Investors include Norwest Venture Partners, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund, and BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners.

There’s a bit of a paradox in the US health system. While healthcare data is valuable and highly sensitive, much of the existing IT infrastructure in the healthcare system is old and vulnerable. This issue is now top of mind thanks to the recent WannaCry ransomware hack that crippled the UK’s National Health Service. And, while this time it was patient data, next time it could be life-sustaining devices and the stakes could be even higher.

We used CB Insights data to put together a list of cybersecurity companies focused primarily on healthcare that are trying to combat this issue.

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1. ClearDATA


ClearDATA is a provider of healthcare cloud computing and information security services for healthcare providers, software vendors, and VARs. The company provides HITECH HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting of infrastructure with managed services, offsite backup and disaster recovery, medical image backup and storage, and healthcare information security.

Total Disclosed Funding: $54M

Select Investors: Excel Venture Management, Norwest Venture Partners, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund

2. ID Experts

id experts

ID Experts develops products and services designed to stop fraud and identity theft and also offers recovery services for victims of identity theft. The solution is used by payers to reduce healthcare fraud and avoid medical identity theft-crimes.

Total Disclosed Funding: $35M

Select Investors: BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Peloton Equity, Trident Capital Cybersecurity


3. Protenus



Protenus monitors activity happening in a patient’s electronic health record (EHR) and alerts privacy teams to suspicious activity.

Total Disclosed Funding: $5M

Select Investors: DreamIt Ventures, TCP Venture Capital, Arthur Ventures


4. Hashed Health


Hashed Health uses blockchain implementations to address a range of well-known issues in healthcare including IoT, revenue cycle management, payment reform, medical records, insurance, and healthcare/pharmaceutical supply chain logistics.

Total Disclosed Funding: $2M

Select Investors: Fenbushi Capital, Martin Ventures

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5. MedCrypt

medcryptMedCrypt has developed a set of APIs to encrypt data that is sent from and received by medical devices. It can also monitor the data movement in real-time to detect anomalies.

Total Disclosed Funding: <$1M

Select Investors: Safeguard Scientifics


6. Senrio


Senrio, an Internet of Things (IoT) cybersecurity solution, provides an IoT network cybersecurity platform that provides visibility and passive defense for networked embedded devices (NEDs) used in medical devices and other industries.

Total Disclosed Funding: <$1M

Select Investors: Talis Capital


7. Cylera


Cylera provides network security solutions powered by machine learning to provide zero-day protection from malware and exploits, especially focused on the medical device space.

Total Disclosed Funding: N/A

Select Investors: DreamIt Ventures


8. Health Linkages


Health Linkages uses blockchain and big data technologies to enable healthcare institutions to trust, protect, and share their data.

Total Disclosed Funding: N/A

Select Investors: Indie.Bio, SOSventures

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