We've added two dozen new startups to our list. Fintech startups targeting millennials range from "robo-advisors" to automated savings apps.

See Betterment, LearnVest Sequoia Capital and S&P at The Future of Fin Tech Conference.

Spanning a cohort born between 1980 to 2000, millennials broadly make up one of the largest generations in history (bigger than the baby boom generation). Millennials are also investing, lending, and sharing money much differently than their parents, and they are assisted by a growing set of tech-driven tools to do so.

The changing ways in how millennials manage their money is top of mind for many of the largest financial institutions in the world. In February, Goldman Sachs released an infographic on how millennial habits in health, marriage, housing, and more are impacting the economy.

The Future of Fintech
A 123-page report covering VC funding trends for fintech and the developments in large categories such as wealth management, blockchain, remittance tech, and insurance tech.

Now, a host of fintech startups, and the investors backing them, are banking on millennials as a key demographic for their success. Fintech startups prominent in the millennial demographic range include “robo-advisors” offering low-cost alternatives to brokerages, to lending firms innovating in credit risk, and stock-picking and automated savings apps.

Many of the fintech startups are leveraging existing technologies already popular among young adults such as social networks and mobile messaging. Project crowdfunding sites GoFundMe and Andreessen Horowitz-backed Tilt, for example, mirror or take advantage of social networks and are largely popular among college audiences. Google Ventures and General Catalyst-backed HelloDigit transfers money directly via text message.

The graphic below breaks down the set of primarily US-based fintech companies appealing to the millennial generation including Robinhood, Acorns, Wealthfront, Earnest and more. (As we’ve also highlighted separately, startups in the digital banking market have attracted more than $10B since 2010.)

  • 1st update, 2/8/16: We originally published this infographic 5/24/15 and updated it 2/8/16, adding nearly two-dozen new companies and removing a few like Square and Venmo that went to IPO or had previously exited.


Below is a full list of the companies on the graphic broken down by target area. If there are other emerging companies that you think should be highlighted, leave them in the comments as well.

