CB Insights vs. Pitchbook

When you need more than a dictionary to look up companies.

CB Insights tracks more technology company data than Pitchbook.

But looking up companies is just the start.

We conduct Analyst Briefings that give you access to proprietary company info, write research that predicts where the market is going and then connect you with tech companies with one click.

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Trusted by the world’s smartest companies.

Analyst Briefings give you proprietary company info

Thousands of tech companies brief our analysts every month.

They share what they’re building, their traction, their customers and more — info not available anywhere else.

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There’s so much more than just good research. It’s the only platform with real-time visibility into every emerging tech market, and it’s become my starting point for every project.

Moran Haviv Strategic Innovation, Microsoft
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We’ll show you how tech markets are taking shape

With markets moving this fast, you can’t afford not to.

Our analysts will help you understand tech market landscapes, the technology markets that are breaking out and the best technology companies within those markets.

Cited by the media 4500+ times last year, it’s the tech industry’s most influential research.

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Separate tech’s players from the pretenders

It’s easier with our platform.

Our Mosaic score helps you see which technology companies and teams are poised for greatness.

Our ESP Technology Company Matrix analyzes, synthesizes and visualizes the best companies within a technology market.

And then, with one click, you can connect with those companies right from CB Insights. 

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Why the smartest companies choose CB Insights

Access to tech markets that no one else has

A Mosaic Score that predicts company success or failure

Proprietary data shared directly by companies in Analyst Briefings

The simplest, most efficient way to track your pipeline

Business relationship intel to predict what your competitors will do next

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