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The 2016 global technology exits webinar covers M&A and IPO trends over the past few years. It also highlights global venture-backed exit trends as well as the most active tech startup acquirers in 2016. 

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Disruption in Financial Services: A Fintech Overview 

An overview of the key industry trends fueling one of the hottest VC sectors around. This webinar looks at aggregate funding and sector growth, the different sub-areas of Fintech (like Payments, Lending, Bitcoin etc), leading companies, key investors, and the investment strategies of key financial institutions.

Fintech Trends Q1 2017

From drones to augmented/virtual reality to satellites, investors are plowing money into next generation technologies that will reinvent industries. Whether it's retail, insurance, agriculture, defense or adult entertainment, frontier tech, while still nascent, has massive disruption potential. In this webinar, we'll look at frontier tech innovations & technologies, the startups making them happen and the the industries and large incumbment players that will be impacted by advances in these areas.

Electric Vehicles

Benchmarking Corporate Venture Capital 

Corporate Venture capital groups now participate in 20% of all VC deals, and the deals they do participate in are larger than average. Plus where corporations invest gives hints as to their overall strategy and view on innovative trends. So this isn't a space to ignore. In this webinar we look at the most active corporate VCs, the sectors they are making bets in, the most successful corporate venture groups, which traditional VC firms invest alongside corporates, and sector specific case studies.

Healthcare costs take nearly a fifth of US GDP and continues to grow. While certain companies will be profit from these radical changes, while others will find themselves behind the times. This webinar will keep you ahead by talking about how startups are changing the fundamental processes and who the active players are in the space.

How will we shop in 2020? The lines between e-commerce and brick-and-mortar get blurrier by the day: traditional retailers move online, at the same time online companies open physical stores. Brick-and-mortar retailers are developing internal innovation labs, while tech giants are acquiring their own e-commerce and in-store tech startups. 

Construction Tech and the Infrastructure Boom

The Rise of the On-Demand Economy 

We all know about Uber but what else is driving the on-demand trend? In this webinar we break down the different areas within on-demand including international differences. We then look at the key investors in the space (including some surprise participants) and its maturation from a funding perspective. We close by looking at key on-demand companies and the activity of strategic partners across tech, automotive, and food/retail.

While bitcoin has continued to gain recognition as a store of value—with 2016 seeing upticks in bitcoin demand, especially amidst political unrest—many investors and industry leaders have also made investments aimed at developing bitcoin’s underlying technology, blockchain.

Reshaping Food & Beverage

Trends in eCommerce

During this session we will dive into investor and funding trends in the eCommerce space.  We'll answer the questions:  Who are the top VC investors in eCommerce?  What are the biggest Asian eCommerce companies?  And has exit activity increased or slowed down?

Investment into auto tech startups continues to reach record highs as stakeholders from VC investors and early-stage startups to century-old automakers redouble efforts to define the future of mobility. This webinar will analyze the progress of corporate auto tech initiatives, the startups looking to transform the future of transport, and the novel business models in development.

Game Changing Startups

The early-stage VC briefing will dive into Seed and Series A venture capital trends in the United States and highlight states that have seen substantial activity as well as the verticals within tech driving investment. 

Take your research to the next level. Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and investors use CB Insights to find their next acquisition target and spot emerging tech trends. Now university students, faculty and staff have the same data at their fingertips. 

CB Insights for Universities

Crosswinds in Digital Media

GovTech and Smart Cities Trends

With all the hype around bitcoin and blockchain it remains an open question how this game-changing technology will be applied and if/how it will evolve. We will take a look at the trends in the space, the most active VCs, how corporates are thinking about blockchain and more.

Blockchain Trends & Applications 

Regtech startups are helping companies decipher regulatory complexities, leveraging AI and data analytics, and proactively identifying and mitigating risk. This webinar will dive into investment areas, trends, and how specific companies are removing gaps in compliance across industries.

Farming and AgTech

A look at the major trends, biggest investments, and key players in private companies in the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry. We'll do a deep dive on trending companies, dig into the hottest categories, and look at which sectors within the space are poised for major change as well as how incumbents are reacting.

