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Don’t believe the pretenders. There is no true alternative to CB Insights.

Many data providers and research firms say they are “the alternative” to CB Insights. Don’t be fooled. With unmatched analyst expertise in tech, in-depth private company data and a platform that brings it all together, there is no alternative.

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Know what’s really happening in tech

It won’t happen with research you won’t read.

Your new starting point? Research that tells you everything you need to know about the markets you’re tracking and nothing you don’t. No fluff. No jargon. No 106-page single-spaced PDFs that put you to sleep (we promise).

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When I co-founded UNIQA Ventures, our process of uncovering opportunities involved reading TechCrunch and other startup-specific media. Dealroom also reported on recent transactions, but not much beyond that. Nothing on the market provided the same insightful research we got from CB Insights. Now, I couldn’t think of a way to stay informed without it.

Dr. Andreas Nemeth CEO, UNIQA Ventures
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Go from discovery to decision faster

Need to move slowly and miss opportunities? Go with the competition.

Don’t sift through thousands of companies. Get landscapes of markets and lists of companies, curated by experts and organized for you.

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With CB Insights, we’ve taken the guesswork out of innovation, allowing us to take on bold new businesses without having to roll the dice.

Ben Wright Vice President, 3M Ventures
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