We used CB Insights data to highlight 11 early-stage Israeli tech companies focused on business-to-business markets, including cybersecurity, digital health, customer analytics, and more.

Israel is among the key tech markets globally. It ranks ninth (tied with the Netherlands) among the top countries in the number of tech exits in 2015 and has sprouted dozens of prominent startups and attracted global investors, as seen in our recent Periodic Table of Israel Tech

As momentum increases in the “startup nation,” we used CB Insights data to highlight 11 early-stage Israeli tech companies to keep an eye on, all of them focused on business-to-business markets. These are companies that have all raised funding in October 2015 or later, but have not yet raised a Series B round.

We used CB Insights Mosaic algorithm, which tracks the health of private companies, to identify some early-stage companies in the seed and Series A stage with traction. (Mosaic has three components, which gauge a company’s health in terms of financing, industry category, and overall momentum.)

Startups here are addressing cybersecurity, digital health, IoT, and more.

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Among the startups on our list is AppDome, a cybersecurity company that has raised roughly $22.6M to date, making it the most well-funded company on our list.

Two companies on this list — Cato Networks and mPrest — have raised $20M Series A rounds. Five companies are addressing issues in cybersecurity, while MedyMatch Technology is using data analytics and artificial intelligence to predict strokes.

Check out the list below.

11 Early-Stage Israeli Enterprise Startups To Watch 2016
Company Total Disclosed Funding Description Select Investors
AppDome  $22.6 Cybersecurity software Draper Nexus Ventures, Jerusalem Venture Partners, Menlo Ventures, and OurCrowd.com
enSilo  $21 Cybersecurity software Carmel Ventures, Lightspeed Venture Partners and Rembrandt Venture Partners
Cato Networks  $20 Cybersecurity software Aspect Ventures and US Venture Partners
mPrest  $20 IoT software OurCrowd and GE Ventures
Alooma  $15 Data Analytics Lightspeed Venture Partners and Sequoia Capital Israel
Cymmetria  $11 Cybersecurity software Sherpa Capital, Felicis Ventures, Seedcamp, and Y Combinator
Logz.io  $9 Log analytics 83North and Giza Venture Capital
Seebo  $9 IoT platform Carmel Ventures and TPY Capital
Morphisec  $7 Cybersecurity software Deutsche Telekom Capital Partners, GE Ventures, Jerusalem Venture Partners, OurCrowd.com, and Portage Advisors
Civalue  $2 Cusomer analytics and personalization Deutsche Telekom, Mac Fund, and Nielsen Innovate
MedyMatch Technology  $2 Digital health Exigent Alternative Capital and Genesis Capital Advisors

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