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Predict emerging trends

See competitors' playbooks

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smart money

We identify signals about emerging and disruptive technology and business trends by untangling a mess of unstructured news articles, patents, startup websites, hiring data, venture capital financing, and more.

With data on your competitor's investments, acquisitions, partnerships, and patents, CB Insights uncovers their actual strategy. Competitive intelligence and research has never been easier (or as evidence-based).

Where are the smartest, most innovative investors and corporations placing their bets? With the press of a button, stay plugged into the activity of everyone from Amazon and Abbot Labs to Alibaba and Accel Partners.

Identify tomorrow's challengers

Spot growing industries

Kill data
janitor work

CB Insights Mosaic scores, created in partnership with the National Science Foundation, provide early predictive intelligence into emerging company health and momentum so you can identify tomorrow's winners and future threats today.

Growth is determined by the markets you choose to compete in. CB Insights identifies the industries that are growing and steers you clear of those that are not so you make your bets in the right places.

Spend less time doing Google searches, pivot tables and lookups and more time doing analysis. CB Insights' data and visualizations help you tell the story quickly and persuasively.

I knew the platform was valuable, but there’s so much more than just good research. It’s the only platform with real-time visibility into every emerging tech market, and it’s become my starting point for every project.

Moran Haviv
Strategic Innovation, Microsoft