Fintech for Millennials
Company Select Investors Category
Tilt Doll Capital Management, Felicis Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz Crowdfunding
GoFundMe Bootstrapped Crowdfunding
Chime Crosslink Capital, Forerunner Ventures, Homebrew, PivotNorth Capital Mobile Banking & Payments
Final Y Combinator, T5 Capital, Ludlow Ventures Mobile Banking & Payments
Coin SoftTech VC, Spark Capital, Redpoint Ventures Mobile Banking & Payments
Moven Artemis Group, Ratpor Ventures, SBT Venture Capital, Route 66 Ventures Mobile Banking & Payments
Verse Draper Fisher Jurvetson, Bernardo Hernandez Mobile Banking & Payments
Circle Accel Partners, General Catalyst partners, Breyer Capital, Goldman Sachs Mobile Banking & Payments
Xendit Y Combinator Mobile Banking & Payments
Abra American Express Ventures, Arbor Ventures, First Round Capital, RRE Ventures Mobile Banking & Payments
Hello Digit Google Ventures, Baseline Ventures, Freestyle Capital, General Catalyst Partners Savings & Finances Tracking
BoostUp Detroit Venture Partners, Michigan Pre-Seed Capital Fund, Cornerstone Angels Savings & Finances Tracking
Prism Chase Frankling, John Keister, Mark Britto, Rudy Gadre Savings & Finances Tracking
Splitwise IDG Ventures, Great Oaks VC Savings & Finances Tracking
BillGuard (Prosper) Bessemer Venture Partners, Founders Fund, IA Ventures, Khosla Ventures Savings & Finances Tracking
Sweep N/A Savings & Finances Tracking
Acorns JAM Equity Partners, Greycroft Partners, e.ventures Savings & Finances Tracking
Even Khosla Ventures, Red Swan Ventures, Rothenberg Ventures, Homebrew, Slow Ventures Savings & Finances Tracking
Qapital Northzone Ventures Savings & Finances Tracking
PolicyGenius AXA Strategic Ventures, Karlin Ventures, MassMutual Ventures, Revolution Ventures, Transamerica Ventures, Susa Ventures Insurance (Non-Health)
Sure ff Venture Capital, OVP Venture Partners Insurance (Non-Health)
Trov Anthemis Group Insurance (Non-Health)
Lemonade Aleph, Sequoia Capital Insurance (Non-Health)
Homeslice Matchfire Savings & Finances Tracking
Loyal3 DNS Capital Personal Investing
Motif Investing Norwest Venture Partners, Foundation Capital, Ignition Capital, Goldman Sachs Personal Investing
Robinhood Google Ventures, Index Ventures, Andreessen Horowitz, Ribbit Capital, NEA Personal Investing
Stox SingulariTeam Personal Investing
Stash  N/A Personal Investing
Kapitall Bendigo Partners, Linden Venture Fund Personal Investing
Tip’d Off Raj Parekh, Bill Crane, Shaun Coleman Personal Investing
DriveWealth Route 66 Ventures Personal Investing
Openfolio FinTech Collective Personal Investing
eToro BRM Group, Ping An Ventures, Spark Capital Personal Investing
Wealthfront DAG Ventures, Index Ventures, Greylock Partners, The Social+Capital Partnership Wealth Management
Betterment Bessemer Venture Partners, Athemis Group, Menlo Ventures Wealth Management
SigFig Doll Capital Management, Union Square Ventures, Bain Capital Ventures Wealth Management
Personal Capital Institutional Venture Partners, Venrock, Crosslink Capital Wealth Management
WiseBanyan VegasTech Fund Wealth Management
Hedgeable SixThirty
Rebalance IRA N/A Wealth Management
Blooom Commerce Ventures, DST Systems, Hyde Park VP, QED Investors, UMB Financial Wealth Management
Aspiration Renren, GSV Capital, Capricorn Investment Group, IGSB Wealth Management
Affirm Lightspeed Venture Partners, Khosla Ventures, Spark Capital, Andreessen Horowitz Loans & Credit Risk
Earnest Atlas Venture, First Round Capital, Maveron, Andreessen Horowitz, Collaborative Fund Loans & Credit Risk
Tuition.io Mohr Davidow Ventures, Neu Venture Capital, Fenway Summer, Rothenberg Ventures, MESA+ Loans & Credit Risk
Valore Flybridge Capital Partners, Atlas Venture, North Hill Ventures Loans & Credit Risk
Pave - Loans & Credit Risk
Upstart Network Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, First Round Capital, Google Ventures, Kleiner Perkins, NEA Loans & Credit Risk
SoFi Innovation Endeavors, Renren, Baseline Ventures, Doll Capital Management Loans & Credit Risk
Vouch Financial Greylock Partners, First Round Capital, IDG Ventures USA, Core Innovation Capital Loans & Credit Risk
Vested Finance Sandleigh Ventures Loans & Credit Risk
CommonBond The Social+Capital Partnership, Tribeca Venture Partners, Nelnet Loans & Credit Risk
WeFinance  N/A Loans & Credit Risk
Credible Labs Redbus Group, Carthona Capital, Ron Suber, Scott Langmack, Soul Htite Loans & Credit Risk
Bread Bessemer Venture Partners, BoxGroup, Cue Ball Capital, Greycroft Partners, Maveron, RRE Ventures Loans & Credit Risk
Credit Sesame Inventus Capital Partners, Menlo Ventures, Globespan Capital Partners, IA Capital Loans & Credit Risk
Credit Karma Felicis Ventures, Ribbit Capital, Susquehanna Growth Equity, Tiger Global, Google Capital Loans & Credit Risk
Lenda China Growth Capital, Rubicon VC, 500 Startups Loans & Credit Risk
Sindeo Renren, New Ground Ventures Loans & Credit Risk
Backed Cyhawk Ventures, iAngels Loans & Credit Risk
Lenny  N/A Loans & Credit Risk
LendKey DFJ, Gotham Ventures, TTV Capital, Updata Partners Loans & Credit Risk


  • http://www.tradestreaming.com Tradestreaming

    Like this list — would you consider crowdfunding firms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo as targeting millenials?

  • Ori Zohar

    Check out Sindeo, an SF start-up that’s modernizing the mortgage experience, with a focus on millennials – http://www.sindeo.com (full disclosure: I’m a co-founder :-) )

  • http://www.midineromifuturo.com My Money My Future

    21% of all Millennials are Hispanic/Latino. Check out http://www.midineromifuturo.com, financial management and budgeting tools for Hispanic Millennials. #firsttomarket

  • Urs Bolt

    Interesting. Would be great to have a similar map for Europe.

  • https://www.prismmoney.com/ Prism

    Prism Money too! We’re a free app that lets you check all your account balances, track your paydays, and pay your bills directly from the app. http://www.prismmoney.com Check out our app store reviews–we’re consistently one of the highest rated apps in the FinTech category! Created by millennials, for millennials.

  • GlobeOne

    GlobeOne, too! GlobeOne is a new fintech company, which provides an innovative platform that allows members to transfer funds domestically and internationally, establish a no-minimum checking account, and create a savings accounts with a line of credit, all from a mobile phone. https://globeone.com/

  • Theo

    Neat. Would be great to have one for the 50+ as well.

  • Dagg

    For every imaginable sector there are tens if not hundereds of startups. I wonder if those youngsters think there is job outside startup founding (and chasing quick buck).

    Who will bake bread in the meantime?

  • John E.

    I just tried Prism and it seems to have the same (limited and essentially useless) feature set as every other personal finance manager app. “Created by millennials, for millennials” just makes me want to punch your company in the face. It’s an arrogant and stupid statement you ageist jerks.