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The Future of Fintech: N+1 Trends

In the keynote address at Future of Fintech 2017, CB Insights CEO & co-founder Anand Sanwal discussed how developments in automation and artificial intelligence have led to emergence of EAAS: Expert Automation & Augmentation Software. With the global economy now on the cusp of the Fifth Industrial Revolution, Sanwal says stakeholders in the financial sector must “think & move faster” by using EAAS to drive strategic decision-making. Sanwal also introduced the Fintech “N+1” trends – 10 technology developments that could shape the future of financial services. On the list: Robo-regulators, genome-based insurance estimates, ‘human IPOs,’ and more.


Fireside Chats

Fireside Chat with Vivek Garipalli

Clover Health CEO Vivek Garipalli talks with Bloomberg reporter Drew Armstrong about trends in Medicare, the healthcare exchanges, and why Clover is better position than their competitors. He also talks about Clover’s future plans and their possible foray into the therapeutics space.


Vivek Garipalli, Clover Health

Fireside Chat Kristo Käärmann

Transferwise CEO Kristo Käärmann sat down with Rebecca Blumenstein of The New York Time to discuss the past, present, and future of remittance and payment services.


Kristo Käärmann, Transferwise

Fireside Chat with Harit Talwar

In conversation with Nathaniel Popper of the New York Times at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech, Harit Talwar of Goldman Sachs talked about reimagining financial services with a digital-first focus on customer experience, and what legacy institutions are doing to modernize and build fintech companies from the ground up.


Harit Talwar, Goldman Sachs

Fireside Chat with Kenneth Lin

Kenneth Lin, CEO and founder of Credit Karma spoke with Nathaniel Popper of The New York Times on the company’s future at the CB Insights Future of Fintech conference. Their conversation touched on Lin’s goals for Credit Karma and working with financial institutions to move the industry forward.


Kenneth Lin, Credit Karma

Fireside Chat with Joe Lonsdale

In a wide-ranging chat with Robin Wigglesworth of the Financial Times at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech, Joe Lonsdale talked about the future of American employment, artificial intelligence, and how regulators might encourage fintech innovation.


Joe Lonsdale, Palantir

Fireside Chat with Harinder Takhar

Speaking onstage to moderator Selina Wang of Bloomberg, Paytm CEO Harinder Takhar discussed the company’s recent foray into the North American market and its ongoing collaboration with Ant Financial. Takhar says there is “no impatience” for an IPO among his investors as Paytm seeks to reach 800 million users in India.


Harinder Takha, Paytm


Fireside Chat with Vladimir Tenev

Speaking with Jen Wieczner of Fortune, Robinhood co-founder Vlad Tenev talked about the company’s rapid growth and path to monetization, as well as its plans to evolve from a stock-trading app into a financial services firm for every consumer need.


Vladimir Tenev, Robinhood

Fireside Chat with Alfred Lin & David Velez

At CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference, Alfred Lin and David Vélez sat down with Forbes’ Alex Konrad to discuss the challenges faced by fintech companies in expanding to new geographies, how developing countries are leapfrogging outdated payments systems used by their more developed counterparts, and the role of regulatory bodies in fintech.


Alfred Lin, Sequoia Capital

David Vélez, Nubank

Fireside Chat with Robert Rubin

Robert Rubin, former US Treasury Secretary, spoke at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech about US financial stability, the new administration, and jobs and automation. In a fireside chat with FT’s Robin Wigglesworth, the two discuss Bob Rubin’s view that the US still has the ‘world’s best long-run hand’ and address the burning question of – how do we play it?


Robert Rubin, US Treasury 



Panel: Reading the Tea Leaves: Trends in Early Stage Fintech investing

Dominic Chu of CNBC sits down with Rebecca Lynn of Canvas Ventures, Satya Patel of Homebrew, and Rick Yang of New Enterprise Associates to talk about developments in early-stage fintech investing at the CB Insights Future of of Fintech conference.


Rebecca Lynn, Canvas Ventures

Satya Patel, Homebrew

Rick Yang, New Enterprise Associates (NEA)

The State of Alternative Lending

Alternative lenders, Howard Katzenberg, CFO of OnDeck, Sameer Gulati, the COO of online lending marketplace Lending Club, and Kathryn Petralia, the co-founder & head of operations at Kabbage, all spoke at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech Conference on the potential of incumbent banks and big tech companies entering the alternative lending space.


Howard Katzenberg, OnDeck Capital (NYSE: ONDK)

Sameer Gulati, Lending Club (NYSE: LC)

Kathryn Petralia, Kabbage

Building the Next-Generation Insurer

In conversation with Sonali Basak of Bloomberg, insurance entrepreneurs from Ladder Life, Metromile, and Lemonade talk about working with incumbents, insurance structuring, the importance of data, and more.


