The Venture Capital Partner Social Graph (alpha)

Given the importance of networks in VC performance (aka network centrality), we've begun building a VC social graph which helps to quantify and illustrate the level of connectivity among VC partners and their ties to successful (and not successful companies). The end goal is to use network centrality and other measures to help LPs (and even firms themselves) understand who are the partners that create value and who might be the proverbial "dead wood". This is not dissimilar to our Investor Mosaic algorithms but applied to individual VC partners.

This extract of the VC Partner Social Graph looks at a set of elite VCs - specifically 26 individual VCs who sit on the Boards of 5 or more Tech IPO Pipeline companies we identified at the end of 2013. The VC Partner Social Graph also uses various algorithms to assess betweenness, reach and influence of individuals. And for fun, we applied some facial recognition algorithms to understand which of these 26 investors seemed happiest based on their pictures.

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