We asked VCs who they thought the best VCs were. Here are the results of the first-ever VC peer ranking.

When we partnered with The New York Times last year to rank venture capitalists, one thing we also did was conduct the “Venture Capital Power Rankings”.  Unlike other rankings, these were the first and only rankings of VCs by fellow VCs.

For those of you familiar with the college football’s coaches’ poll in the United States, this was that applied to venture capitalists.

Our question to VCs was simple – rank the top 20 firms in venture as if you were an LP, i.e. who would you invest in?


A few notes on the process:

  • There were 70 VC firms to rank on the survey. There are, of course, more than 70 VC firms but we used our data to select firms based on track record and brand who had a realistic shot at getting a peer vote.
  • Self votes were not counted and were removed. Of course, there were plenty of self-votes.
  • Only venture capital general partners were surveyed
  • Unlike our top 100 VCs ranking with the NYT, the VC Power Rankings were at the firm level (not the individual GP level). Note: The New York Times story based on the rankings are here and here.

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As judged by the valid GP submissions, here’s how the rankings shook out:

VC Peer Rankings 2016
Rank Investor
1 Sequoia2
2 benchmark capital2
3 Accel
4 Greylock Partners
5 Andreessen_Horowitz_logo_stacked
6 Union Square Ventures
7 First Round Capital
8 Bessemer Venture PArtners
10 NEA
11 Lowercase Capital
12 Founders Fund2
13 Lightspeed Venture Partners2
14 Foundry Group
15 Index Ventures
16 Khosla Ventures
17 Social Capital
18 Emergence Capital
19 True Ventures
20 Floodgate


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