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rumor: who should Google Ventures acquire?

⚡ whoa: top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Andreessen Horowitz is 2nd most active VC in AR/VR

Goldman Sachs in Venture Land

Micro VC performance is way up

science: VC-backed vegetables

⚡ whoa: top 10 VC & startup research briefs

#tbt: ugly Unicorn websites

Google Ventures gets trumped by this corporate VC

Kleiner Perkins gets cozy with corporates

⚡ whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

92-page global VC activity report

Google Ventures teardown

disrupting venture capital

⚡ whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

unicorn valuations quadruple

bad news: tech exits

streetfight: Uber vs. Softbank

⚡ whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

how not to raise a Series A

arrogance + pride = failure

💥 whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs


angel investor: Dick Cheney

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

🍕 the food delivery bubble

startups having trouble raising VC

Airbnb is undervalued?

113 unicorns worth $406 billion

💥 whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Fitbit is 1 of 3 billion dollar wearable exits

fat skinny startups

the disruption of...walking

💥 whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

did Apple kill these 13 startups?

the $500 million funding round

💥 whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

disrupting Porsche

💰 the 3 comma club

IoT is attacking everything

💥 whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

💰 Google goes after fin tech

1.28% of startups = unicorns

VC trouble - no unicorn exits

💥 whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

unicorns breeding like rabbits - now 108 globally

the Lending Startup Goldrush

Ferraris for founders

💥 whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Uber for everything (free report)

Andreessen Horowitz vs Benchmark

Whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Goldman Sachs' is a top startup investor?

List of all 99 unicorns

attacking Google

the best VC fund ever ⭐

📣 our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

the end of acqui-hires

attack of the big data startups

the Twitter Mafia

😜 - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

The hottest area in VC

😭 Private IPOs crush normal IPOs

😈 Data: Why there is no tech bubble

Whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Etsy is NY's largest tech exit ever

Free 121-page VC report - Q1 2015

Facebook is worth more than all unicorns combined

Whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

LinkedIn does biggest M&A ever

burn rate is a vanity metric

72 costliest startup failures

whoa - our top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Hedge funds compete for startups

NEA = how many micro VCs

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Startups attacking Procter & Gamble (infographic)

Global FinTech investment triples (report)

Uber sentiment analysis

The FinTech startups disrupting banking (infographic)

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

ludicrous private vs. public market gap

Uber for X boom (infographic)

Startups disrupting FedEx (infographic)

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Uber couldn't kneecap Lyft funding

The food tech boom in graphs

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

More competition for VCs

Dropbox is overvalued

PayPal, Google among top payments tech acquirers

Sequoia, Accel & Khosla pick unicorns earliest

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Valuation vs. risk bubble

A unicorn exit everyone is ignoring

Wow - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Identifying Zombie VCs

Euro tech VC funding tops $5B

Drone startups see $100 million

Wow - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Startups attacking McDonald's

9 overhyped startups

Zombie VC (blogs)

The 30 best industries to flip a startup

Boom - 10 most popular VC & startup reports

There are 161 Unicorn VCs

Free 46-page Corporate VC report

Boom - 10 free venture capital reports

Failed startup founder still gets $3 million

The VC merger that wasn't

1.1% of tech exits are > $1 billion

$10 billion valuations

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Palantir vs Airbnb

Cali VC > all 49 states combined

Uber kneecaps Lyft financing options

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Free 2014 VC Report (110 pages)

Which startups joined the billion dollar club in 2014?

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Cannabis startup funding hits high in 2014

The 10 Y Combinator startups worth $32B

Google Ventures is average

Where are micro-VCs going?

2014's biggest exits

Free Internet of Things report

The 20 top VC data research briefs of 2014

Goldman Sachs loves tech startups

Boom - Lots of venture capital data

Quantitative VC class

Free 2015 Tech IPO Pipeline Report

Boom - Top 10 VC research studies

Dot com boom sequels

Where is it easy to raise VC?

