The 89 active bloggers in the venture capital, angel and accelerator community.

When Fred Wilson started blogging every day and gaining notoriety, a number of other VCs began blogging. But over time, many of those VC blogs became zombies. But today, there is a bit of a renaissance for VC blogging.  And since our team follows these closely, we wanted to share some of the best ones with you.

Today, we’re introducing The Periodic Table of Venture Capital Blogs – a resource for entrepreneurs, investors and those in the larger innovation economy – which highlights 89 active venture capital bloggers (defined as blogging at least a couple times in the past year) in the venture capital, angel and accelerator community.  The table is a bit different than our previous periodic tables, which primarily focus on active investors and key companies by vertical.

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See the table below or click to expand.


We expect that this list of 89 will change over time as new investors become active in the VC blogosphere and others become zombies so we’ll continue to update.  If you believe someone should be added, please leave a comment below with a link to their blog.

Navigating the Periodic Table of Venture Capital Blogs

The table focuses on investors with personal blogs broken down as follows:

  • The left side of the Periodic Table of Venture Capital Blogs includes names of investor-bloggers who belong to mid-size or large-cap venture capital firms ranging from Andreessen Horowitz to Foundry Group to Union Square Ventures. A handful of investor-bloggers at corporate VC firms are also highlighted.
  • On the right of that are investor-bloggers at micro VC firm (<$100M funds). These range from Homebrew to NextView Ventures to SV Angel.
  • The far right covers angel investor-bloggers as well as those belonging to or running accelerator programs such as Y Combinator and Techstars.

Below we’ve detailed the full list of bloggers, their blog coverage and links:

List of Venture Capital Bloggers
Investor Firm Blog URL
Fred Wilson Union Square Ventures
Bill Gurley Benchmark
Chris Dixon Andreessen Horowitz
Mark Suster Upfront Ventures
Brad Feld Foundry Group
Ben Horowitz Andreessen Horowitz
Benedict Evans Andreessen Horowitz
Albert Wenger Union Square Ventures
Jeff Jordan Andreessen Horowitz
Seth Levine Foundry Group
David Skok Matrix Partners
Tomasz Tunguz Redpoint Ventures
Fred Destin Accel Partners
Josh Hannah Matrix Partners
Om Malik True Ventures
Marc Andreessen Andreessen Horowitz
Greg Bettinelli Upfront Ventures
Bubba Murarka Draper Fisher Jurvetson
David Cowan Bessemer Venture Partners
Andy Weissman Union Square Ventures
Phin Barnes First Round Capital
Josh Breinlinger Sigma West
Bruce Booth Atlas Venture
Andrew Parker Spark Capital
Nabeel Hyatt Spark Capital
Matt McCall Pritzer Group VC
Bruce Cleveland InterWest Parters
Matt Turck FirstMark Capital
Glenn Solomon GGV Capital
David Hornik August Capital
Steve Schlafman RRE Ventures
Jamie Davidson Redpoint Ventures
Bilal Zuberi Lux Capital
Josh Kopelman First Round Capital
Chris Fralic First Round Capital
Jeff Bussgang Flybridge Capital Partners
Larry Cheng Volition Capital
Roger Ehrenberg IA Ventures
Ian Sigalow Greycroft Partners
Jon Sakoda New Enterprise Associates
Cem Sertoglu Earlybird Venture Capital
Mike Abbott Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers
Amish Jani FirstMark Capital
Rob Day Black Coral Capital
MG Siegler Google Ventures
Christina Herron Intel Capital
Jason Ball Qualcomm Ventures
Hunter Walk Homebrew
Jason Lemkin Storm Ventures
Renee DiResta O’Reilly AlphaTech
Leo Polovets Susa Ventures
David Lee SV Angel
David Beisel NextView Ventures
Lee Hower NextView Ventures
Adam Besvinick Deep Fork Capital
Bryce Roberts O’Reilly AlphaTech
Jerry Neumann Neu Venture Capital
Lenny Pruss RRE Ventures
Jay Deng Nouveau Capital
Christoph Janz Point Nine Capital
Nic Brisbourne Forward Partners
Charlie O’Donnell Brooklyn Bridge Ventures
Satya Patel Homebrew Capital
Ezra Galston Chicago Ventures
Mike Brown Jr. Bowery Capital
Michael Arrington CrunchFund
Jeff Carter Hype Park Angels
Paul Kedrosky SK Ventures
Semil Shah Haystack Fund
Jalak Jobanputra FuturePerfect Ventures
Jason Heltzer Origin Ventures
Rob Go NextView Ventures
Kanyi Maqubela Collaborative Fund
Guy Turner Hyde Park VP
Zach Shulman Cayuga Venture Fund
Boris Wertz Version One Ventures
Jason Calacanis -
Joanne Wilson -
Naval Ravikant AngelList
Elad Gil -
Fabrice Grinda -
Dharmesh Shah -
Andrew Chen -
Mark Cuban -
Martin Varsavsky -
Paul Graham Y Combinator
David Cohen Techstars
Sam Altman Y Combinator
Christine Tsai 500 Startups

Again, if you think an investor who is actively blogging should be added, please leave a comment below. All prior CB Insights periodic tables are below:

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  • dteten

    I suggest add my blog, . We also have a new research project for which we’ll be blogging, on disruption in the investing industry, at

  • Tom

    Matt Greenfield is the top dog of the EdTech VC blogging world

  • Keith Gillard

    Pangaea Ventures’ blog has been running for a few years now and has active contributions from all partners (myself included) and associates, and even the odd guest blog from one of our LPs. And it seems especially appropriate to your periodic table theme, since we are specialists in advanced materials venture capital.

