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Finding your next tech solution just got easier.

CB Insights is the go-to source to understand where the market is going and what to do about it for teams looking to invest, partner, purchase and acquire.

And now…we’re about to make those decisions even easier. Our latest product features will help you discover opportunities, design a strategy and decide on your next move for your purchasing decision. And you’re invited to try it.

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Start with insights built just for you

Never miss an update. We’ve got your back.

Imagine there’s a homepage of what’s happening in emerging tech and what the experts think about it, tailored just for your industry. It’s here. We’ve built industry homepages for retail, insurance and financial services, with more to come.

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Get real insights into the tech markets you care about

Then go from insights to action in one click. Boom.

Our ESP Vendor Matrix reports ultimately help you issue RFPs and select technology partners with confidence. ESPs separate the players from the pretenders in every emerging tech space — and all based on actual data. Dive deeper into more spaces, understand more companies and make your move.

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Pick your vendors and partners with confidence

Analyst Insights give you proprietary data and insights into thousands of tech companies.

Anyone can crawl documents to get you a bunch of financial data. Only our platform has proprietary data you need to make your decision in an Analyst Insights section. Discover what a company does, why it matters to their customers and what sets them apart from the competition…aka the information you should never make a decision without. 

Connect with tech companies in a single click

Never waste time searching for a contact.

After you’ve found the companies you want to invite to an RFP or pilot/vendor bake-off, you simply click a button on their profile and we automagically introduce both sides.

You can easily track, manage and report on your activities right on our platform.

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With CB Insights, we can track hundreds of startups all in one place. The rich datasets and real-time updates enable us to move quickly and confidently.

Jimmy Saldana Former Director of Strategic Innovation, Brown & Brown Insurance
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New offerings just for your role

We get it. Evaluating and buying tech is the responsibility of every business leader, not just IT. And it’s not easy. This is where we come in. Our specific packages just for your role (with more on the way) are here to help.

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