Early-stage tech tops $1B again

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Sequoia leads capital efficient exits

Another uber Uber round

Startups get pricier

Fin Tech is eating Wall St.

Sequoia goes YikYak

Hating on startups

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

The next mobile superstar

27 Uber alternatives

The hottest industries in tech

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

The Next Silicon Valley

How to beat startups - sue them

Google Ventures' billion dollar portfolio

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Big VC funding = big flop

The venture capital heatmap

Artificial intelligence startups to watch

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Battle of non-Silicon Valley tech hubs

Sequoia leads among seed VC investors

Free - Top 10 VC & startup research reports

The Periodic Table of IoT

Uber for X funding in 2014 hits $1.37B

How are VCs preparing for an economic downturn?

Boom - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

How VCs track their dealflow

Valuation multiples for billion dollar companies

No bubble - VC funding drops 30% in Q3

Bam - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Microsoft's M&A activity jumps under Nadella

Companies raising more than ever at seed stage

The best cities for tech M&A

NY's overhyped tech ecosystem

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

The Periodic Table of Tech

Top VCs get bearish on Ed Tech

Whoa - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Tech's 53 most active acquirers (free excel file)

The 20 top reasons startups fail

Free corporate VC activity report

Ed tech funding & exit report

Yippee - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Sequoia Capital's Asia ambitions

The 20 best healthcare VCs

Awesome - Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Y Combinator teardown

The Smart Money - Where are top 20 VCs investing in digital health?

The $1B club - consumer vs. enterprise trends

Top 10 VC & startup research briefs

Will Apple's moves in wearables spur more VC to the industry?

Where the micro-VC market is going

Which VCs & angels should you draft for your team?

Sequoia Capital - the top name in VC?

Alibaba vs. Tencent vs. Rakuten

General Catalyst teardown

Wow -- Top 10 VC research briefs

Google acquisitions gets bigger

Rocket Internet > Y Combinator

Benchmark Capital teardown

Top 10 VC research briefs

Ranking 350+ angel investment groups

Accel Partners teardown

VC rankings since 2004

Angel investment deal sizes get larger

The best micro VCs for your Series A

Top 10 most popular VC research briefs

The $10 billion club

Bitcoin funding hits record

Sequoia, Accel and A16Z's bets on Fin Tech

Top 10 most popular VC research briefs

Another billion dollar financing round (yawn)

VC funding to mobile startups grows 3x

10 popular startup research briefs

Y Combinator & Sequoia Capital buddy up

10 largest VC-backed exits of Q2

The most active VC firms in Silicon Valley, NY & Mass.

Uber is undervalued

The 10 most shared VC research posts of last week

Report - VC funding hits dot com levels in Q2

The not so exclusive billion dollar club

Accenture FinTech reports (NYC & London)

OkCupid for venture capitalists

The Kleiner Perkins teardown

10 research briefs you shouldn't miss

VC herd mentality

Data on the top 20 angel investors

The Google Ventures Teardown

The 10 most shared VC research posts of last week

Micro-VC firm rankings

The Sequoia Capital Teardown

The 72 biggest, costliest VC-backed startup failures

The 10 most read data briefs of last week

Tech's best corporate VCs

Where is Skybox Imaging in Google's largest M&A deals?

The 9 most valuable private tech companies after Uber

The 10 most popular data briefs of last week

12 smart perspectives on Ed Tech (+ free whitepaper)

75+ startup failure post-mortems

The 25 most capital efficient tech exits

Consumer tech is all about NY and Valley - forget Boston

The mobile industry's best VCs

The 10 most popular data briefs of last week

Pigs, Parties and VCs - the myth of signaling risk

Analyzing venture capital performance (free white paper)

10 must-read data and research briefs from this week

# of active Corporate VCs hits high in Q1 (new report)

Square Wallet's slow and steady demise

10 graphs that illustrate we're in a tech bubble

10 must-read data and research briefs from this week

Google Ventures' largest financings ever

Alibaba's US startup ambitions

IoT - Intel, Cisco & Qualcomm go all in

A $19 billion exit helps attract more VC to mobile messaging

Tech bubble - Fred Wilson, Ben Horowitz & David Einhorn weigh in

Craving data? The week's most popular posts

Which VCs does Tiger Global source deals from?

