JobsOhio Success Story

JobsOhio uses CB Insights to support its goal of driving economic growth and attracting leading innovators to Ohio

Andrew Deye

Vice President, JobsOhio

Matt Waldo

Director of Research and Analysis, JobsOhio

Key Results:

  • Faster assessment of potential partners with Mosaic Score, enabling the team to move quickly on emerging areas of interest
  • Higher likelihood of strategies succeeding, thanks to visual storytelling tools

JobsOhio leverages Ohio’s unique attributes — its business climate, natural resources and rich manufacturing legacy — to drive job creation and investments through business attraction, retention and expansion in the state.

The nonprofit corporation’s objectives include:

  • Discovering companies that are currently prospecting in Ohio and forming partnerships with them
  • Identifying the most strategic sectors in which to invest their focus
  • Attracting foreign direct investment (FDI). FDI benefits the state’s economy by having foreign companies invest in property, buildings, equipment and provide thousands of jobs.

With the goal of becoming a national leader in economic development, JobsOhio wanted a software solution to help their growing team accelerate their work. 

JobsOhio uses CB Insights platform to scale up quickly 

Already rapidly expanding the breadth of businesses in Ohio, JobsOhio began to use CB Insights to scale efforts and identify emerging growth industries. 

The team has now prioritized cross-sector areas including FinTech, Digital Health, IoT and Smart Mobility as they align with both Ohio’s industry and often expected future growth.

Led by Senior Director Andrew Deye, the team first identified Financial Services and Digital Health as sectors to target. From there, they soon expanded their areas of focus to include Smart Mobility and Industrial Internet of Things.

CB Insights now accelerates the team’s work in several ways: 

  • Assessing potential partners faster: When assessing possible partners, JobsOhio team members utilize Top Search, which is known for surpassing Google when it comes to private company searches. Once the team has surfaced a potential partner, they reference its Mosaic score to get an instant view into its health, thanks to Mosaic’s predictive intelligence. 
  • Prospecting: Using Deal Search, they are instantly updated about any new deals happening in Financial Services, Digital Health and other sectors relevant to their interests.
  • Visual storytelling: From Deal Search, they click into Charts tab, which illustrates the details of the data in terms of activity, deal size, deal stage, geography and investors. The visuals bolster their arguments and support their strategies during presentations.

“Our work at JobsOhio involves in-depth research and synthesizing data that inform our decision making in terms of where to focus and which opportunities to pursue. CB Insights supports us in those efforts,”

– Matt Waldo

Thanks to JobsOhio, Ohio is Making its Mark Across the Tech Sector

The impact of JobsOhio is apparent, as Ohio increasingly becomes a destination for tech and continues to grow the presence of businesses and investments. 

From the Industrial Internet of Things cluster gaining traction in NE Ohio, to the recent launch of Fintech71, a cross-industry Ohio-based accelerator to a new focus on smart mobility in Columbus, it’s clear that JobsOhio is increasing the state’s tech momentum. 

Additionally, in CNBC’s recent 2017 ranking of “Best States for Business” — based on 60 measures of competitiveness — Ohio shot up 5 spots from the previous year.

“Since its inception in 2011, JobsOhio and its partners have worked on nearly 2,000 corporate project wins — including over 275 “new to Ohio” attraction deals in the past 5 years,” said Andrew Deye, Senior Director. “CB Insights helps us stay at the forefront of understanding emerging growth technologies and companies, and build an exciting pipeline of deal opportunities to benefit America’s 7th largest state.”

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