  • Kyle Lacy

    Our investment team / partners should be considered. Scott Maxwell, George Roberts, Blake Bartlett and Mackey Craven are active bloggers for the OpenView platform, third-party sites and our newsletter which engages over 50,000 people every week. It might be worthwhile to apply a true data model around why someone would be featured as an active VC blogger (Total traffic, email engagement, social engagement scores, etc) other than how much they write. I agree with most of the names listed but maybe we should be more scientific in the selection process.

  • Lu

    One favourite of mine is, a very good if infrequently updated blog on drug development and issues surrounding early-stage biotech, written pseudonymously by David Grainger of Index Ventures.

  • Dave McClure

    I don’t do as much individual blogging these days, however in addition to my partner Christine Tsai’s personal blog, the 500 Startups blog and social media presence has hundreds of thousands of followers and readers. see:

    (and my own occasional blog is

  • Sandhya

    I too will suggest my own blog which does more in depth pieces on the intersection of tech and business

  • Paul Van Cotthem

    One of the leading European VC bloggers is:

  • Paul Van Cotthem

    For your info, for those of you who use the Feedly RSS app, I have published a collection of blogs with great info for startups:
    You can easily add blogs from this collection to your own Feedly content list.

  • Adam Quinton

    In addition to the (great) additions already posted (David Teten’s stuff is esp. good) you could add:

  • Matthew Wong

    Thank you for the comment Paul as well as the feedly collection. We actually had Christoph’s blog on the original version on the right of the table. Best, Matthew

  • Laure

    Thanks for letting us know! This is Breaking Bad!

  • Fauzia Saleem

    the great .

  • Jamie Lin

    I am Founding Partner at AppWorks. AppWorks runs AppWorks Accelerator, the largest accelerator in Asia, which takes in 25 startups per batch and has 199 startups / 400+ founders in its alumni network. We also manage a total of US$ 61M in VC funds. I blog at , which serves 3M readers a year.


    I am bookmarking this page! It’s fabulous resource for all entrepreneurs that are getting ready to fundraise.
    It struck me to see the absence of angel investor blogs (yellow color) , with the exception of handful of very prominent ones. Why is that? I would speculate, based on my experience that angel investors still prefer to hide and play hard to get. A lot of angel investment groups are in stealth mode and to reach their members you have to know Mr. X that knows Mr. Y that know Mr. Z until you ultimately find Mr. Angel that belongs to a mysterious angel investment club. Then, after spending all the time networking, you pitch to the group only to find out that they are more like a dinner club and your pitch is for the entertainment only, they really don’t mean to open the purse.
    Well, there are a lot of good angels out there and they are very active on crowdfunding investments platforms and they are easy to find. If you are an angel investor and you are not making yourself visible on crowdfunding platforms, on blogs — yes entrepreneurs want to know you as a person before they take your money — you are missing out on a deal flow.

  • hunterwalk

    you ever drop me or move me down and i’ll stab you

  • Jim McGovern

    For readers wanting to add the blogs to their RSS reader, it would be very helpful if you provided an OPML file of all of the blogs so we could easily subscribe without having to subscribe to dozens of individual blogs manually. Thanks for considering.

  • Donna

    Bloomberg Beta’s Roy Bahat has a fun blog about a variety of topics.

  • jasmine

    that is cool

  • Safa Rashtchy

    You missed me in a big way!
    Safa Rashtchy

  • Mariah Lichtenstern

    Bonus points for making us laugh… #MovinOnUp

  • clarissa hendershot

    Very awesome:-)

  • Baochi Nguyen

    Please add VC Phil Sanderson of IDG Ventures: He is an active blogger and tweeter.

  • Mariah Lichtenstern

    Charles Hudson should definitely be somewhere on this table. His blog goes back 12 years.

  • deancollins

    OPML file?……god I miss RSS….people are so lazy these days :)

  • lunarmobiscuit

    From the social good corner of startup investing:

  • Deepen Parikh

    Another blog to include is from my partner at Interplay Ventures – Mark Peter Davis ( Some great insights on venture and running companies.

  • Sergio A. Escobar

    You are missing Founder Institute’s blog!

  • Andrew Medal

    @Hunterwalk this is he greatest response to anything I’ve ever seen, lol.

  • Madeline Duva

    missing Shasta’s Rob Coneybeer and the Founder Institute.

  • RUSS


  • Frank Rotman

    I’ve started blogging actively (every 3 weeks) so feel free to check it out. Fintech focused given I’m a Founding Partner at QED Investors but there will be lots of general musings.

  • Frank Rotman

    If anyone is interested in fintech, I’m blogging pretty frequently at Hopefully you’ll find my perspective interesting given my 20+ year history in the space (Capital One, Enterpreneur, Partner at QED Investors, etc). Give it a try!

  • Kevin Siskar

    Seconding that. David’s blog is great