These are some of the companies you should be watching at CES based on CB Insights' predictive Mosaic scores.

With the Consumer Electronics Show starting next week, we thought it would be useful to determine which of the thousands of exhibitors at the annual extravaganza have the most momentum going into the show.

We scraped the exhibitor page on the event website and created a public list on the CB Insights database that includes funding and performance information for each of the companies we matched. After evaluating the companies on the list with our Mosaic algorithm, which tracks the health of private companies, we determined that these 10 companies below were among the high flyers to go see at the event.

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1. Razer Technologies


Razer is one of the premier gaming hardware companies, creating products in every category including laptops, mouse devices, accessories, and more recently — wearables. The company is already a unicorn, and we can expect them to unveil some of their newer gadgets at the showcase.

Select Investors: IDG-Accel, Intel Capital

Total Disclosed Equity Financing: $50M


2. Formlabsformlabs

Formlabs is a desktop 3D-printer that prints using stereolithography (printing made with resin). The company recently release the “Form 2,” and will most likely be showing off the abilities of its new machine at the expo.

Select Investors: Pitango Venture Capital, Kapor Capital, LaunchCapital

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $20.8M


3. August


August is a maker of smart home security products including a smart lock and smart doorbell camera. Recently the company partnered with several on-demand services including AirBnB, Handy, and Fetch to help gain distribution and marketing for its products. The company continues to expand its partnerships and product offerings, which we can expect to see more of at CES.

Select Investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Qualcomm Ventures, Cowboy Ventures

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $48M




MDLIVE is a provider of integrated virtual health services, offering online and on-demand health care through a B2B2C model. The company partnered with Microsoft earlier this year to provide digital health services for providers through the Skype for Business platform, and is also partnered with Walgreens in their 20-state expansion of of telehealth services for pharmacy customers.

Select Investors: Heritage Group, Bedford Funding, Sutter Health

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $73.6M


5. iDevices


iDevices develops app- and internet-connected home products that connect wirelessly within the Apple and Android ecosystems. The company has made a suite of connected devices, including a grill, a cooking thermometer, and more recently a thermostat and on/off switch, using Apple’s HomeKit technology.

Select Investors: Enhanced Capital Partners, Stonehenge Capital, Connecticut Innovations

Total Disclosed Equity Financing: $19.4M


6. Virtuix


Virtuix has created a “motion platform” for virtual reality, a kind of step machine with motion trackers that allows people to explore virtual worlds without the side effect of motion sickness. The company sells a suite of products around the platform and focuses on the gaming space. The company raised more than $1M through their Kickstarter campaign.

Select Investors: Maveron, 2020 Ventures, Scout Ventures

Total Disclosed Equity Funding Raised: $5.7M


7. Kidoz

KIDOZKidoz provides a safe way for children to discover content on mobile that’s appropriate to their age group. The company provides three offerings, a Kidoz SDK that helps developers increase engagement with kid-friendly apps, a Kidoz mode for kids to explore offerings themselves, and the Kidoz network which promotes kid-friendly content.

Select Investors: CIG Capital Advisors, Millhouse Capital, Lool Ventures

Total Disclosed Equity Financing: $4.7M


8. Novasentis


Novasentis is changing consumer electronics by creating tools that provide haptic feedback. The firm produces a film that is able to bend and change shape, allowing a device to respond to input with something resembling the sensation of touch. This has wide application in wearables, health technology, and any device that would benefit from increased sensory feedback.

Select Investors: Samsung Ventures, Chengwei Capital, WS Investment

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $13.4M


9. Leap Motion

Leap Motion

Leap Motion is a motion-control software and hardware company developing a sensitive 3-D motion-control and motion-sensing technology. This technology has been shown to work as a controller in AR and VR environments, as well as regular Mac and PCs.

Select Investors: Andreessen Horowitz, Founders Fund, SOSventures

Total Disclosed Equity Funding: $44M


10. Ninebot


Ninebot is the Segway reborn (literally, since the company acquired Segway and the related patents earlier this year). The company offers a variety of personal transportation vehicles that utilize the same technology that originally brought the Segway to fame.

Select Investors: Intel Capital, Sequoia Capital China, Xiaomi

Total Disclosed Equity Financing: $80M


Who are you excited to see? Anyone we missed?

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