What's Next?

Expert by CB Insights is an invitation-only program for leading executives.

Members have access to proprietary research, industry analysts and live events with industry peers and emerging disrupters that help them predict what’s next for their industry.

On-Site Analyst Advisory

Build relationships with venture capitalists, emerging startup companies and your industry peers.

Research and insight into emerging players, business models and technologies to help you identify new threats and opportunities.

As Part Of Your Expert By CB Insights Membership, You Get

A wide variety of events including dinners, webinars and briefings exclusively for senior executives.

Insights from emerging startup company executives that help you build relationships with emerging leaders in the market and create an opportunity for partnerships, vendor relationships, investment or even M&A.

Executive, Startup + Peer Networking

Exclusive, Invitation-Only Events

Innovation Scouting + Disruptive Threat Tracking

You get concierge-level and in-person access to our industry analysts who can provide guidance, industry intelligence, data and analytics for you and your team to help you with pending decisions, strategic reviews, and internal presentations.

Relevant data-driven and analyst commentary on industry peers based on their investment, M&A, partnership and product moves as part of quarterly competitive intelligence briefings.

Competitor Innovation Benchmarking

Vendor + Startup Briefings

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