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The Rise of the On-Demand Economy 

$9.4 billion invested in On-Demand startups since 2010 

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Which on-demand companies are hot...

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Which smart-money VCs are investing in the space and where are they placing their bets?

Key trends to watch...

Which corporate players are showing interest? Which sectors are ripe for continued innovation?

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Your Webinar Host

Anand Sanwal

CEO & Founder

CB Insights

More about CB Insights

The premier private company data and analytics company.

Backed by the National Science Foundation, CB Insights uses data science and machine learning to help our customers predict what’s next—their next customer, their next investment, the next market they should attack, or the next company they should acquire. 

CB Insights tracks over 250,000 companies using machine learning and technology to monitor 150,000 sources in real time. We also leverage exclusive data partnerships to uncover unique insights and cover every financing worldwide.

Your Webinar Panelist

Matthew Wong


CB Insights

Actionable intelligence on global dealflow in the ODE space

What You Will Walk Away With

Which private companies are poised for successful disruption and how the competitive landscape is evolving

In-depth look at which VCs to watch

Takeaway report summarizing key findings

Customers Love CB Insights

"CB Insights is a product designed by a VC insider who truly knows the space and understands the end-user needs. In particular, Industry Analytics allow you to see macro-trends at the sector level, providing a top-down look on what is happening in a given space. This, combined with a clean and easy to use interface and a super responsive customer support team makes CB Insights the best option"

Greg Bae