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To evaluate a potential opportunity, you need to evaluate the market it’s in.

Here’s how you can use CB Insights Stories to do that.

Say we’re investing in artificial intelligence.

We’ll start with the “Artificial Intelligence” Expert Collection.

Expert Collections give us a set of companies, curated and maintained by our analysts, based on our proprietary taxonomy.

If we click the “View Story” button on the top right, we get a deck populated with financing trends. Let’s investigate.

Looking at the Equity Funding Activity over the last five years, we see a spike in 2021 but 2022 funding is back in line with previous levels.

Next, we see that for several years, funding increasingly came from Series B, C, and later rounds.

But 2022 saw a slight increase to Seed and Series A rounds. More early stage companies getting funding implies more follow-on activity in the future.

The rest of the slides show funding information cut by deal size, geography, industry, and more. 

From here, I can download the presentation or edit it directly.

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