IntelliSpyre Predictive Intelligence
Jask Labs Predictive Intelligence
LogRhythm Predictive Intelligence
PatternEx Predictive Intelligence
Protenus Predictive Intelligence
SecBI Predictive Intelligence
Seclytics Predictive Intelligence
SentinelOne Predictive Intelligence
SignalSense Predictive Intelligence
Anomali Predictive Intelligence
CyberSaint Security Risk Management
Cyence Risk Management
Cytora Risk Management
Haystax Technology Risk Management
Lexumo Risk Management
MetaCert Risk Management
Wiretap Risk Management
ArmorWay (Avata Intelligence) UEBA
BehavioSec UEBA
Darktrace UEBA
E8 Security UEBA
Exabeam UEBA
Fortscale Security UEBA
Intensity Analytics UEBA
Interset UEBA
PerimeterX UEBA
RedLock UEBA
Rubica UEBA
SecuredTouch UEBA
Spherical Defense UEBA
Sqrrl Data UEBA
StackPath UEBA
TwoSense UEBA

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