In the face of consistent security breaches the cybersecurity industry remains hotter than ever. This webinar will cover the year’s emerging cybersecurity tech trends to watch and high-momentum startups with the potential to shape the future of cyber defense. 

The Changing Landscape Of Consumer Packaged Goods

State of Insurance Tech

Benchmarking Corporate Venture Capital

MENA’s investors are increasingly active funding private tech companies around the world. In this webinar we focus on investors based in the Middle East and North Africa, that are active in the private markets globally as well as regionally, and we focus particularly on the activity of investors with a history of backing private technology companies.

Corporate VC funding continues to hit record highs and new corporate VCs are entering the fray every year. In this webinar, we'll be sharing data-driven insights on trends in the corporate VC space, the most active corporate VCs, the sectors they are making bets in, and more.

Investment Trends in Wealth Tech


Real Estate Tech Briefing

The multibillion dollar real estate industry has already seen online property listing services like Zillow and Zoopla disrupt the industry. Now, a new crop of startups are attacking many more areas of real estate. This webinar will highlight emerging real estate tech categories like investment/crowdfunding platforms, property management software, data analytics and more. Additionally, it will cover financing trends into the space as real estate tech deal activity reached record levels in the first quarter of 2016.

Pulse of Fintech, Q3 2016


Tech startups are increasingly targeting cost drivers, inefficiencies, and traditionally-run processes across the supply chain and logistics industries. In this webinar, we take a look at investment trends, major acquisitions, and how specific companies are making inroads in the space.

Insurance Tech

Cybersecurity Investment Trends

Whether its connected devices or autonomous cars or big data, tech's most prominent trends all have massive disruption potential on the multi-trillion dollar insurance industry.  Investors aren't sitting on the sidelines either, investing billions of dollars in a new class of tech startups across the insurance stack.  In this webinar, we'll look at insurance tech innovations & technologies, the startups creating them, and where insurance incumbents and tech giants like Google are making moves.

This webinar will focus on the 2017 Tech IPO Pipeline, a set of investor-backed private technology companies in the United States today with significant momentum based on our proprietary private company Mosaic ratings. We will also dive into trends in late-stage financing and valuations as well as more data on tech IPO candidates heading into the new year.

Cannabis continues to be on consumers' minds as state after state continues to legalize both recreational and medical marijuana. This webinar will dive into investment trends, acquisition activity, and the future of the cannabis industry. 

Startups & Accelerating Corporate Innovation

More startups are getting larger and larger funding rounds and taking even bigger market shares from incumbents, ramping up the pace of disruption. Find out if and how companies are adapting with answers to questions such as: Which industries are most threatened by disruption? Who are the key startups and incumbents in these industries? How are corporate VC and innovation groups deploying resources?  

Unicorn Trends

In this webinar we will examine the current state of fintech. This includes where new early-stage bets are being made, market segments picking up or falling in momentum, where bank incumbents are investing and partnering and where major players like Ant Financial are making moves.

How to Sell to Startups Webinar

Identifying and building relationships with the next big company is something B2B sales teams try to do, but most of them do it inefficiently and ineffectively. This webinar for B2B sales leaders will give you smart, proven strategies, templates and data to help you target, nurture and prioritize the right startups so you can build better relationships & ultimately sell more.

Corporate Venture Capital Webinar

Startups bringing digitization and IoT infrastructure to asset-heavy industries — such as manufacturing, logistics, mining, oil, utilities, and agriculture — are receiving a greater share of the deals going to the greater Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem.

The Past, Present and Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Google, Baidu, Tesla and Uber are just a few of the players within intiatives in the autonomous vehicle space. We'll analyze the companies working on projects in the space, the startups that are enabling the autonomous vehicle movement and the industries ranging from insurance to fast food to law enforcement that may get up-ended with the introduction of autonomous vehicles.

Renewable Energy & The Rise of Solar

From grapeless wine and cowless milk to DNA-based therapeutics, synthetic biology startups are disrupting food, fuel, healthcare, and many other sectors. Join us for a deep dive into the funding landscape, major players, and macro trends responsible for the rise of syn-tech.

