Startups have raised over $1.1B to help improve women's healthcare.

Startups targeting women’s healthcare have multiplied in recent years, spurred in part by PayPal co-founder Max Levchin’s launch of fertility tracking app Glow in 2013, which saw early funding from high-profile VCs such as Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund.

Today, we see a number of startups offering fertility tracking apps, as well as startups focused on egg freezing and fertility treatments, women-only clinical care, and even subscription tampons. Other top-tier VCs have entered the field, as well. Kleiner Perkins, for example, has backed fertility platform Progyny ($49M in total disclosed funding), while NEA has backed sexual wellness startup Nuelle ($23M in total disclosed funding). Most recently on 1/26/17, reproductive therapeutics startup Obseva announced pricing for a planned IPO.

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The market map below includes startups focused specifically on women’s healthcare. It excludes healthcare companies that have significant client bases among both men and women, and excludes companies offering non-healthcare services to women. All companies in the market map are private and have received equity funding since 2014.

The startups in this market map have raised over $1.1B in total.

Click on the map to enlarge. This map is not meant to be exhaustive of companies in the space.

3.9 Women's Healthcare Market Map

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Category breakdown

Fertility solutions - Startups providing IVF, egg freezing, and medical treatments for female infertility. The most well-funded startup on the market map is in this category – Prelude, with $200M in disclosed funding. Prelude helps women with egg freezing, fertility treatments, and egg donation. This category also includes the Kleiner Perkins backed Progyny, which has raised $49M to offer a range of services related to egg freezing, embryo screening, and fertility treatments.

Period & fertility tracking mobile apps - Mobile apps for self-tracking of periods and fertility cycles. Beijing-based Dayima leads the category in funding, with $70.5M, followed by Clue with $30M, and Glow with $23M. Glow, which attracted funding from smart money VCs Andreessen Horowitz and Founders Fund, aims to apply big data analytics to menstruation and fertility.

At-home fertility monitoring devices - Startups offering hardware devices for women to monitor their fertility at home.

Pregnancy & nursing care - Startups offering medical care and diagnostics for pregnant women, as well as tech-enhanced breast pumps. Sera Prognostics, which provides diagnostic tests to track risks of pregnancy complications, raised money most recently with a $40M Series C in January 2017.

Reproductive system healthcare - Healthcare companies focused on women’s sexual health issues, such as pelvic floor device maker Joylux and women’s STI treatment developer Evofem. Minerva Surgical offers treatment for women suffering from menstrual issues who are done having children, and Athena provides pelvic treatments for new mothers and post-menopausal women.

General healthcare - Startups aiming to improve the overall clinical healthcare experience for women. Maven, with $9M, provides on-demand telemedicine and a network of specialists specifically for women, with options for students and employees. The Hyderabad-based Celes Care provides women’s telemedicine in India, and NextGen Jane aims to provide genomics-based personalized solutions to help women track their health.

Period care goods - Startups offering pads, tampons, and CPG items for managing periods. Lola, the most well-funded in the category with $11M, sells organic cotton tampons on a subscription model. Thinx, which has raised $1.5M, sells direct-to-consumer absorbent underwear that aims to replace pads and tampons.

Women’s sexual wellness - Startups offering lubricants and related items to help women improve sexual wellness. Nuelle, for example, raised $23M from investors including NEA and Correlation Ventures, with products aimed at enhancing women’s sexual experience, while Sustain, with $2.5M in funding, sells all natural condoms and lubricants marketed toward women.