Jamie Hale, Ladder

Dan Preston, Metromile

Daniel Schreiber, Lemonade


Regulatory Responsibility: The Way Forward for Fintech Compliance

Jeffrey Bandman, former CFTC commissioner, and Hans Morris, of NYCA, talk about partnering with regulators as the path forward for fintechs. In a panel moderated by Peter Rudegeair of the Wall Street Journal at CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference, the panelists cover the impact of the shift in the administration in the US, roadblocks, and potential solutions as both regulators and fintechs navigate the uncertain trail ahead.


Jeffrey Bandman, Commodity Futures Trading Commission

Hans Morris, Lending Club (NYSE: LC)


The Algorithmic Hedge Fund

At the CB Insights Future of Fintech event, Robin Wigglesworth of the Financial Times sat down with Jonathan Larkin, Chief Investment Officer of Quantopian, Christina Qi of Domeyard, and Andy Weissman of Union Square Ventures to talk algorithmic trading and the future of alternative asset investing. Their conversation touched on macro trends and the industry players that are redefining trading.


Jonathan Larkin, Quantopian

Christina Qi, Domeyard LP

Andy Weissman, Union Square Ventures



Panel: Shifts into Wealth Management

To win against incumbent financial services Golliaths, wealth tech startups focus on the ‘bleeding edge of development.’ Jon Stein, CEO of Betterment, Noah Kerner, CEO of Acorns, and Eric Poirier, CEO of Addepar, in a panel moderated by Andy Serwer of Yahoo! Finance sound-off on their customer-centric strategy and expansion plans.


Jon Stein, Betterment

Noah Kerner, Acorns

Eric Poirier, Addepar



Panel: China: The Next Fintech Frontier

Tom Stafford, partner at DST Global, spoke at the CB Insights Future of Fintech conference with Mike Armstrong, president of ZestFinance, and Anju Patwardshan, senior partner at CreditEase, about opportunities for fintech innovation in China. The panel discussed how US companies can take advantage of China’s underpenetrated consumer finance market and clear regulatory environment to reach new customers.


Tom Stafford, DST Global

Mike Armstrong, ZestFinance

Anju Patwardshan, CreditEase Fintech Fund


Panel: Not your Mother’s Mortgage – Re-imagining the Mortgage Market

Regis Hadiaris of Rocket Mortgage by Quicken Loans spoke with Nima Ghamsari of Blend and Michael Tannenbaum of SoFi at the CB Insights Future of Fintech conference in a conversation on the future of the mortgage industry moderated by AnnaMaria Andriotis of The Wall Street Journal. Their conversation touched on digitization, the improvements in data throughout the mortgage process, and the competitive landscape that lies ahead for lenders.


Regis Hadiaris, Rocket Mortgage/Quicken Loans

Nima Ghamsari, Blend

Michael Tannenbaum, SoFi

Panel: The Role of Incumbents in Blockchain

At CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference, Rumi Morales of CME, Marley Gray of Microsoft, and Joe Lubin of Consensys sat down with Steven Norton of the Wall Street Journal to talk about enterprise blockchains, the move toward production-ready infrastructure, and the shift from private to public blockchains.


Rumi Morales, CME Ventures

Marley Gray, Microsoft

Joe Lubin, ConsenSys

Panel: Fintech Leapfrogging in Growth Markets

At the CB Insights Future of Fintech conference, Monica Brand Engel of Quona Capital, Shivani Siroya of Tala, and Matthew Saal of IFC talked about the unique opportunities and challenges of working in growth markets.


Monica Brand Engel , Quona Capital

Shivani Siroya , Tala

Matthew Saal, International Finance Corporation

Panel: Reimagining the P&C Insurance Industry of the Future

At CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference, Tom Hutton of XL Innovate, Beth Maerz of Travelers, and James Hobson of Attune, sit down with Sonali Basak of Bloomberg to discuss the future of the P&C industry. Topics of discussion include the opportunity in small commercial insurance and whether insurance tech is overheated.


Tom Hutton, XL Innovate

Beth Maerz, Travelers

James Hobson, Attune

Panel: Bridging the Product Gap: From Roadmap to Consumers

At CB Insights’ Future of Fintech conference, Sherrie Littlejohn, EVP of Wells Fargo’s Innovation Group, and Carey Kolaja, Global Chief Product Officer at Citi Fintech, discuss financial services incumbent strategies for redefining product road maps amidst profound fintech disruption. They cite customer experience, culture, and diversity as being integral to incumbent internal transformation.