Union Square Ventures shifts away from NY

Finding the next GrubHub - Q1 VC funding to food delivery hits five-year high

The Accidental Shark Tank Effect – Mark Cuban investment boosts wrong app

75% of startups get orphaned or die - The VC Funnel

Ed tech funding hits 5-year high

With Lyft & Uber financing, is it game over for other car sharing startups?

Andreessen Horowitz sees higher seed follow-on rates than industry avg

In largest VC-backed exits, consumer tech smokes enterprise

Free Fin Tech Report - Fin Tech cos raise $3B+ in 2013

With Oculus and Maker Studios acquisitions, Los Angeles tech has arrived?

Innovation scouting - early-stage Internet of Things startup trends

Silicon Valley mega VCs are not flocking to NY

VCs go crazy for Internet of Things - tops $1B in 2013

67% of tech exits happen at Series A stage or earlier

With Jive Software on ropes, VCs shun enterprise social software

The corporate VCs with the most IPOs

The venture capital power law

Wearable tech VC deals skyrocket in 2013 - jump 180%

Who are the best VC partners? (an algorithmic take)

Paypal stays ahead of Square, LevelUp and Google Wallet

SV Angel, Accel and Lightspeed register most tech exits in 2013

Goldman Sachs bets on more tech cos - even early stage ones

NEA and Venrock record the highest % of IPO exits

The Sequoia Capital & Facebook love-fest

With Uber & Lyft dominating, who is having trouble raising their next round?

Ephemeral app ecosystem - Snapchat winning but Secret rising fast in app store

Lots of hype, but VC to crowdfunding platforms remains small

VC kryptonite - which investors don't do deals together

Sequoia Capital backs the most cos in the billion-dollar startup club

The Mark Cuban effect - what being on Shark Tank does for your app

A16Z does most super-sized Series A deals

Analyzing Yahoo M&A in the Marissa Meyer era

The 72 biggest, costliest startup failures of all time

The 10 largest VC-backed exits of 2013

Accel, A16Z & Union Square Ventures all betting on bitcoin

VC deals hit a five-year high in 2013 (Annual Report)

51 startup failure post-mortems

The R.I.P. Report - startup death data & trends

Where does Nest rank among Google's acquisitions?

Andreessen says no bubble; Tim Draper says there is

An analysis of acqui-hires (funding, sectors & more)

2013's most active seed VC investors

Seed VC financing hits another record in 2013

Too many seed VCs & too few unicorns

8 free reports from CB Insights - Xmas one day early

Andreessen Horowitz writes larger checks to startups

Too many billion-dollar consumer tech startups

Kleiner Perkins has most 2014 Tech IPO Pipeline companies

Analyzing (and naming) 12 unicorn VCs

How many $100 million financings were there in 2013?

Seed Stage Valuations Fall 60%

Silicon Valley's Black Swan Effect

The exceedingly rare Unicorn VC

Silicon Valley is losing its leadership in non-tech sectors

Free 155-pg Silicon Valley Tech VC Almanac

Has Ed Tech hit a wall?

