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Beat the cr*p out of your competition

CB Insights’ analysts will talk to your competitors’ customers and deliver you detailed conversation transcripts and insights. 

Give your marketing, biz dev, CS, product and sales enablement teams an unfair advantage.

What teams we work with





& CS Leaders

It's rough out there.

In not breaking news, the fundraising environment is getting tougher.

And so more than ever, getting close to and really understanding customers critical.

Because, let’s be honest. 

The best way to burn less money or position yourself for that next round of financing is by ringing the register more aka getting more revenue. 

At the same time, we know that teams are getting leaner and so you may not have as many resources as you once did.

Add on that talking to your competitors’ customers is not the easiest thing to do.

  • Why are they going to speak to you?
  • And why will they be honest?  
  • Will they actually share pricing information with you?

So CB Insights’ analysts will do this for you.

How's it work?

We have access to these buyers and can have open, frank discussions with them to get you insights that enable you to:

Build products that address competitor gaps & weaknesses

Deliver marketing campaigns that generate top of funnel leads and activate those who already know you

Arm your Sales & CS teams with the pressure points to attack competitors on

Create sales materials that make your SDRs and AEs more successful

And more.

You just tell us your competitors, how many interviews you want and then we’ll take care of the rest

What do you talk about with your competitors' customers?

7 Main Interview Topics








What drove the buyer’s evaluation?

What were their decision criteria?

What alternatives/competitors did they consider?

Why did they ultimately select your competitor?

What was the pricing they received?

How do they view deployment quality, timing & support?

What’s their overall satisfaction with the competitor?

Our analysts follow a structured conversation approach digging into 7 main topics. The structure of these conversations makes it easy for you to see common patterns, opportunities and challenges that you can address for your customers.

You’ll get a detailed transcript for every conversation we have with your competitors’ customers. Typical conversations are 30 to 45 minutes in length.

Every single one will dig into the above topics and be chock full of deep qualitative and quantitative market and customer intelligence.

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