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2015 Press Mentions

Which unicorns are weakest on capital efficiency?
Slack is raising a new round at a $2.8B valuation
'Fantastic time' to invest in start-ups, VC says
In Play For Millennials' Money Northwestern Mutual To Buy LearnVest
Are These $1 Billion Startups A Bad Bet? The 10 Most Capital Inefficient Unicorns
As goes global Uber press sentiment, so goes India
Is Twitter Big Enough to Be in Venture Capital?
Drones Take Off and Investor Money Flies In
'PowerPoint karaoke' and 6 other links for the weekend
Slack, whose CEO believes valuations are “arbitrary as fuck,” reportedly eyes funding at $2B valuation
Daily Report: Private Tech Stocks Attracting Billions From Big Money Managers
Slack Is Said to Be in Funding Talks at $2 Billion-Plus Value
Americans’ Retirement Funds Increasingly Contain Tech Start-Up Stocks
Technology startups collect billions of dollars and sit on the sidelines
The 'Smart Money' Advantage Where VCs Are Linked To Strategics
Why Bill Gurley and Mark Cuban Don't Hate to Burst Your Bubble
Looking for venture capital? Data shows Ohio is one of the best places to be
Why Bankers Are Leaving Finance for No-Salary Tech Jobs
Qumulo Promises Insights into Data with New Software-Based Storage
Alibaba, Rakuten Push Into U.S. Startups With Snapchat and Lyft
Tech's Actual Gender Numbers Are Vague And Grim. A Small Tweak Could Change That
Venture capitalists weren’t involved in half of tech deals in 2014
Too Many Unicorns? Why Billion-Dollar Startups Still Charm Us Today
Game of drones: As U.S. dithers, rivals get a head start
Chasing unicorns: Inside the not-so-exclusive billion-dollar startup club
Google Ventures and the Search for Immortality
In A World Where Email No Longer Exists
This Venture Capitalist Says We Have Entered a Tech Bubble
Silicon Valley gets a taste for food
IBM Buys AlchemyAPI for Machine Learning to Make Watson Smarter
Funds Think Warby Parker Is Worth $1 Billion
The limits of instant gratification
Sam Altman asks 'all governments' to regulate Artificial Intelligence as China-U.S. competition heats up
Sequoia Capital leads the charge on $1B companies
Your Kid’s School Is Missing the Tech Revolution, and It’s All Your Fault
Tinder Plus Is Coming But You'll Have to Pay For it
A 3-step guide for building great products, from idea to launch
Tech Startups Put off Canadian IPOs Amid Private Cash
As bitcoin price slumps, investor interest holds steady
Morning Agenda: Markets Await Greek Deal
Sex-Bias Trial Next Week Adds to Woes Plaguing Kleiner Perkins
Here's how much you'd need to tweet to match Marc Andreessen
Will You Be the Next Great Education-Tech Entrepreneur?
Betterment Valued At Nearly $500 Million In New Round
European tech funding rose by 78% in 2014 to $5.7B, U.K. and Germany account for almost half
Tech Investors Create a Billion-Dollar-Baby Boom
The 'holy sh*t' moment: Facebook's blockbuster WhatsApp acquisition one year later
Meet the 5 best-funded startups in high-flying drone business
The Daily Startup: Applicaster Helps Broadcasters Engage Viewers on Mobile
Drone-company funding may jump on FAA decision
Benner on Tech: Anti-Vaccine Thinking in Silicon Valley
There Are No Base Hits For Startups Today
Are there still ‘millionaires next door’?
High-value startups head for the exits
London's Tech Startups (And Mayor Boris) Are Still Thirsty For The U.S. To Notice
Is the Boomer Entrepreneur Boom Fading?
Sam Altman — Y Combinator
The 8 Best Industries for Flipping a Business
Corporate VCs came, saw and now hope to conquer
Looking for a Growth Industry? Feed the Online Foodie Craze
Is Elon Musk Right About AI? Researchers Don't Think So
Heady days again for tech sector
I'll Be Back: The Return of Artificial Intelligence
5 Top Trends in Education Technology 2015
Why Corporate VC Arms of Google and Intel Should Be on Your Radar
As $1B startup exits multiply, these 6 VC 'unicorn' wranglers stand out
These three charts show how big tech companies are challenging traditional VC firms
Corporate venture teams raised the stakes on startup deals in 2014
In tech hiring, there’s ‘demand for everything’
Big Data Startups News: Funding, Acquisitions And IPOs Q4 2014
Tech Coast Angels sets record last year with $16.4 mln invested
2014 Saw Sharp Increase in Tech M&A, IPOs
Will the Tech-Startup Bubble Burst in 2015?
Report: Tech company exits rise in 2014
New York almost first for tech IPOs, M&As
Tech exits surge, with Accel Partners leading the pack
Can you count to $2 billion? Education technology investment hits new record
Fidelity increasing in private tech companies
Trading stock in private startups finally comes of age
10 Cannabis Startups That Have Raised Over $1 Million (Besides Privateer)
There's still life in cleantech, as Bloom Energy shows with $130M funding round
Peter Thiel has 2 dogs in New York City fight as Palantir is sicced on Airbnb
Patent filing gives glimpse of Google-backed Magic Leap's augmented reality device
Ed tech funding hit record levels in 2014
Lyft seeks new funding in battle against goliath Uber
Silicon Valley Plays the Inflation Game
Healthtech vs traditional spaces: how they stack up
Mobile-focused Eniac Ventures raises $55 mln third fund
Mobile-Focused Eniac Ventures Raises $55M Third Fund
What Tech Bubble?
