The Rules

  • Each player draws ten white answer cards.
  • The person who most recently saw a Tesla in person becomes the Marc Andreessen and plays a black question card. Then the Marc Andreessen reads the question card aloud.
  • Everyone else answers the question with a white answer card by passing it face down to Marc Andreessen.
  • The Marc Andreessen shuffles the cards and reads out each combination to the group.
  • Marc Andreessen then picks his favorite combination and gives that person a $10,000,000 funding round and the black question card.
  • The person who received the funding round is now Marc Andreessen.
  • At the end of the game, the person with the most money invested (black cards) from Marc Andreessen is the winner.

Your rules are stupid.

Make up your own rules then [email protected]

How do I get this game?

Well, you have to be a terrible tech person or you have over a million Twitter followers.

I have a medium blog, can I get a set?

No. But you are a terrible tech person.

So, since I’m a terrible tech person… I can get a set?

No, we changed our mind, because we are terrible tech people.

You guys just copied Cards Against Humanity.

First, that’s not a question. Second, yes. Yes we did.

Come on, how much you want?

Seriously, the game is not for sale.

I really want a set.

Ugh fine. Enter your email below for a free download of the cards.