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From new payments tech to decentralized finance, fintech is evolving–fast. Get unrivaled insight into their competition, market trends and ultimately the strategies to pursue. See who the best partners are to turn a strategy into reality–then connect with them directly.

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From digital wallets to cloud security, your customers expect more from their experience. And with our expert insights and in-depth data, you’ll discover the solutions leading the way and what you need to do about it.

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With access to proprietary data straight from the sources and in-depth information on their strategies, you’ll know exactly which markets to prioritize–and which are all hype.

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There are lots and lots of resources available that tell you what is happening in tech, CB Insights tells me why.

Rahul Baig Managing Director, Wells Fargo
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Don’t waste time working with the wrong partners or waiting for an email back. Know who the leaders and get to the right people right away. Reach out to companies with a single click, right from our platform. Boom.

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CB Insights gave us the tools to zero in on the fintech companies that best matched the problems and opportunities identified by our business units.

Vanessa Fernandes Digital Assets CEO, Itaú BBA
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