NYC gets a venture capital lesson: Big valuations don't necessarily equal 'bubble'
Lyft Seeking New Mega-Funding to Battle Uber
Investors Put $186 Million Into Lynda.com, an Online Tutorial Service
Lynda.com Raises $186 Million in Funding Led by TPG Capital
Why Brooklyn Is Not the Next Silicon Valley
Chart: VC financing remains strong as dollars increase 44% in Q4, though deals continue to drop
What an Etsy IPO means for the rest of Silicon Alley
The $1B valuation club became super crowded in 2014
It’s Official: Startup Funding Last Year Was Biggest Since 2000
VC Funding Hits Highest Level in More Than a Decade
Uber-Size Deals Dominate Mega Year in U.S. Venture Activity
Investors Put More Than $100 Million Into the Marijuana Industry Over the Past Two Years
VC Funding Hits Highest Level in More Than a Decade
Investors Spent More Than $100 Million on Marijuana Businesses in the Last Two Years
Silicon Valley Turns Its Eye to Education
Edtech Funding Soars to Nearly $2 Billion
Ethical Questions of Investing in Pot
Daily Report: Education Technology Attracts Silicon Valley’s Attention
For ad-tech biz, NY is the place to be
Top tech funding deals of 2014 haul in $9.25 billion
Five US tech hubs you probably didn't know about
Tech in 2015: Apple Watch, IPOs, startups, Amazon, T-Mobile, Microsoft and more stories to watch
Why the Internet of Things Is Primed for Takeoff in 2015
Here’s What the 2015 Tech IPO Pipeline Looks Like
Nasdaq's Austin office grows in first year of operations; more hiring soon
StrictlyVC: January 7, 2015
Why You Should Love Your Job...Your Real One
Why 2015 May Outpace 2014 for IPOs
Mega IPOs Seen Fading in 2015 After Billion-Dollar Deal
Morning Agenda: Banner Year for Fund-Raising
Which companies are on the IPO watch list for 2015?
Capital Gains: Snapchat’s Stealth Funding Round, Instacart Gets $220 Million and More
Investors Bought Into Nearly $250 Billion in Global I.P.O.s in 2014

2010 - 2014

$1B 'unicorn' club got crowded in 2014: Here are the startups, funders
Magic Leap ranks 4th in largest U.S. tech funding rounds of 2014
The BBJ's Five Things: Wayfair's big haul; Boston home prices lag; teachers union setback
2015 could be biggest year ever for tech IPOs
Top 20 U.S. tech fundings in 2014 raised $8.5B
European Start-Ups Struggle to Keep Pace With Venture Financing
Grocery delivery startup Instacart raises $220M at a $2B valuation
StrictlyVC: December 19, 2014
New York didn't keep up with surge in unicorns, er, $1B tech startups
That OnDeck $200M IPO, and Keeping Things Real in the New York Scene
Why tech IPOs may not be as hot as they look
Cybersecurity Hindsight And A Look Ahead At 2015
How Venture Capital and Crowdfunding Can Be Mutually Beneficial
Airbnb from a guest's perspective: Short-stay stats
The IPO Class Of 2015: After Alibaba, Is Uber The Next Blockbuster?
Mass. lagging on tech IPOs
Data Bank: Oregon's last tech IPO celebrates 10 years
Benner on Tech: Hollywood Cowardice, Apple Workers and Anonymity
7 tech companies that may go public in 2015
Two North Texas tech companies in a position to consider an IPO in 2015, report says
IPO pipeline is still as full at the end of 2014 as when the year began
The Pipeline: LendingClub hits IPO top 10, oil prices endanger Tesla, and Upfront Ventures raises cash
GeekWork: Great jobs at WhitePages, INRIX, Zillow and The Seattle Times
Hadoop goes primetime with Hortonworks IPO
2015 promises to be a banner year for IPOs — including several in Seattle
Looking For The Next Alibaba? 588 Names To Consider
Report: 8 Oregon companies in the IPO pipeline
The Tech Companies That Might Explore IPOs In 2015
Report: 22 Texas technology companies could try IPOs next year
Which of these cool companies will IPO in 2015?
$1B 'unicorn' club got crowded in 2014: Here are the startups, funders
Opinion: Uber not the only pre-IPO tech company with a hefty value
LinkFest: 44 Boston Tech Firms on IPO Path; Autodesk Buys Terrible Labs
We don’t need no stinkin’ IPO: Report says 40 private tech companies valued at more than $1B
Nearly four dozen Massachusetts tech firms are in 2015 IPO pipeline
Here's what the 2015 tech IPO pipeline looks like
A Startup That Wants To Make ATMs Obsolete
Lending Club IPO off to hot start
Ex-NSA agents' start-up locks in $8M in funding
Before Falling in Love With Your Great Idea, Find Out If Anybody Wants It
What’s the Matter With Boston Tech?
Silicon Valley Startups Begin Taking ‘Haircuts’ in IPO Market
Ed-tech startup Everspring gets $10 million more
Venture capital is facing up to its diversity problem
How Uber's $40 billion could become a problem
Surge Pricing: Uber's $40B Valuation. Worth It?
Exits from IPO Pipeline shift from IPOs to M&A as 2014 ends
Uber now valued at $40 billion
Uber valued at $40 billion
Subscriptions mean success for small business
Diversity tops agenda in high-tech
Y Combinator hires first black partner to recruit more minorities
Betting on Security Start-Ups in an Age of Data Breaches
Apple Pay Partner Stripe Valued at $3.5 Billion in New Funding
6 Things To Know Before Taking A Job With A Startup
Startups buying startups is getting more expensive
My journey back to Ferguson, seeking a path forward
The life of a Latino startup founder in Silicon Valley
At $40 Billion, Uber Would Eclipse Twitter and Hertz
The Uber economy
Big Data’s Cousin—Artificial Intelligence—Is Growing Up
Top 3 Reasons Businesses Fail and How to Prevent Them from Happening to You
The Risks and Opportunities in a Startup: Age 2-5 Years
Who Are Uber's Rivals?
Patch job: How Target's hack became big business
Sick of Uber? Here are 27 alternatives
You don’t have to be an über-jerk to win in Silicon Valley
Is this startup heaven? Angel investing growth in Austin far outpaces U.S.
Teacher’s New Pet: An App That Tracks Students
Beloit firm scores a top deal in busy month for startup funding
Is Uber a dirty company?
Benchmark VC Peter Fenton's hot — here's what's in his startup pipeline
Ryan Caldbeck: Using Crowdfunding to Validate (or Invalidate) Ideas
The next Silicon Valley: 4 fastest growing startup cities in the world are Asian
TechCrunch Tokyoで若手独立系ベンチャーキャピタリスト2人にスタートアップの「今」を聞く
Back minority business to close diversity gap: Your Say
How to add $1 billion to Groupon? Sell a piece of it
Does the shrinking time between early stage rounds signal market bullishness or disaster planning?