What's Next in FinTech

A look at the major trends, biggest investments, and key players in Fintech over the start of 2016. We'll do a deep dive on trending companies, gamechanging innovations, and look at which sectors within the space are poised for major change as well as how incumbents are reacting.

Amazon Strategy Teardown

Access to massive amounts of data and better processing capabilities have ushered in a new era of artificial intelligence, with investors pouring in $15B into private companies just in the last 5 years. Join us for a webinar as we take you through private market trends, startups working on ‘general AI’ or human-like intelligence, and the most prominent industries using AI algorithms.

Digital Health Webinar

The Beauty Tech Revolution

The Future of Digital Health

Real estate technology startups are helping to manage, rent, buy and sell real estate globally. After a record year of investment activity in the real estate tech industry, this webinar will examine investment trends, emerging technology categories and significant M&A in the space to-date.

See where the Digital Health market is going.  Digital health startups raised $5.7B last year. This year could be even bigger. This webinar will focus on the creation and utilization of patient data and how it relates to the changing landscape of healthcare, primarily within the US.

Emerging Trends in Medical Devices

Blockchain technology has been hailed as the “next internet” and as a decentralized network that stands to eliminate middlemen. For corporates, blockchain is both a challenge and an opportunity. This webinar will dive into new business opportunities in blockchain, the role of corporates, and more.

KPMG and CB Insights will show you the major trends, biggest investments, and key players in Fintech over Q1 of 2016. We'll do a deep dive on trending companies and game-changing innovations. Then we'll look at which sectors within the space are poised for major change, as well as how incumbents are reacting. 

What's Next in FinTech: Q1 2016

Augmented and Virtual Reality

The future of cybersecurity is a preventative approach — identifying and thwarting threats before they are perpetrated. And to achieve preventative cyber protection, AI will be critical. We will look at the history of financing to private companies in this emerging space, the primary market categories in which those companies operate, and we will discuss forward looking trends pertaining to the future of digital resilience and AI, and more.

We used CB Insights data to surface over 30 companies that we believe are solving very important and/or big problems, or that are building truly innovative technology. While some of these companies are what many would call “moonshots,” all have admirable goals and are thinking outside the box in order to solve “real” problems.

Industrial IoT Briefing

Startups are nipping at the heels of industrial tech giants by linking sensors to machinery, laying down technical infrastructure and cloud services, and helping companies spin the data into useful insights on the backend. In this webinar we examine investments into these IoT companies targeting enterprise and heavy industry.

New Frontiers in Retail Tech

KPMG and CB Insights have teamed up to compile this industry-leading webinar. Let us show you the trends, investments, and players that dominated in Fintech in Q3 of 2016.

Auto Tech

As the hype surrounding autonomous vehicles continues to grow, stakeholders from VC investors and early-stage startups to century-old automakers are redoubling efforts to win the self-driving race. This webinar will analyze the corporations working on auto tech initiatives, the startups looking to transform the future of transport, and the array of industries that face upheavals from these trends.

Supply Chain and Logistics Tech

Tech and software is quickly changing the construction/engineering ecosystem, from the way contractors work to the sourcing of building materials to design and site management.  We dig into the burgeoning space as the US election results put infrastructure front-and-center and as aging highways, power stations, and airports in developed economies drag on economic growth.

Digital Health

Thanks to the ACA and several other trends, the US healthcare industry is changing more radically today than ever before. Investors and corporations are taking note, with more than $5B invested into digital health last year. This webinar keeps you ahead by talking about how startups are changing the fundamental processes in the health industry.

Early Stage Startup Trends

This webinar will highlight the major trends that characterize investment in the cybersecurity industry today. We will dive into the funding landscape including the size of the market, where smart money is flowing, acquisitions, and more. We will also explore emerging solutions and unique players to keep and eye on. 

The number of corporate venture arms are increasing every year. Cambell's Soup, Sesame Street, and a slew of other companies are opening venture arms in search of opportunity and innovation. This webinar will cover corporate venture capital investment trends, the sectors attracting the most dollars, and the most active CVC investors in 2016.

