From commercial real estate management to residential listings and tech-enabled brokerages, real estate tech is slowly transforming a massive industry.

The multibillion dollar real estate industry has already seen online property listing services like Zillow and Zoopla disrupt the industry. Now, a new crop of startups are attacking many more areas of real estate. Real estate tech startups span tech-enabled brokerages, virtual property-viewing services, real estate investing platforms, and many more.

We used CB Insights data and analytics to identify some of the venture-backed startups that are creating a new real estate tech ecosystem.

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GRaphic real estate tech 

The breakdown is as follows:

List & Search Services – This was the largest category in our market map, and includes startups that help users search for residential and commercial real estate. This category includes startup VivaReal, which focuses on Latin American markets. VivaReal has raised more than $61M to date, and some of their backers include Spark Capital, Lead Edge Capital, and Greg Waldorf.

Virtual Viewing – Startups that provide virtual property viewing. Companies attacking this area include Matterport, which has raised over $58M to date. Some backers of theirs include Rothenberg Ventures, Greylock Partners, Felicis Ventures, and Qualcomm Ventures.

Tech-enabled Brokerage – Startups that employ in-house brokers with their own listing services. This category includes Compass, which raised $118M to date and counts Thrive Capital, Founders Fund, and Institutional Venture Partners as some of their backers.

Leasing Management Software – Companies that provide tools to brokers and owners and streamline the leasing process, among other things. Companies in this space include Hightower, which has raised roughly $22M from Thrive Capital, Bessemer Venture Partners, and RRE Ventures as well as several others.

Data, Valuation, and Analytics – This category encompasses startups that provide data, analytics, and valuation tools to real estate owners and investors; companies is this space include Compstak, which has raised over $9M from 500 Startups and Canaan Partners, among others.

Property Management - These startups offer tools for property managers, landlords, homeowners, and tenants. Cozy Services is a startup in this category that has raised almost $10M from investors like Google Ventures and The Social+Capital Partnership, among others.

Sales and Marketing – Startups that provide predictive marketing, CRM, as well as other sales and marketing services to real estate professionals. Boomtown! is a startup in this category that has raised more than $20M from Susquehannah Growth Equity and Adams Street Partners.

Investment – This category includes crowdfunding platforms that allow investors to participate in debt or equity financing for real estate, or both. Some startups specialize in residential or commercial projects. Fundrise, which has raised $38M to date from Collaborative Fund and several others, specializes in raising equity for specific commercial real estate developments, redistributing profits to backers. Realty Mogul, which has raised almost $46M to date, sources equity investments and loan financing as well. RealtyMogul’s investors include Sorenson Capital, Canaan Partners, and several others.

Property Information – Startups providing information and data-driven insights about residential and commercial properties; Real Matters has raised over $127M from various investors, including Whitecap Venture Partners.

Agent Matching Services – Startups that connect users directly to qualified agents. HomeLight, one of the startups in this category, has raised almost $5M from investors like 500 Startups, Crosslink Capital, and several others.

Broker-Free List & Search - List and search startups that connect customers straight to the property owner and cut out the broker; startups in this category include NoBroker, which raised $3M to date from SAIF Partners and Fulcrum Ventures India.

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  • Simeon

    Would be great to see Spark CRM on this map, especially with Compass as one of our major clients on the new development real estate space!