4 Reasons Not to Confuse Early-Stage Money for Success
A start-up that wants to make ATMs obsolete
Wearing Your Failures on Your Sleeve
Food 2.0: the future of what we eat
A Quick Reminder that Big Rounds Don’t Mean Big Exits
These charts show exactly what’s wrong with Seattle’s startup scene, and what’s right
Slack Valued at $1 Billion in Latest Funding Round
Here’s why venture funding jumps for angel investors
5 Boston Startup Post-Mortems: Lessons From the Departed
Design site Minted raises new cash, expands into textiles
The Dangers of Relying Too Much on Data
Inside the movement that's trying to solve Silicon Valley's Diversity problem
Best of Uplinks: Bears, porcupines and hoverboards (Video)
Home-Cooked Meals From the Cloud
Silicon Valley's billion dollar start-up failures
Bears versus computers and 8 other stories to educate and enthrall
Bears hibernate, venture capitalists follow these 3 steps to prepare for 'winter'
Comcast Ventures leads $7M investment in marketing upstart Lytics
London VC Seeks Intern To Find And Track 'The Next Zuckerberg'
Bears hibernate, venture capitalists follow these 3 steps to prepare for winter
VCs and Startups, Waiting at the Altar
Accel’s Breyer Tells Startups: Raise Money Now If You Can
Millennials: ¿la generación de las finanzas digitales?
New York FinTech Innovation Lab Calls for Leading-Edge Financial Technology Entrepreneurs to Participate in 2015 Program
The Pipeline: One ridesharer ramps up while another shifts down, plus Yelp gives San Francisco a great review
Apple to stop selling Fitbit in its stores as it ramps up its watch
From POODLE to Snapchat: With security collapsing, can Silicon Valley save the Internet?
Silicon Valley topped San Francisco for third quarter VC activity
Take that, Massachusetts! New York's venture lead expands in third quarter
Q3 VC update: Who did the most deals, got the most money in Silicon Valley
Q3 VC takeaways: Atlas as we know it goes out in style, New York is drinking Boston’s milkshake
Snapchat breach exposes flawed premise, security challenge
3 times more startups hit $1B value in private investment rather than in IPOs this year
Venture-capital spending soars in New York
Questioning the Tech Bubble: Startups Aren't as Flush as You Think
Venture Firms Turn Down Funding Volume, but Still Rockin’ in Q3
What tech bubble? VC funding drops in 3rd quarter
Don't be fooled — Q3 report shows big drop in VC deals, dollars, IPOs
So much growth, yet so few profits
Report: New York VC funding share outpaces Mass. in Q3
A chill in Q3: Venture capital funding drops 29%, IPO market cools
Why colleges should stop splurging on buildings and start investing in software
From seed to $1 billion unicorn, VC-backed companies holding off on next step
Halo Report: Angel deals see rising valuations, but shrinking round sizes in Q2
From zero to $1B in less than five years
The 12 Best Funded Startups You Probably Never Heard Of
Angel Group Valuations Continue Three-Quarter Climb
HubSpot goes public a week after Wayfair, raises $125 million
St. Louis companies rarely buy tech firms
3 Major Fail Tales of Notable Tech Companies
In the tech faceoff between New York and Massachusetts, who wins?
BloomNation's artsy online flower shop gets $5.6 million in funding
Here Are Tech's Top Acquirers Of Private Businesses, Ranked Year By Year
Flush With Cash, London’s Startups Are Seen as Staying Frugal
New York's tech scene versus Massachusetts, by the numbers
Intuit quietly emerges as one of tech's most active M&A players
500 Startups promotes Khailee Ng to managing partner
'The Periodic Table of Tech' Catalogues the Who's Who of the Investor Community
What makes start-ups hot and worth billions? User-friendly experiences
Really Cool Chart Showing VC Firms, Angels And Tech Acquirers
Wealthy and stealthy: Bay Area home to 8 of 13 top-funded secret startups
Why Wayfair's IPO is a big deal for Boston
'The Periodic Table of Tech,' a primer
These 10 Bay Area startups are tops among tech job hunters, LinkedIn says
The periodic table of tech investing
NYC Mayor de Blasio Out To Lure Silicon Valley Startups
Wayfair Raises $319M in Quiet IPO Market, Leads Way Nationally
Auth0's security tools open doors to clients
Credit Karma Said to Get $1B Value in Google-Led Funding
Atlas Creates Boston Syndicates to Boost Local Startups
Remind, a Start-Up That Links Teachers and Parents, Raises $40 Million
British Bytes: Tech Startups Share Their Favorite London Eats
Report: You can startup anywhere, but getting big happens more often in just a few markets
Marc Andreessen joins alarm over high cash-burning startups
Say Hello to Ello, Alternative to Social Network Facebook
10 reasons why startups fail – from the confessions of founders
Why do startups fail? Here are the top 20 reasons
Why startups fail, according to their founders
Data: 42% of Startups Build a Solution Looking for a Problem
Marc Andreessen Warns of Startups’ Cash Burn
Top 20 reasons why startups fail: Report
What Went Wrong: 101 Failed Startups Tell All
If we just had ... a little... more $$: Why start-ups fail
Corporate venture investors still think West Coast first
More tech firms may seek Alibaba's IPO magic
Money Is Pouring Into Tech Like It’s 1999—And That’s Not Good
Wearing the cure: Five diseases wearables are tackling
Wall Street nabs Alibaba, but hot startups are going elsewhere
Former Barnes & Noble CEO Goes Long on Smart Home
Richard Branson's diverse portfolio and why he thinks you should be blogging
Making sense of Alibaba's shopping spree
Digital classroom tools raise privacy concerns
NYC tech deals are getting bigger faster
Alibaba IPO propels China Web market across the globe
Life Science Angels leads a $1.5 mln seed round in Zephyrus Biosciences
Two Cambridge companies among most well-funded wearables firms as Apple roars into the space
Wearables are hot: Here's who invested and who got the most VC funding
Wearables investing picks up with $502 mln deployed this year
LA’s Tech Startup Scene Is Coming of Age
Getting smart about connected home devices
An Inside Look at What Angel Investors Want (Infographic)
Acceleprise, the enterprise accelerator, comes to San Francisco (exclusive)
JustFab Said to Be Valued at More Than $1 Billion in Fundraising
Square shoots for $200M in funding at $6B valuation
Wearing the cure: Five diseases wearables are tackling
Snapchat funding rumors return. Could its valuation hit $10 billion?
