Yik Yak is now more well-funded and significantly more popular than fellow anonymous social apps Whisper and Secret.

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In August, students across the country went back to school – and Yik Yak exploded in popularity. The rise of Yik Yak is most pronounced in its overall app rank, which now stands far ahead of fellow anonymous social apps Whisper and Secret.

And with its new $62M infusion from Sequoia Capital and WhatsApp investor Jim Goetz, the app is also more well-capitalized. Fellow Sequoia-backed app Whisper has raised $54M in funding while Secret has raised $35M. The chart below highlights the three apps in the overall App Store ranks, along with key capital infusions over the last year. Of note, Yik Yak jumped to the top 25 overall apps in the App Store on August 28th and has remained in or around there since.

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