Sherrie Littlejohn, Wells Fargo

Carey Kolaja, Citi FinTech


Wealth Management

Globally, wealth & investment technology startups or wealth techs have raised over $3 Billion across 321 deals since 2013. Armed with private market funding, this insurgent army of wealth techs are taking on incumbents. Incumbent firms are finally waking up and fighting back after a late start. At stake, the impending multi trillion-dollar transfer of wealth between the Baby Boomers to the Millennials among others. This vignette examines market trends, investments, and other strategic moves in the wealth tech landscape.

Trends in Insurance tech

Insurance tech startups have raised $7.2B across 620 deals since 2012, with four straight YoY increases in deals. Traditional insurance companies – which have been notoriously slow to innovate their products or respond to changing buyer preferences – have also become more active investors in tech startups than ever before. With 2017 poised for a record high in deals to the space (if the current pace of investing continues), CB Insights investigates the financing activity, macro trends, and business challenges affecting insurance tech startups and investors.

Trends in Blockchain

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are all the rage, as a recent surge in initial coin offerings deployed over $1B of capital to 80+ projects in the first half of 2017 and the total market capitalization of cryptocurrencies skyrocketed to over $100B in June. For comparison, 2016 saw blockchain companies raise (just) $557M across 130 deals. In this talk, we dive into the data to determine what projects startups are working on and where incumbents are collaborating on this new technology, as entrepreneurs and consumers embrace a paradigm shift in thinking about digital value and networks.

Future of Regtech

Globally, regulatory technology or regtechs have raised nearly $4 Billion across 503 deals since 2012. Regtech startups are helping companies decipher regulatory complexities, leveraging AI and data analytics, and proactively identifying and mitigating risk. This vignette will dive into the state of regtech, discuss the 4 phases of regtech development, investment trends, and more.

Fintech in China

China is seeing a boom in fintech investment activity – with $5.1B invested across 53 deals to VC-backed fintech startups in China in 2016 – and Chinese investors funded more US- or Europe-based fintech startups last year than ever before. China’s regulatory environment has also been highly supportive of financial-industry innovation, enabling Chinese internet giants like Alibaba and Tencent to extend their already-popular offerings into financial services. This data-driven report from CB Insights outlines the dynamics of China’s fintech investing market, spotlighting emerging trends in areas such as insurance, credit scoring, B2B AI, and more.

Fintech in Africa

While a lot of fintech activity is happening in developed countries, Africa presents the promise of leapfrogging existing infrastructure by building financial institutions from the ground up. Entire new products and technologies look very different in order to cater to the African market, which is poised to explode in population in the future. We do a data-driven dive at the factors that make Africa ripe for a fintech revolution today and some of the startups and corporates that are making this a reality.

Early Stage Fintech Trends

What’s going in early-stage fintech? Since 2012, 2,300 Seed or Series A financing rounds to fintech startups totaled nearly $8B. We dive into the data to determine where fintech VCs are focusing today, touching upon automated assistants, insurance tech, regulation and compliance tech, capital markets tech, blockchain, and real estate finance tech.

Future of Real Estate

Real estate technology is gaining steam as a category, with tech companies working diligently on residential and commercial use cases. Real estate finance is also being disrupted, as technology companies and venture investors are circling opportunities in mortgage lending and real estate investment that incorporate strong technology and data practices at their core.




Currencycloud is a cloud-based solution for international payments. The company has packaged its global payments infrastructure — finding exchange rates, transferring funds between two end points and meeting local compliance at both ends — by way of flexible, developer-friendly APIs. Its APIs are used by hundreds of digital and payment companies to build products that allow businesses to pay money to each other around the world; or to enable payouts to individuals.


Nav, formerly Creditera, helps small business owners access the financing they need to grow and effectively manage their business. They do this giving business owners tools to take control over their credit profile – -offering both personal and business credit data and insights for free. With the goal of empowering business owners with better transparency into their credit lives, the site includes easy-to-read personal and business credit reports, contextual advice and monitoring all in one spot. It also provides tools that help members build business credit and a marketplace that makes it easy for them to use credit to create the business of their dreams.

Stash Invest

Collective Returns, dba Stash Invest, a mobile app offering users a way to invest, based on goals, interests and beliefs. Stash helps people start investing with as little as $5, gain investing confidence gradually, and build smart financial habits for the long-term.

Ezetap Mobile Solutions

Ezetap is an India-based payments processor that is making it possible for any merchant in the developing world to accept any form of payment — credit, debit, mobile wallet, etc. — through a simple, interoperable point. Now anyone with a smartphone, regardless of location, can accept payment, empowering everyone in the developing world to be financially included.