Will Developer Tools Startups Ever Find Investors?
What the hell is happening at Google Ventures?
Why It’s a Great Time to Be a Database Geek (and Entrepreneur)
Cincinnati angel capital group ranked among nation’s best
11 bets Sequoia has gone solo on — including WhatsApp, Medallia
Boston’s best-funded health care startups
Angel investors pull back curtain to give life science startups helpful insights
Daily Report: Delivery Start-Ups Are Back Like It’s 1999
Meet Silicon Valley's best-funded tech startups in this post-dotcom record year
Angel investors pull back curtain to give life science startups helpful insights
Data Shows Which UK VCs Have Been The Most Active In The Last 5 Years
Should you buy stock in private companies?
Meet Silicon Valley's best-funded tech startups in this post-dotcom record year
Crowdfunding and Venture Funding: More Alike Than You Think
Should you buy stock in private companies?
Lookout Nabs $1 Billion-Plus Valuation in New Financing
Crowdfunded hardware startups raise $312 mln from US VCs, study finds
Lookout Nabs $1 Billion-Plus Valuation in New Financing
Mobile security startup Lookout joins $1B unicorns with $150M funding
Boston's Hardware Heroes are Leveraging the Crowdfunding Craze
Tech startup HealthyMe raises cash from BioGenerator
Wisconsin Roundup: Midwest Angel Investors, Epic, Cellectar, & More
VCs Leaning on Kickstarter to Spot the Next Big Thing in Hardware
Crowdfunded hardware startups raise $312 mln from VCs, study finds
Report: Fenwick study points to rising valuations, but don’t call it a bubble
Want to raise venture capital for your hardware idea? Start with Kickstarter
Seattle's Startup Scene Continues to Grow
Rufus Cuff smartwatch is one of 443 crowd-funded hardware projects
How VCs Use Kickstarter to Kick the Tires on Hardware Startups
How Kickstarter Turned Into the Venture Capitalist's Best Friend
When VCs join the crowd: 10 local hardware startups that raised the most cash
Projects on Kickstarter Four Times More Likely to Get VC Funding Than Indiegogo Campaigns
The Great Lakes: Home to 'South Bay Bessie' and the Most Active Angel Investors in the Country
Angel Investors Love Wisconsin
A look at all of Google’s acquisitions in Boston
Angels take flight: Median financing rounds increase to $980,000 for angel deals
VCs Loving LA, but Don’t Call it ‘Silicon Beach’
Angel deal sizes climb again
Can “Instant” Become a Viable Business?
Want Angel Investors? Here's What You Need to Know Right Now. (Infographic)
Facebook catch of the day: Big bucks from fish oil
Tech VCs Promise to Never Disagree With Founders and Give Them Free Cash
Firms Boost Their Spending on Startups
Pasadena ad-tech start-up Perfect Market acquired by Taboola
I Want It, and I Want It Now — It’s Time for Instant Gratification
Tearing Down The Teardown
A look at the rarified air of the $10B club, and the investors who back these outliers
Bitcoin Startups Are Raking in Record Amounts of VC Cash
Dropbox, AirBnB, Pinterest: Startups that buy the most startups
Mutual Funds Got Head Start On Hot Mobileye IPO
Kabam Gets $120 Million From Alibaba for Games in China
Private, disappearing chats aren't just for teens anymore
Investment in LA Tech Has Nearly Tripled in Five Years
Snapchat could become latest start-up to reach a $10-billion valuation
The Recession Generation: How Millennials Are Changing Money Management Forever
Report: LA’s on the rise as its tech ecosystem sees both deals and dollars swell
Alibaba’s US spending spree opens global doors for start-ups
Q2 was huge for SF VC funding, but Silicon Valley had more deals
Dancing with Unicorns: Top VCs ramp up fintech investment activity
The Next Big Thing in Hardware: Smart Garbage
Venture Capital Had Great 2013—But Public Markets Were Still Better
Finding the Right Angel Investor for You
The 10 L.A. startups that raised the most money this spring
AppDynamics Nabs $120 Million to Join $1 Billion Club
Hacking Education – Fracking Education
Which Boston VCs Write the Most Checks in Their Own Backyard?
The Black Entrepreneur Trying to End Startup Racism Is Almost Out of Cash
Tech IPOs dominated 10 biggest VC exits in Q2, but Q3 is off to slow start
3 Bay State VCs Are Investing in Their Backyard, 4 Are Looking West
Mega Deals (Like Uber) Boost Venture Funding to $13B in Second Quarter
Venture investing of $13 bln sets 13-year record in Q2
Internet companies basking in venture capitalist love
Shutterstock rival Pond5 lands $61M in funding
Hamptons Scene: Carlotti Helps Black Teens Get Into Tech
The Name Is New, But CRV’s Money Moved to California Years Ago
Charles River Ventures shifts focus West with new $393M fund
Atlas Venture Ranks Most Active VC in Mass., 16th in Country
The Mid-Stage VC Funding Gap, By the Numbers
10 Lessons to Learn From Failing Startups (Including My Own)
NEA busiest VC firm in hottest market since 2001; Here's the rest of Top 20
Seattle Roundup: Big Numbers, UW Incubator, Trupanion, Cray, & More
“Silicon Alley” is done, but New York is rising
VCs Invest More than $1 Billion in Enterprise Tech Startups in Q2
U.S. Venture Capital Has Its Biggest Quarter Since Dot-Com Days
Big Late-Stage Deals and Unicorns Drive U.S. Venture Activity Higher
Washington state ranks 4th in VC dollars as investment totals soar in Q2
Report: Mass. VC funding tops $1B in second quarter
Are billion dollar investment funds the new "normal" or are they a bubble? (Turkish)
These 10 Startups Are Creating The Future Of Food
Who Gets the Tech Cash in NYC? Startups That Solve Real Problems
Report: US VC funding activity is at its highest level since 2001, and still growing
Tech IPOs not keeping up with funding surge
VC funding hits $13.88B in Q2, highest point since 2001
How Health Care is Leading New Venture Capital Investment
Big Late-Stage Deals and Unicorns Drive U.S. Venture Activity Higher
Mass. gets a venture capital surge in Q2
Venture-backed healthcare deals rise to $2.7B in Q2
U.S. venture funding soars, Illinois back from the dead
It’s official: Biz Stone’s Jelly is nobody’s jam
Measuring business-to-business connections
How Chip Makers Plan to Make a Universal Remote for Your Kitchen
Charts: The growth of venture capital in the Pacific NW
Are we in a bubble? VCs are warily optimistic
Tinder Is Target of Sexual Harassment Lawsuit
Marc Benioff, Ashton Kutcher, Jack Dorsey - see who made the top 20 Angels list
Bonobos bags $55M in funding
Drowning in venture capital, mobile startups are waging unsustainable price wars
Tech fuels farm-to-table 2.0
Cupid's Arrows Fly on Social Media, Too
Silicon Valley's culture of failure … and 'the walking dead' it leaves behind
8 Surging Startup Industries to Watch
U.S. venture funding soars, Illinois back from the dead
The Solution That Could Help More Minority Entrepreneurs Get Funding
The Daily Startup: Tastemade’s Video Network Helps It Cook Up Funding
Google Ventures favoring Boston over New York
Skyhigh Raises $40 Million as Companies Secure the Cloud
Content remains a giant mystery, but that hasn’t slowed the flood of VC cash
Freshly Minted: Greycroft Will Crown FinTech Kings With Massive $200 Million Fund
Failure Friday: Silicon Valley ranks high on list of 72 worst cash burns
26 Private Tech Companies Valued Above $1 Billion
25 answers to the big 'tech bubble' question
Meet ZocDoc, now NYC's richest start-up
Is a cybersecurity bubble brewing?