The Femtech Market Map: Startups Focused on Women’s Healthcare
Company Category Total Disclosed Funding Select Investors
Ava At-Home Fertility Monitoring Devices $12M Swisscom Ventures, Polytech Ecosystem Ventures
Kindara At-Home Fertility Monitoring Devices $7M HAX, Drummond Road Capital, PV Ventures
Prima-Temp At-Home Fertility Monitoring Devices $8M Undisclosed
Conceivable Fertility Solutions $1M Undisclosed
Prelude Fertility Fertility Solutions $200M Lee Equity Partners, My Egg Bank North America
Rinovum Fertility Solutions $30M Innovation Works, BlueTree Allied Angels
Nora Therapeautics Fertility Solutions $34M Rho Ventures, Vivo Capital, Prospect Venture Partners
Celmatix Fertility Solutions $35M Topspin Partners
Progyny Fertility Solutions $49M Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, TPG Biotech, SR One
Univfy Fertility Solutions $6M Undisclosed
Celes Care General Healthcare $1M Endiya Partners
NextGen Jane General Healthcare $2M Illumina Accelerator
Maven Clinic General Healthcare $9M BoxGroup, Great Oaks Venture Capital
iSono Health General Healthcare $120K Y Combinator
Ovia Health Period & fertility Tracking Mobile Apps $16M LionBird, Lightbank, LaunchCapital, Martin Ventures
OWHealth Period & fertility Tracking Mobile Apps $1M Flint Capital, Haxus Ventures
Glow Period & fertility Tracking Mobile Apps $23M Andreessen Horowitz, Formation 8, Founders Fund, Slow Ventures
Clue Period & fertility Tracking Mobile Apps $30M Union Square Ventures, Mosaic Ventures, Nokia Growth Partners
DaYiMa Period & fertility Tracking Mobile Apps $70M Sequoia Capital China, Ceyuan Ventures
Maya Period & fertility Tracking Mobile Apps $750K Prime Venture Partners
Natural Cycles Period & fertility Tracking Mobile Apps $7M, Sunstone Capital, Bonnier Growth Media
Lunapads Period Care Goods $100K SheEO
PMS Bites Period Care Goods $100K MassChallenge
Lola Period Care Goods $11M Lerer Hippeau Ventures, BoxGroup, Vayner RSE
L. Condoms Period Care Goods $120K Y Combinator
Kasha Period Care Goods $200K Undisclosed
Monthly Gift Period Care Goods $2M Undisclosed
Thinx Period Care Goods $2M MassChallenge
Flex Period Care Goods $4M FundersClub, Bow Ventures, Ellen Pao
Cora (LYV Life) Period Care Goods $650K Undisclosed
Sera Prognostics Pregnancy & Nursing Care $100M Upstart Venture, Catalyst Health Ventures, InterWest Partners
Lucina Health Pregnancy & Nursing Care $20M Arboretum Ventures, Chrysalis Ventures
TotoHealth Pregnancy & Nursing Care $320K Indigo Trust, Streams Capital
Bloomlife Pregnancy & Nursing Care $4M Kapor Capital, Act One Ventures
HeraMED Pregnancy & Nursing Care $4M MATIMOP, Hofon Pharma
ObsEva Pregnancy & Nursing Care $95M NEA, Merck Ventures, Sofinnova Ventures
Lia Pregnancy & Nursing Care $690K DreamIt Ventures
Naya Pregnancy & Nursing Care $4M NewGen Venture Partners
Moxxly Pregnancy & Nursing Care Undisclosed Slow Ventures
Minerva Surgical Reproductive System Healthcare $116M NEA, Versant Ventures, Vivo Capital
Athena Feminine Technologies Reproductive System Healthcare $3M vSpring Capital
Evofem Holdings Reproductive System Healthcare $45M Woodford Investment Management
Symbiomix Therapeautics Reproductive System Healthcare $47M OrbiMed Advisors, F-Prime Capital
Joylux Reproductive System Healthcare $5M Undisclosed
Damiva Women’s Sexual Wellness $1M KES 7 Capital
Nuelle Women’s Sexual Wellness $23M NEA, Correlation Ventures, BVCF
B-wom Women’s Sexual Wellness $1M iSeed Ventures
Sustain Women’s Sexual Wellness $3M Heidi Zak


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    What about hormonal care for any age or person, but with an added focus on menopausal women and trans women? Any there really no companies focusing on that?