It takes 7 years for tech companies to IPO

The industries with the worst follow-on investment rates

Seed-backed cos having tougher time raising funding

Q3 Corporate Venture Capital Report

Mobile's biggest VC financing quarter ever

Median angel deal size tumbles - HALO Report

Andreesen Horowitz is increasing its consumer Series A deals

Analyzing Union Square Ventures investment syndicate

NY, Mass, and LA are all irrelevant for venture capital

Andreessen Horowitz investment syndicate analysis

Google losing its M&A mojo

Most active acquirer-investors in digital health & healthcare

Google Ventures doesn't care about returns

VC Myth? Fred Wilson on startup success and financial runway

NY's top seed investors based on follow-on financing rate

Free 112-pg report on NY VC trends

Telecom corporate venture arms hitting record investment levels

Public tech companies have $180B in cash

Valuation multiples in the payments space going up

The corporate VC bubble

Massachusetts investors are timid

Oracle pushes into Digital Health

Corporate VCs write larger and larger checks

Tech IPO pipeline valuation multiples - winners and losers

Silicon Valley seed deal activity hitting record levels

Mobile payments having a rough 2013

Angel investor valuations holding steady

Venture-backed IPOs hit a five qtr high in Q2 2013

FinTech investment soars to $9 billion

Bitcoin market has more investors than startups

eCommerce exit valuation multiples declining

Seed rounds with more than 10 investors outperform

There are 479 active VC firms (the # is not shrinking)

Asian eCommerce VC balloons to $6.9B

IBM acquisitions - 20 private companies to watch

Yahoo acquiring Google Ventures companies

140 tech companies saved from the Series A crunch

NY's 10 biggest VC exits ever

3D printing - 10 M&A targets to watch

The 10 seed investors who will avoid the Series A Crunch

Tech IPO pipeline updates (big exits already)

Angel investor valuations not falling

Q1 2013 VC Data - $6.9B invested in 841 deals

With shift to enterprise, NY and Cali could lose

Large VCs outperform seed venture funds

Sequoia, Intel & Accel top VCs in tech IPO pipeline

Ed Tech M&A valuation multiples grow

3 IPOs already in Big Data

76% of acquired tech companies are not VC-backed

1181 startups about to die

The 2013 Tech IPO lineup

Tech IPO pipeline - B2B crushes B2C

The Sequoia Capital data feed

Harvard loses to Stanford in VC funding

Venture capital funding slips in Q3 2012

Valuations are up for angel investments

Which VCs invest most in Harvard startups?

VC deals into cloud storage hit high

VCs invest $1.9B into payments companies

Big Data - VCs losing their taste for it?

VC activity hits Dot Com levels

Corporate VC dives & Sequoia's investor syndicate

MIT Clean Energy Prize + NYC Seed VCs

Q1 VC funding way down, but seed deals climb

$100M+ tech valuations + CBI on Bloomberg TV

New Report: Angel Investment Data

Forbes unveils America's top private companies

Dow Jones startup cash crunch - wrong

Proprietary Dealfow, Cyber-bullying and Healthcare Costs - What?

VC Hits 8 Qtr High on Deals and Dollars

Interest in FourSquare down + Top 10 healthcare companies

Most popular VC portfolios + Top greentech companies

Life Science VC Climbing While Cali & Mass Decline

NYC's Venture Scene a One Trick Pony?

The End of Silicon Valley (Again)

Is Seed VC vs. Series A more marketing than real?

Q3 2010 VC - $5.4B into 715 deals

Tech M&A - What % of acquisitions are private companies?

Top Tech Acquirers of 2010 + % of Google M&A Which is VC-Backed

Two VC Industries (the data) + Google M&A

Only 10% of Most Active VCs' Deal Flow Goes to Green/Cleantech

VC & Angel Funds to Twitter Pure-Plays Drops 50% vs Last Yr

Where do the most active VCs place their internet bets?

Top 10 Venture Capital Firms of Last Year

iPhone/iPad investment from VC/Angels up 220%

MBAs raise larger venture capital funding rounds

87% of founders are White, 12% Asian

Seed VC Deal Sizes 60% Smaller Than '09

NYC VC Haul - Diversification Overrated?

Q2 VC Activity - $5.9B Invested in 612 Companies

Q2 2010 VC winners & losers preview

Healthcare IT Showing Life

VCs Increasing Investment in Payments

Seed is the New Series A

Is Groupon Making Chicago a VC hub?

Do VCs Dislike Mobile Search + Weekly Dealflow (12 Week High)

SoCal VC Beats New York + Weekly Dealflow (Still Hot)

State Governments Funding Startups + Weekly Dealflow (Big Week)

Angel Investment Frothiness + Weekly Dealflow

Weekly Dealflow + eCommerce Deals Set to Eclipse 1999-2000?

Financing Dealflow Hits 9 Week High

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