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Tech companies share proprietary info to make your evaluation easier.

Pricing. Customer references. Product capabilities. Competitive differentiation. It’s all in one place so you can compare vendors and reduce your time to decision.

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How the world’s smartest companies find their next target

Go deep on the best companies in a market before you engage

Don’t waste days researching multiple sources.

Once you’ve figured out the top few vendors in a space, use Analyst Insights to go deep on your shortlist to narrow in on the best companies for your needs.

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Get the info to move forward with confidence

View product demos and customer case studies.

In an increasingly noisy tech landscape, separating the players from the pretenders is challenging. Analyst Briefings offer information and insights that help you gain confidence when deciding on a technology company.

Using the Connect feature, CB Insights has accelerated the connection process with target technology vendors and secured a meaningful meeting within days.

Selim Yuksel VP of Innovation, Akbank
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