CVC Briefing

The 2017 Tech IPO Pipeline

Using tech, audiences are unbundling, aggregating, and curating media. Legacy and startup brands are vulnerable. This webinar will dive into new multimedia content trends, the future of digital media revenue models, exciting media startups to watch and emerging biz models and more.

KPMG and CB Insights have teamed up to compile this industry-leading webinar. Join us for a deep dive on the companies dominating the markets, world-shaking innovations, which sectors within the space are poised for disruption. as well as how incumbents are dealing with them.

Frontier tech - a look at tomorrow's game changers

The Pulse of Fintech Q2 2016

The Cannabis Revolution

Join CB Insights co-founder and CEO, Anand Sanwal, for an in-depth look at how startups are disrupting the CPG landscape, how incumbents are dealing with this, and what corporates can learn about innovation from this challenging moment.

Unbundling CPG

The future of making cities and their governments run more efficiently has spurred a number of startups across transit, water management, constituent services and more. This webinar will dive into trends, investments and areas and how specific companies are making inroads in the smart cities and GovTech space.

Global Tech Exits 2016

With Oculus shipping its first consumer product in late March, augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR) technology has entered the mainstream. Amid the fervor, AR/VR startups are also on pace for a record year in terms of venture deals. 

Augmented & Virtual Reality

In this webinar we will uncover the data behind the global unicorn club. This includes funding trends, valuations, mapping these companies by market segment, and more. Want to know who the most valuable private companies in the world are, and how long it took them to get there? Interested in how the investment landscape for unicorn companies has changed over time? Join us. 

Fintech Trends 2016

Join CB Insights senior analyst Matthew Wong for a flash webinar on how startups are enabling the rise of alternative data in institutional investing, the areas where alternative data startups are focusing their attention, the types of startups hedge funds are betting on and working with in data-driven investing, and what to expect next from this fin tech trend.

Flash Webinar: Alternative Data

Electric vehicles are gaining mainstream traction as EV economics improve, infrastructure expands, and the autonomy rush fuels interest. We dig into how EV private markets have seen a resurgence as auto giants, investors, and newcomers ramp up their efforts in the space.

RegTech Startup Trends

From drug discovery to remote patient monitoring, artificial intelligence is transforming healthcare. In this webinar, we look at investment trends to AI in healthcare, active investors in the space, and focus on a few startups bringing AI to cancer therapeutics and diagnosis.

AI in Healthcare Briefing

While global CVC investment fell in 2016 alongside the slowing funding environment, new corporate ventures continued to enter the arena as the number of new corporate venture funds making their first investment jumped 20% from 2015. Corporate venture remains top of mind with legacy companies hunting for new sources of innovation and research. This webinar will cover corporate venture capital investment trends, the sectors attracting the most dollars, and the most active CVC investors through full-year 2016.

Industrial IoT Trends

In the first half of 2016 there were more than 1590+ tech exits. While IPO activity was sluggish in Q1'16, we saw a rebound in global IPO activity in the second quarter of 2016. The H1'16 global technology exits webinar will cover M&A and IPO trends over the past few years. 

Global Tech Exits H1 '16

As population growth increases the need to ramp up food production, tech startups are creating a range of agricultural software, services, farming techniques, and more aimed at bringing more data and efficiency to the sector. Register now to see trends, investment data, and more on this growing industry.

Blockchain and Bitcoin Trends

Join CB Insights senior analyst Matthew Wong for a webinar on the latest investment and startup formation trends across insurance tech as well as key strategic moves by (re)insurers within the space. 

State of Insurance Tech Trends

Join us for a briefing as we analyze investment trends into renewable energy startups and dive deep into the solar landscape. We will also look at corporate interest in grid energy storage as well as the renewable energy patent application activities of GM, IBM, LG, Panasonic, and others.

State of Synthetic Biology

With sensors, chips, and computing power at their lowest costs in history, it’s never been easier to collect data and connect our physical world (and so-called Things) to the internet. This webinar examines investments into the broad IoT category, with snapshots of trends in the Smart Home/consumer IoT category as well as the industrial Internet of Things. 

