There were 68 $100M+ financings to VC-backed companies in Q3'15, a new record.

With continued funding from normally public markets-focused investors like mutual funds and hedge funds, $100M+ equity financings to VC-backed companies have reached record numbers.

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Just 3 new VC-backed companies topped $1B+ valuations in Q1’17, remaining well behind 2015’s pace. Download the CB Insights and PwC MoneyTree Report today.

Thus far in 2015 there have been over 170 mega-rounds sized $100M+, with Q3’15 seeing a combined 68 financings, 7 more than in the previous quarter. Asia topped 20 mega-rounds for the second-straight quarter behind large financings to Didi Kuaidi,, and, among others.

North America continued to lead all continents with 37 mega-rounds in Q3’15, including $1B+ rounds to Uber and Social Finance.

Overall the mega-rounds in Q3’15 raised over $19B cumulatively, or more than half the total $37B amount raised by VC-backed companies globally in the quarter.

mega roudns q3'15


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