Norwest Venture Partners manages approximately $6 billion in capital and has funded more than 575 companies since inception. Norwest Venture Partners loves CB Insights.


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Norwest Venture Partners has funded more than 575 companies since its inception in 1961.  Headquartered in Palo Alto, California, Norwest invests primarily in the U.S., India, and Israel.  Their  investments span a wide range of industries including technology, information services, business services, financial services, consumer products/services and healthcare.  


Because Norwest funds companies across multiple industries, geographies, and development phases, the investment team must digest an enormous amount of data quickly every day to identify trends, discover investment opportunities, and stay ahead of their peers.   Norwest needed an efficient, real-time system to keep track of deal flow across industries and to monitor their portfolio companies. The investment team also wanted to understand emerging industry trends and the startups participating in those spaces.

Equally important, Norwest was looking for a data and analytics platform that would easily integrate with their existing technology to form a comprehensive view on their companies and industries of interest.


While CB Insights’ accurate real-time data was important to Norwest, it was the flexibility to build and track customized data feeds on companies, industries, and peers of interests that has simplified their efforts.

CB Insights also offers an API that connected directly into Norwest’s existing infrastructure; the investment team benefits from an integrated view of all relevant data sources when making investment decisions.


The Norwest team is now using CB Insights throughout the entire investment lifecycle.  

• Sourcing - To identify new investment opportunities, Norwest uses Deal and Company Search to find promising startups in targeted geographies and industries.

• Portfolio Management - They also use Company Search to build custom feeds that monitor portfolio companies and competitors.  Custom data feeds condense hours of research into a summary dashboard that shows breaking news across only the markets Norwest cares about.

• Industry tracking - To monitor and analyze industries of interest, Norwest team members built custom feeds, using Deal Search, to monitor financing rounds and exits across multiple industries.

• Alerts & Integration - Email alerts and the API tool push important deal flow information directly to the Norwest team.

• Peer analysis - The team uses Investor Search and Investor Analytics to keep a close on their peers’ investment activities and syndicates.