Know Which Industries are Hot
before everyone else.

“If a McKinsey consultant, a data visualization junkie and a math geek had a baby, the result would be Industry Analytics.”

Industry Analytics is a decision-making tool that analyzes over 160 industries to help you see and understand emerging industry trends and players before others.

Industry Analytics helps you see which industries are hot, track financing trends, compare industries, understand the maturity of companies, dive into industry transactions and companies, visualize exit activity and see the distribution of exits over time.

Sense Industry Movements

Identify industries poised for growth before others with interactive industry heatmaps that track and compare financing and M&A activity over time between industries.

Dive deep into specific industries to peel back where growth is coming from.

See Financing Trends

Know exactly how much financing has flowed to a particular industry with real-time deal activity visualizations.

No more exporting of transaction data to excel just to create a trend graph just to have it be outdated the next day. Industry Analytics ensures you have the latest financing trend information based on the most current data.

Understand Industry Maturity

Analyzing financing data by industry helps you see which industries are still relatively nascent and hence poised for growth vs. those which may be more mature and thus positioned for consolidation.

Clicking on any bubble reveals the underlying transaction and company data helping you understand the specific industry players at a particular stage.

Get to Source Company Data

All industry trends are created as Click Through Visualizations which means you can get all the way to the individual company and transaction detail that makes up any data point.

In fell swoop, you can go from industry discovery to industry intelligence to company intelligence.

Compare Industries

Want to know if mobile payments is eclipsing online payments or if medical devices is outpacing pharma or if solar investments are losing ground to biofuels, it's easy to do with Industry Analytics.

Pick the industries you want to compare and voila.

See the Exit Trend

Want to know how many exits there are within an industry and what the breakdown is between M&A and IPOs? Easy.

Of course, all the underlying transaction data is available by just clicking on the bar.

Understanding the exit activity within an industry couldn't be much easier.

What Does it Take to Exit?

Quickly see how long and how much money it takes to exit in a particular industry with our Exit Lifespan scatterplot.

Every point is a specific exit transaction and is detailed on the interactive visualization.

These are just a handful of the visualizations and analytics available on Industry Analytics.