A start-up’s guide to getting investment
How 4 Students Got a Satellite Startup Off the Ground and $500 Million From Google
The big money fueling billion-dollar ideas
Your Evening Briefing
Boston startups stay close to home for seed investments
Post Uber's mega-funding, here are the 10 most highly valued startups
Uber Sets Valuation Record of $17 Billion in New Funding
Uber Gets Uber-Valuation
Uber Car Service Company Is Now Valued At $17 Billion
Why GoPro is beyond daredevil cameras
An idea getting tougher to fund: Venture capital
The End of the Runway: Tales of Startup Failure Keep Growing
Investment in ad-tech is booming, but new innovation is still vulnerable
Future of medical work: The computer will see you now
How Timehop growth hacked its way to the top of the app store
How 76 startups struck out
25 startups that got VCs jaw-dropping bangs for their bucks
3D Printing Stocks Annual Growth Rate Highest in 17 Years
Ben Milne dismantles the myth of a Silicon Valley-New York rivalry
Chegg to buy online tutoring matchmaker for $30M
What's The Real Potential Of The Internet Of Things?
Fidelity Said to Be Competing to Lead Uber Round at $17B
Proteus Digital Health raises $120M to advance digital medicine, adds HP CFO
These 25 companies obtained huge exits without raising much venture capital
As tech booms, fundraising for venture capital firms on the rebound
Little Boxes of Decision Avoidance
Acquia may go public in 2015
Burlington tech co. snags $50M in venture funds
Sequoia, Kleiner Perkins top Silicon Valley's "Mobile Mafia"
Raising Money? Having a Pig at the Trough Ain't Half Bad
The Trouble With Healthcare Startups
Congratulations, You Failed
Dog Collars And Other Gadgets Will Soon Have Their Own Cell Network In The Valley
16 Companies To Watch With Under $1 Million In Sales
Silicon Valley Venture Survey: First Quarter 2014
Engaged Learning, Backed by Gates Foundation, Adapts to Each Student
Chart: Google Ventures leads corporate venture capital pack as cash continues to flow
7 Ways to Fund Your Startup Without Having To Sell Your Baseball Card Collection
Is online real estate still broken? New upstarts look to carve paths against established giants
'Dumb' VC money may not be so dumb this time
Sorry Fred Wilson, but corporate VCs are gaining steam
Uber Said to Be in Funding Talks for More Than $10B Value
Corporate venture investing heats up — and that might not be cool
Education startup Declara raises $16 million for Asian expansion
Rise in Mutual Fund VC Deals? Venture Industry Asked For It
Should public companies be pouring billions of investors’ dollars into venture investing?
Despite Tech Bubble Paranoia, NYC Analysts Insist We’re Safe
Older Tech Giants Have Arrived For The ‘Internet Of Things’ Arms Race
3-D printer war's new dimension
Epic Fails of the Startup World
Want Money? Prove You've Got An Unfair Competitive Advantage
Why U.S. VC firms missed out on Alibaba — and most other big Chinese opportunities
Why Are Venture Capitalists (76% White Men) Ignoring The Future?
Everything you need to know about the four most active edtech investors
VCs deliver the cash to delivery services
VC Ted Schlein on growing security threats, state of Kleiner Perkins and bubbles
An open letter to wannabe edtech entrepreneurs: Welcome to the crowd
Despite Big Ambitions, New York’s Tech Scene Is Still Starting Up
Bitcoin is like the early Internet, minus the VC money
Why Obama needs to take on cyber security like Kennedy took on the moon
Food delivery hottest in 5 years, led by these Bay Area startups, investors
Viggle get crushed on first day of public trading
In 2013, Investors Finally Figured Out That 3D Printing Is Going To Be Huge
Green tech powers up NYC companies
Boot up: tiltable Amazon smartphones, portable wind turbines, and Wi-Fi tracking
Behind the Series B Crunch: Profligate Entrepreneurs or Stingy Investors?
