If you're manually combing through attendee/exhibitor lists to plan for a conference, you're just doing it wrong.

If you’re attending CES or the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference (or any popular conference), the value you get out of it is largely determined in the planning stages.

Either you are going to aimlessly wander around hoping to stumble into the right companies or you are:

  1. Going in knowing something about the companies & exhibitors with a plan on who you want to meet
  2. Developing questions prior that you would like to ask them when you meet

If you think an analyst or associate on your team is going to comb through the exhibitor list manually before the event to figure out who you should be talking to, you’re doing it wrong.  On top of that, you’re wasting a smart analyst’s time doing mindless work.  Oh and remember, you pay that analyst pretty well.

Let’s take CES for example. There are 3000+ exhibitors.  Not pre-planning or having an analyst try to get data is silly.

We saw this pain a lot so we’ve built a tool for this called Bulk Search.  It’s dumb simple and will give you the following data on the exhibitors/attending companies in a few seconds in a CSV format that you can manipulate or upload to your CRM:

  • Name
  • Website
  • Address
  • Sector/Industry classification
  • Description
  • Total Funding
  • Investors
  • Round by round financing history
  • Valuations (if available)

Here’s how it works:

  1. You login into CB Insights and visit Bulk Search
  2. Tell us how much data you want on each exhibitor/attending company
  3. You upload a list of companies and URLs to us via CSV
  4. In a few seconds, you get back a spreadsheet with the data about the companies you can analyze or upload to your CRM
  5. You take the rest of the day off. You’ve earned it.

Some screenshots below.

Step 1: Login into CB Insights and visit Bulk Search

CB Insights bulk search select


Step 2 and 3: Tell us how much data you want and upload the list of companies to us.

cb insights bulk search

Step 4: Take your spreadsheet and start strategizing and planning for the conference

Step 5: Relax

Yes – it’s that simple.