IoT Update

From the TV dinners of the 1950s to Soylent's meals in a bottle today, technology has always shaped the way we eat. In this webinar, we'll use CB Insights data on investment trends, funding data, corporate activity, patents, and more.

Cyber Defender Startups

As the cost of gene sequencing continues to decrease, we have an unprecedented amount of data about our genome that's helping us understand more about our bodies. This webinar will cover trends in the space, active players, and opportunities going forward.

The Genomics Revolution

Since opening for business as "Earth's Biggest Bookstore" in 1995, Amazon has expanded into an array of other categories spanning retail, media, consumer hardware, AI, and cloud computing. This research briefing will provide a data-driven view into the acquisition, investment, and research strategy of units across "The Everything Store" better known as Amazon.

State of Artificial Intelligence

Hundreds of Fortune 500 companies and investors use CB Insights to find their next acquisition target and spot emerging tech trends. Now university students, faculty and staff have the same data at their fingertips.See how universities from the Ivy League, Big Ten and elsewhere are using CB Insights to prepare students for the next step

CB Insights for Universities

After early-stage startups took two of every three investments to insurance technology in 2016, this year promises to reveal how consumers react to newly launched digital insurance offerings. This webinar examines the latest investments, partnerships, and other strategic moves in the insurance technology landscape.

Disruption in Digital Health

From factory floors and hospitals to our homes and classrooms, robots are transforming industrial workflow, social interactions, learning, and medical surgeries. In this webinar, we take a look at investment trends to robotics startups, major acquisitions in the space, and the rise of robotics in China.

The Rise of Robots

Beauty & grooming startups jumped into the public eye after Unilever's $1B acquisition of Dollar Shave Club last year. Now, we're seeing record numbers of deals in the sector as startups pioneer new business models, new product formulations, and new marketing tactics - everything from personalization & subscription to artificial intelligence. 

The State of Real Estate Tech

Technology is eating retail. It’s time to bite back. From the Honest Company and Dollar Shave Club to Warby Parker, new brands are eating away at retail’s old-guard. On top of that, sensors, omnichannel engagement technologies and robots are changing the in-store and ecommerce experience. The online retail revolution that was started almost 20 years ago by Amazon and eBay is accelerating. 

The Unbundling of Retail

Fintech funding grew slightly on a quarterly basis in the first quarter of 2017 bolstered by $100M+ financings to companies including Funding Circle and SoFi. In this webinar, we will go through the latest data on fintech investing, what's happening at the early stage and which companies might be poised for an IPO.

Investments in the MENA

One year into Alphabet's restructuring, the new organization is already driving clear changes in how Mountain View handles its acquisitions and R&D. This webinar will provide a data-driven view into the acquisition, investment, and research strategy of units across the Googleplex.

Google Strategy Teardown

Every aspect of healthcare is undergoing a digital transformation, from patient monitoring to disease diagnosis and drug development; and medical devices are no exception. Join us for a webinar as we take you through private market trends, major investors, and pioneering medical device startups. 

Corporates in Blockchain

2016 saw the second-largest acquisition of a VC-backed company in history, when AbbVie acquired cancer therapeutics startup Stemcentrx for $10B.  In this webinar, we’ll do a deep dive into recent advances in cancer therapy and see where VCs and big corporations like Google, IBM, Merck and Novartis are placing their bets.

Startups Curing Cancer

Within fintech, we continue to see growth in investments to companies focused on technology that supports investment and wealth management. With the impending multi trillion-dollar transfer of wealth between the Baby Boomers to the Millennials, incumbent firms are taking action. This webinar examines market trends, investments, and other strategic moves in the wealth technology landscape.

The State of Auto Tech

 Since 2010, over 160 China-based investors have participated in financing deals to US tech companies including to prominent startups like WeWork, Magic Leap, Snapchat, AirBnB and Uber. Chinese firms have also been an active acquirer of US tech companies this year from Ant Financial's purchase of EyeVerify to Orient Hontai's $1.4B acquisition of AppLovin. In this webinar, we’ll do a deep dive into the rise of Chinese investors in U.S. tech companies, which areas are seeing the most interest, where BAT (Baidu, Alibaba, Tencent) are investing and more.