Birchbox picks up $60M in capital
E-Commerce Led VC-Backed Tech Exits Last Year
Questions on bubble as tech momentum fades
Mutual Funds Moonlight as Venture Capitalists
Six Reasons VCs Won't Back Your Deal
Mutual funds are bypassing IPOs and going straight for the main course
Rain in Seattle: Major Funding for Julep, Avvo, Cardiac Dimensions
Yahoo's buying spree appears to be slowing
U.S. venture firms raise $8.9 billion, most in six years
After $2.67B GrubHub IPO, VCs Are Hungry For Food Delivery Apps
After$2.67B GrubHub IPO, VCs Are Hungry for Food Delivery Apps
Shocking No One, Frothy Food Startups Hit a Five Year Funding High
A Wearables Startup Playbook
Rich Start-Ups Go Back for Another Helping
Tech Funding In 2014 Is The Highest It’s Been In A Decade
VC Investment Reaches Highs Not Seen Since Dot-Com Bubble
How hot was venture in Q1? Even cleantech was up 38%
Venture funding on par with 2001; Silicon Valley dominates
Recently released Medicare payment data doesn't tell the entire story
The Next Silicon Valley Will Always Be Silicon Valley
Venture-Backed IPOs & Late-Stage Investments Surged in Q1
Huge start-up cash influx starting to look like a bubble
Ed-Tech Companies Abroad Reap Financing, Analysis Says
Startup PayStand challenges PayPal, Google Wallet in crowded payments space
A $5.5 Million Bet on a Better Way to Learn Coding
A big challenge to GrubHub's post-IPO growth? Fax machines
A plan to get more black boys in tech
Mega-financing rounds push VC totals higher: $10 billion invested in 880 deals in Q1
Why Startup Investing Will Blow Up
Has it suddenly gotten harder to do venture-backed startups?
U.S. start-ups raise $9.99 billion, hit outsized valuations in first-quarter
Engaging with startups
Would you trust Silicon Valley to disrupt your child’s education?
Third life: Flickr co-founder pulls unlikely success from gaming failure. Again
The Top 10 Sources of Early-Stage Money
The shift of startups and VC to the City of Boston, by the numbers
7 Brilliant Strategies Marissa Mayer Used To Shake Up Yahoo
Tiger Global leads Wall Street pack turning to Silicon Valley
Global Fintech Investment Boom Is Benefitting London Most, Says Accenture Study
Boston suddenly finds itself the state’s tech startup capital
Houston Angel Network cracks the 2013 ranks of the most active angel groups in the U.S.
Average Angel Investments and Valuations Start to Climb
Beyond the hype: How ed-tech can really impact student success
New Capital Could Raise Airbnb's Value to $10B
Procured Health Gets $4M to Find Out Why An Artificial Knee Can Cost $3500 or $10K
eCommerce Is Seeing More Success Than Any Other VC-Backed Tech Sector
Ooh, Check Out This $157M Funding Round from Wayfair
Why the 'Internet of Things' Nabbed $1 Billion in VC in 2013
The Internet of Things hit the jackpot in 2013 with $1 billion investment haul
How Many Healthcare IT Companies Benefited from the $1B Investment in Internet of Things Last Year?
A Case for Venture Capitalists to be Bullish on eCommence
Amid a Spike in Investment, Wearable Technology is Still a Trend in Search of a Purpose
Billion-dollar Venture Exits Still Rare Birds
Yahoo Says Marissa Mayer Has Fixed Its Biggest Problem
Why Ted Schlein of Kleiner Perkins and Accel's Ping Li Are the Best VCs
CB Insights Grows the Old-fashioned Way
Silicon Valley's War on Wall Street Is Only Beginning
Hefty South by Southwest Wrestles With Size
Why Bother to Invest in Venture Capital If You're Not in WhatsApp?
WhatsApp Sale Tilts Perception of 2013's Banner Exit Year
Nimble Storage pleases investors with first quarterly earnings since IPO
Mass. Had Over Half the Tech Company Exits as the Entire U.K. in 2013
Bitcoin Turmoil Puts Big Money, Reputations on the Line
VC Funding For Health Data Startups for Gate for 2014
Next-Generation Cybersecurity Ratchets Up
Unicorn Factory Sequoia Has More Coming After WhatsApp
Google Capital Invests in Firm That Sells STAR Assessments, Accelerated Reader
Obscured by Clouds: The Missing Box, Dropbox Metric
6 Ways to Win in Today’s Hyper Competitive App Markets
Startups Scope Out Suitors
Early-stage VC firm True Ventures Raises New $250M Fund
What Would Marissa Buy? Report Parses Mayer's Yahoo Startup Shopping List
Seeking The Next Big Tech IPO? There's Plenty In The Pipeline
Today in Small Business: Start-Up
6 Causes of Startup Failure Every Healthcare Entrepreneur Should Read
Anatomy of an IPO
Failure Report: Dissecting the Biggest Flameouts in Venture History
Venture Capital Funding For Mobile Companies Is Exploding
Seattle Tech Companies Crack List of Top Venture-backed Exits
Ed Zimmerman: The Pros and Cons of Having Employees Cultivate Deal Flow
Record Seed Funding Year Raises New Series A Concerns
A Boom In Early-Stage Funding For Payments Startups Could Lead To A Slew Of Acquisitions In 2014
Angels Show Reservation as Median Deal Size Remains Lower
Tech investing: Where the angels lurk, and what they like
Where US Venture Capitalists Are Placing Their Bets
Healthcare Outpaced Tech IPOs in 2013
VC Funding for Mobile Companies Hit $1 Billion for First Time in 2013
32 Most Influential Investors of 2013 (Outside Silicon Valley)
Tech Failures Painful, But Often Don't Carry Stigma
What Jumped in Chicago Last Quarter? Care to Venture a Guess?
Andreessen Horowitz, Google Ventures Are Besties With Everyone (Almost)
Software, Web Firms May Dominate 2014’s IPOs
USA Needs More Gazelles Among Its Startups
Chart of the Day: Startup Death Trends
How BNP Paribas Gets Cozy with Technology Startups
Boston VC funding flat in 2013 (CB Insights)
Venture Highlights of 2013: Early Stage Deals, Mobile, and New York
Mobile Companies Grab Larger Share of Deals and Dollars from Angel Investors in Q3 2013
JPMorgan, Credit Suisse Ramp Up Startup Push for Deals
Death and Startups: Most Startups Croak 20 Months After Their Last Funding Round
Cybersecurity is Hot, But a Bubble it’s Not
Can Online Education Grow Up?
