Apply for the Digital Health 50

The Digital Health 50 is CB Insights’ annual ranking of the 50 most promising private companies in the digital health space. These leaders are driving innovation in virtual care, health IT, biotechnology, and life sciences. You can see last year’s cohort here.

Applications are now open for our fifth annual Digital Health 50.

How to apply for the Digital Health 50

There will be two phases of the application process:

Submit before 11:59pm ET, September 15, 2023.

If selected, complete our Analyst Briefing Survey

Please submit basic information about your company through the initial application form before 11:59pm ET, September 15, 2023. Our analysts will then review and determine whether they are interested in learning more about your company. All companies moving forward in the process will be notified by October.

If selected, you will be asked to complete our Analyst Briefing Survey so our analysts can better understand your products, customers, and market traction.

Submit your customer references

After completing our Analyst Briefing Survey, we will contact you about connecting our analyst team with your customer references in order to learn more about your company. 

Process & Eligibility

All private companies working on digital healthcare technologies — from digital therapeutics and advanced hospital solutions to interoperability and drug discovery — are eligible to submit. If your company is private upon submitting the application, but later goes public or is acquired (or announces intentions to do so), you will no longer be eligible for the list.
Our research team selects the 50 companies based on several factors, including products and services, financial status and health, sales model and go-to-market approach, company details, management team and leadership, total addressable market, value proposition, packaging and pricing, brand and marketing, and commercial outcomes.
The process is data-informed, using data gathered via our machine learning technology, as well as submissions filed via the application form.
For any questions, please contact


How do customer references work?

How do I apply?

After completing our Analyst Briefing Survey, you will receive an email asking you to confirm contact information for the reference(s) submitted in your application. Our analyst team will connect with your reference(s), asking them to fill out a short voice-based survey about why they chose you over your competitors and their experiences with your company. 

Please fill out the initial application form by September 15, 2023. Once we have reviewed applications, we will send our Analyst Briefing Survey to qualified companies by September.

Do I have to pay to submit my company’s information?

No, submitting for the Digital Health 50 is entirely free.

How can I send additional information about my company to CB Insights?

When will winners be announced?

The only way you can submit your information is via the Analyst Briefing Survey, which qualified companies will receive after filling out the initial application form. We do not accept email applications.

Digital Health 50 winners will be announced in fall 2023.

If my company gets selected, can we pick which category we’ll be listed under?

Can I request an interview with a CB Insights analyst?

No. Companies will be categorized by their main focus area in our market map.

No. However, after submitting the Analyst Briefing Survey, our analysts may reach out to clarify specific aspects of your products and how you deliver value to customers.