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M&A - Large Fish Eating Small Fish
Recent DealsAmountFocusRound
$5.8MDigital infrastructureSeries A
$16.8MMicro-insuranceSeries D
$25MSmall business insuranceSeries A
$45MOn-demand itemSeries D
$5MHealth navigationSeries A
$2MCommercial insurance dataSeries A
$60MHealth benefitsPrivate Equity
$14MDiscount insuranceSeries B
$16MHealth insuranceSeries A

Understanding the Insurance Tech Landscape
This report prepared for LendIt 2017 covers startup formation and VC interest, insurance startups and investment trends, and how incumbents are responding to disruption.


The emerging insurance tech industry is growing at a rapid pace. Insurance Tech Insights is the first, data-driven research publication covering the innovative technologies and companies revolutionizing distribution, underwriting, claims management & the rest of the insurance value chain as well as how insurance incumbents are responding to change.

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