Zendesk: Another Cloud Company Reportedly in Line for a 2014 IPO
Here's the 3 Biggest Players in the Acqui-hire Game
The Great VC Bubble Fight of 2014: Tim Draper Says Yes, Marc Andreessen Says No
Check Out the Most Active Internet of Things Investors
Where Nest Ranks Among Google’s Most Expensive Acquisitions
A Nice Alternative to Death: A look at the Typical Acqui-hire
Charles River Ventures' Seven $1 Billion+ Wins
Uber Is Popular In Nigeria? Why Today’s Mobile Apps Are Ranking Highly In Markets They Don’t Serve
HR Technology Startups Saw Seed Deals Soar in 2013
Meet 8 New VCs on Top 2013 Seed Investors List
$1 Billion as Milestone and Omen
How Digital Learning is Changing the World- 2013 Update
The 4 VC Themes from 2013 That Will Make 2014 Very Interesting
Looking Ahead At The Next Top Tech IPOs
Analysis: After Web Stocks Boom, Investors Wary but Rout Unlikely
8 Tech Companies That May Go Public in 2014
Venture Capital 2013 Recap - Oh What a Year It Was....
Tech IPOs in 2013: Enterprise Rules, and a Watershed eCommerce Moment
Venture Almanac Data Shows a Healthy and Maturing SoCal Startup Ecosystem
Deals of the Year: The Top 28 Venture Capital Investments We Tracked in 2013
Fed Up With Razor Bumps, Early Foursquare Employee Tristan Walker Is Launching A Shaving Company Aimed At African-Americans
Grubless? Online Takeout Giants GrubHub And Seamless In Talks To Merge [Confirmed]
Powering Smart Content for Publishing Giants, Knewton Lands $51M to Take Personalized Learning Global
2013: VCs Place Record Bets on Future of Drones, Robots
13 Key Acquisitions of VC-funded Boston Firms in 2013
These NY Startups Are Ripe for IPOs in 2014
Kleiner Perkins Has Biggest IPO Pipeline for 2014 Among VC Firms
A Kleiner addendum: What actually matters in venture capital
Report: IPO-bound Tech Companies Receive Higher Valuations, Move to NY
Seeking The Next Big Tech IPO? There's Plenty In The Pipeline
Tech IPO Wave May Be Getting Frothy as It Rolls Into 2014
IPO Study: 2014 Could Be a Big Year for Companies to Go Public
52 Mass. Tech Companies on IPO Path, Report Says
Techstars/Barclays Partnership Fuels FinTech Frenzy
Which Healthcare VCs Have Hit the Most Grand Slams? Here's One Way of Looking at it
New Tech City: How New York Became the Silicon Valley of the East
It's Getting Easier to Raise $100M: Mega Financings Increase 50% in 2013
VC Funding for Home Automation Hits $468M Since 2012
Cancer Research Startup Juno Therapeutics Raises $120M in Massive Series A financing
10 Top Wearable Technology Design Principles
Just 14% of VCs Have Bagged a $1B Exit
Cousera Eyes Corporate Education Market
10 Tech Things You Need To Know This Morning
Hardware Accelerators Gear Up
3 Big Misconceptions About Bitcoin
Foundation Capital's Paul Holland on Chegg IPO and the Trouble with Investing in Ed Tech
Silicon Valley Just Had Its Most Lucrative Quarter in Five Years
Silicon Valley's Hot: Here's the No. 1 Investors in Top Trends
Internet Bubble is California's Big Quake
Asset Management Is a Baffling Industry
Silicon Valley Doesn't Dominate When It Comes to VC-Backed Healthcare Exits
Follow-UP on Ed. Tech Investments Lacking, Analysis Suggests
Bad Timing Killed This Promising Photo-Sharing App
Big Media Investing Spends Big on Tech Startups
The Corporation as Venture Capitalist
VCs Are Tripping Over Themselves To Fund Enterprise Startups, Research Shows
Which Venture Capital Firm's Healthcare Investment Picks Secured the Most IPOs?
Sigh. Healthcare Corporate Venture Capital Investments Hit a Five-Quarter Low in Q3
Corporate VC Dollars Rise in Mass., Though Deal Count Drops
These Silicon Valley-Backed Startups Are Looking to Revolutionize Food
Record Quarter for VC HIghlights the Scope of the Mobile Market
Mobile Tech Just Had its Biggest Financing Quarter Ever
Intel Capital Invests $65M in Startups Ranging From Interactive Video to Wireless Electricity
Seed Funding Is Up, Silicon Valley/Bay Area Is Tops But...
How One Man Is Tackling Tech's Diversity Problem
Priori Helps Small Businesses Find the Legal Eagles They Need
Venture Spotlight Shifts to K-12 Tech
CounterTack Raises $12 Million as Cybersecurity VC Funding Surges
Median Round Size Dips For Angel Deals In 2Q
New England Takes the Crown for Angel Group Dollars Spent
Are There Still 'Millionaires Next Door'?
Twitter Pays Engineers $10M as Silicon Valley Tussles for Talent
Venture Goes Mobile as 3rd Quarter Deal Activity Hits 12-Year High
Uber and Flipboard Help VC Deal Activity Hit $7.2 Billion Last Quarter
Not Much Green: Cleantech VC Funding on Rapid Decline
Cybersecurity Is Hot: Here Are the Biggest Backers
Going Mobile: VCs Pump $1B Into Industry in Q3
Lookout Raises $55M for Mobile Security Technology
VC Deal Activity Hits the Highest Mark Since the Dot-com Boom
Don't Let the IPOs Fool You. Healthcare Deal Activity and Funding Were Down in Q3
Top 10 Cities for Healthcare Venture Capital Deals in Q3
Twitter IPO Will Widen Silicon Valley's VC Cashout Lead
A Guide to the Silk Road Shutdown
What to Expect Before Accepting the Offer to Become Engineer #1 at a Startup
The Most Destructive, Unpredictable Force in Tech
SAP Launches $650 Million Fund, Highlights Corporate Venture Growth
Bitcoin Buzz Grows Among Venture Investors, Despite Risks
Here's a Look at Healthcare's Top 10 Corporate Acquirer-Investors
Should Facebook Start Its Own Version Of Google Ventures?
Why the Series A Crunch Might Be a Good Thing
Twitter’s Pre-IPO Startup Buying Binge
Financial-technology Startups Roil Banking's Status Quo
PayPal Nears Deal for Braintree Payments
Google Backs Venture to Research Aging
Early Twitter Investor And Spark Capital Partner Bijan Sabet On Founder Personality, Investment Syndicates And More
CB Insights, Silicon Valley Bank, Others See Rise in NY Investments
Silicon Alley On Track to Hit Funding High
The State of VC in NYC: Who Are the Most Active Investors and Acquirers?