China in Silicon Valley

AR/VR hype keeps reaching new heights. Funding to AR/VR startups reached an all-time high in deals and dollars last year.  Both Facebook and Apple are reputed to have 1000+ engineers working on their respective headset efforts. This webinar will scope out the technology and innovators changing the AR/VR landscape.

AI in Cybersecurity

Will Altman

Tech Industry Analyst

William is a Tech Industry Analyst at CB Insights with a focus on cybersecurity. William's published industry research has been featured in the The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, CNN, and The New York Times.Before CB Insights, William worked in the Middle East and North Africa where he conducted research on entrepreneurship in the Wamda Research Lab. William has a degree from Denison University, and a Master's Degree from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterrey.

Anand Sanwal

CB Insights CEO

Prior to founding CB Insights in 2009, Anand managed the $50 million Chairman's Innovation Fund at American Express and also worked in their corporate venture and M&A units. Before American Express, he worked overseas in India, China and London for a number of startup companies. He is the author of a book "Optimizing Resource Allocation" and has degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania and in finance and accounting from the Wharton School of Business.   

Ben Waxman

Research Analyst

Benjamin Waxman is an Analyst at CB Insights with focus on real estate and other verticals. Prior to analyzing startups and venture capital at CB Insights, Ben worked at Resonant Venture Partners and Lazarus Investment Partners. Ben is a graduate of the University of Michigan. His research has been cited in CNBC, Reuters, among other publications.

John Prendergass

Research Analyst

John Prendergass is a research analyst at CB Insights. His research focuses on therapeutics, digital health, medical devices, and the media.

John previously attended medical school at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School and worked in the healthcare investment group at Ben Franklin Technology Partners. John is a graduate of Johns Hopkins University.

Matthew Wong

Senior Research Analyst

 Matthew Wong  launched and manages CB Insights Insurance Tech newsletter, which reaches 10K+ insurance executives, investors and founders. Matt's published industry research and analysis have been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, Bloomberg, CNBC and Reuters. He has appeared on Bloomberg TV, Al-Jazeera and Business News Network. Matthew is a graduate of Northwestern University.

Deepashri Varadharajan 

Tech Industry Analyst and Writer

Engineer-turned-journalist Deepashri Varadharajan worked as a documentarian, research assistant, and reporter. Before CB Insights, Deepashri spent her time as a production assistant at Al Jazeera America. Trained at Columbia University and the Indian Institute of Journalism & New Media, she now focuses on the tech industry.

Zoe Leavitt

Tech Industry Analyst

Zoe Leavitt is a technology analyst at CB Insights covering the consumer retail, e-commerce, and food tech sectors. Prior to joining CB Insights, she worked in equity research and drove consumer analytics efforts at the consumer finance group of the Bank of China in Shanghai. Zoe is a graduate of Stanford University, and her work has been cited in the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, and more.

Nick Pappageorge

Tech Industry Analyst

Nick Pappageorge is a Tech Industry Analyst at CB Insights with focus on IoT, wearables, AR/VR, and drones. Prior to analyzing startups and venture capital at CB Insights, Nick worked at 3D printing company Makerbot Industries in a research role, and in Latin America for the Libra Group. 

Nick is a graduate of Hamilton College. His research has been cited in Forbes, Fortune, Wired, Quartz, Re/Code, and Business Insider, among other publications.

About the Panelists

Nikhil Krishnan

Research Analyst

Nikhil Krishnan is a research analyst at CB Insights. His research focuses on biotechnology/drug development, digital health, autonomous vehicles, and consumer products. Nikhil worked at several other startups in the past, including Relationship Science, Global Thermostat, and Uber. 

Nikhil's research has been featured several times in the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, New York Times, and Reuters. Nikhil is a graduate from Columbia University.

Kerry Wu

Research Analyst

Kerry Wu's research in digital banking, on-demand, and other sectors has been featured in The New York Times, Financial Times, Bloomberg, and Quartz. Before CB Insights, Kerry worked as a management consultant at Simon-Kucher & Partners, executing growth strategy, pricing strategy, and due diligence projects for both public and private clients. Kerry is a graduate of Columbia University.

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