CreditMantri provides management services to lenders and borrowers. It was created to help consumers take charge of their credit health and to help them make better borrowing decisions. The company aims to empower consumers know their credit potential and benefit from this knowledge. On the website, customers can access their credit scores, learn how they can improve their credit health, resolve past issues, reduce current borrowing costs and in the process discover products best matched to their credit profile. It provides provides borrowers better control over their credit health through a concerted customer focused proposition – one that educates and hand-holds the customer to create or improve their credit scores and eventually discover relevant lender products.

Better Mortgage

Avex Funding, dba Better Mortgage, is a direct mortgage lender dedicated to reengineering the home finance process from the ground up to make it simple, fast, and transparent. By giving customers access to home loan products that meet their needs and arming them with tools and support, Better empowers Americans to achieve their financial goals.


Flywire provides a cloud-based platform and support services for large, cross-border payments and receivables. The company connects all the entities involved to make these payments faster, easier to track, and more costefficient for both the payer and receiver. The Flywire platform gives any business or institution accepting international payments access to discounted FX rates, total transparency and easy reconciliation with a tailored payment experience. End-customers can pay online, in local currency, via their preferred method. The solution can manage international payments from start to end with 24/7 tracking for both payer and receiver.


Onfido helps businesses work out who they can trust in a digital world. Specializing in identity verification, Onfido uses machine learning to validate a person’s identity document and compare it with their facial biometrics. The identity can then be checked against international credit bureaus and watchlists.

Artivest Holdings

Artivest is a new way to invest in private funds, including private equity, hedge funds and venture capital. The company is upgrading the entire process for investors and fund managers alike. Its technical, financial, and operational expertise powers a seamless experience for individual investors and a scalable point of access for financial advisors and fund managers. Artivest delivers institutional grade manager selection, featuring only funds that meet the highest standards. With its online investing platform the company eliminates predigital era inefficiencies, allowing for higher quality interactions and ultimately better relationships between investors and funds.

Digital Reasoning Systems

Digital Reasoning is a global leader in using artificial intelligence to understand human communications. Its cognitive computing platform, Synthesys, automates key tasks and uncovers transformative insights across vast amounts of human communications for many of the world’s most elite companies, organizations, and agencies. The technology has been proven to find critical risks and valuable revenuegenerating opportunities, delivering rapid and large return on investment in the most complex big data and analytical environments. Digital Reasoning is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, and has offices in Washington, D.C., New York, and London.


Xignite provides cloud-based financial market data APIs to allow emerging companies and established enterprises to deliver real-time and reference market data to their digital assets, such as websites and mobile apps. Clients include more than 1,000 financial services, media and software companies including fintech firms, such as Betterment, FutureAdvisor, Motif Investing, Personal Capital, Robinhood, StockTwits, Wealthfront and Yodlee, financial institutions, exchanges and market data vendors.


BlueVine provides flexible working capital to small and medium-sized businesses, giving them quick access to funds needed to purchase inventory, cover expenses or expand operations. BlueVine pioneered the first fully online, cloudbased platform for invoice factoring, which enabled rapid advances on outstanding invoices. The Company also offers Flex Credit, an on-demand revolving business credit line of up to $100,000.


PeerStreet is a platform for investing in real estate backed loans. Founded by real estate attorney, Brew Johnson and former Google executive, Brett Crosby, PeerStreet allows investors to easily invest in high-yield real estate loans that were historically difficult to access. PeerStreet’s platform is secure and intuitive with an easy-to-use interface and a wealth of information and tools for every level of investor.


AutoGravity specializes in the way people buy and finance cars. Harnessing the power of the smartphone, AutoGravity technology provides a new level of convenience and speed to the car shopping and financing process. AutoGravity partners with top banks and financial services companies to give car buyers direct control over their car financing options while connecting them to a nationwide network of trusted car dealerships. Available on iOS, Android and Web, AutoGravity empowers car buyers with up to four binding offers in minutes.


Roofstock is an online marketplace and community created exclusively for investing in leased single-family rental homes that generate cash flow day one. Created by investors for investors, Roofstock provides research, analytics and insights to evaluate and purchase independently certified properties at prices that reflect both market and property conditions. From viewing the homes and their diligence documents to analyzing potential returns and selecting one of our certified local property managers, Roofstock’s mission is to make real estate investing stock market simple.

Deposit Solutions

Deposit Solutions, founded in 2011, is a fintech company operating the first open architecture platform for retail savings deposits in Europe. The company’s proprietary technology allows banks seeking retail funding to list their savings offers on an open architecture platform. Other banks on the platform can market those offers directly to their own clients who can use them without having to open a new account at another bank. In addition, Deposit Solutions operates its own retail brand ZINSPILOT which markets select deposit offers of its partners directly to savers.