How To Pick Startup Winners

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Yes — an algorithm to identify unicorns is here.

See how it predicted 24 future unicorns (companies that would eventually be valued at $1 billion or more).

How to pick the best startups 

If your job involves picking startups - whether as partners, investments, vendors or acquisitions, it’s critical you identify the best companies. 

How algorithms can predict startup health

Analyzing vast amounts of unstructured and semi-structured private company information is beyond human cognition. Machines were meant to do that.

How we predicted 48% of future unicorns 

We worked with The New York Times to predict 50 future unicorns (companies that would eventually be valued at $1 billion or more).

What signals predict startup health

Most attempts at quantifying tech company health have almost exclusively focused on momentum. This is necessary but not sufficient. 

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