5 Startups to Watch From Kaplan’s TechStars-powered Ed Tech Accelerator Demo Day
Top 5: Which Tech Giants Have Most Cash for M&A?
Big Business Outsources Innovation to Startups
Ed Zimmerman: Quietly Providing Value
Uh, Oh! Down Rounds on the Rise
Why Designers Are the Engineers of Tomorrow
Forget the Lies, Statistics: Silicon Valley's No. 1 for Startups
Are VCs Losing Interest in Social? This Study Says Yes
The Next Silicon Valley? These Charts Show How Far Other Regions Have to Go
Meet The Venture Arm Of The CIA
Google Ventures Tops the List of Most Active Corporate VCs Since 2012
Google Ventures Handed Out the Most Dough Since 2012
New Data: The Top Silicon Valley Locales for VC investment
Corporate VCs Provide Series A Crunch Relief
Grockit Sells Social Learning Platform To Kaplan, Goes All-In On Learnist, Its “Pinterest For Education”
Venture Firm Greylock Partners Outshines Silicon Valley Rivals
Bay Area-Silicon Valley Seed Fundings Poised to Smash Record
Damn the Series A Crunch, Full Seed Ahead
Latino Startup Accelerator Partners with Google For Entrepreneurs To Launch In Fall
How Entrepreneurship Is Reshaping the Legal Industry
RetailMeNot’s Stock Soars By 34% on First Day of Trading
Venture Capital Investments Rose 12% in Q2, to $6.7 Billion (Report)
VC Funding Levels Out as Early Stage Turns Up & Top 10 Deals
Despite Mixed Trends in General VC Funding, Health Tech Continues to Boom
By One Measure, SW Angel Activity is Bigger than Silicon Valley's: Here's Why
New Relic Snags Valley Badass Peter Currie en route to IPO
Angel Groups Invest $680K Per Local Deal
Tiny Niche, Big Funders: Solve Media Wins $6M
VCs Love California, Angels Dig Cowboy Country
Will Cisco Systems Buy Plexxi?
The Social Media Bubble is Quietly Deflating
IPOs Up, M&A, Funding Down in So-So Venture Q2
CB Insights: VC-backed IPOs Hit 5-Quarter High Thanks to Healthcare Startups
New York's Venture Capital Cut: $1.3B
Funding for VC-backed Companies Dropped Slightly in Q2, But Number of IPOs Rose
S.F. Startup Boom? Silicon Valley Still No. 1
More Evidence Of A Venture Investing Rebound (With Reservations)
US Venture Activity Remains Steady as IPOs Rise in Second Quarter
Volatility in VC Land: Funding Tumbles 14 Percent in Q2
Biotech Inspires Jump in Healthcare VC Activity in Q2
Massachusetts Enjoys Big Quarter for VC Funding in Q2
The Billionaire Factory: Why Stanford University Produces So Many Celebrated Web Entrepreneurs
New York City's Financial-Tech Startups Raise Record Sum
VCs Rush Into Back App Developers For Business
Can VCs Reinvent Finance? They're Sure Trying
Funding for New York Fintech Startups Expected to Double in 2013
VCs Shift Financial Investments Away from Payments to Analytics, Personal Finance
Ready to Disrupt? How to Launch a Fin-Tech Startup
Should You Trust Bitcoin? It Depends What You Think It's For
Kaplan Bets on 10 Online Learning Startups
Fin-Tech Startups Take on Wall Street's Pain Points
Did This Man Really Just Become New York City's First Tech Billionaire?
To Stay Competitive, First Round Capital Launches Online Startup Journal
Blackboard Ranks High For Ed Tech Acquisitions
Accel Has Big Plans for Big Data, $100 Million of Them
China Leads Asia in VC Investments in E-Commerce; Sadly Acquisitions Are a Rare Sight
Asian E-Commerce Sites Net $6.9 Billion in Investments in Past 3 Years, But Exits Still Tiny
Don't Worry Lawyers: Startups Aren't Coming for Your Jobs Just Yet
Why Apple Killed Genius, And What's Next for App Store's Long Tail
More Exits for Asia E-commerce Firms, But Valuations Still Small
E-commerce Deal Volume Climbs as Venture Investors Search for Asia's Amazon
What Will Be IBM's Next Takeover Target?
VCs Pour $570M into Wearable Tech
In Portland, Startups Work Together to Recruit Engineers
The Quantitative VC
Startups Aim to Free Up Real Estate Data
14 Startups That Will Change the Way You Eat
Top 10 Venture Exits in New York; Who's No. 1?
Tumblr Deal Said to Bring Spark, Union Square $192 Million
New U.K. Edtech Entity To Spend Up To $77M Acquiring European E-Learning Firms Over Next 18 Months To Build Regional Giant
The 10 Celebrities Who Make the Most Startup Investments
The Internet of Things Has the World Buzzing
In Silicon Valley's Kitchen
Here's One Way to Monetise the Series A Crunch
After Rocky Year for Start-Ups, Investors Are Pickier
City IPO scene hopes for comeback
Startup ‘Accelerators’ Speed Evolution of Biz Software
Ga Tech's Advanced Technology Development Center named as one of the “Business Incubators Changing the World”
Are Israel's start-ups poised to suffer the same financing gap as their California peers?
The Top 10 Seed Investors Able to Generate Follow On Deals
Why Some Tech Veterans Are Wrong On Consumer Investing
VC money flows into online real estate after Zillow and Trulia IPOs
$7B in VC money dealt in Q1 ’13
Report: Angel Investments Remain Steady in ’12; Though Industries Shift
What Angel Investing Looks Like Now
Good News for Startups: Angel Investment Remains Stable
What Angel Investors Want Now
Tap the harp music app, angel investors are chasing mobile
Xconomy Report: We're No. 3 in Venture Capital
Why the 'Series A crunch' is no big deal for Boston (probably)
Venture Deals Neared $7B in First Quarter, Up From 2012
Seed slows, Series A picks up in Boston
Q1 Was a Big Quarter for VC Deals, But Not for Massachusetts
Venture capital activity drops in Washington state in 1st quarter
Boom! VCs bet like it's 1999
Series A funding crunch, not your problem?
Massachusetts Venture Deals Drop In Q1
Q1 Report: VCs Invested Nearly $7 Billion Across 841 Deals, the ‘Highest Level’ Since Dot Com Boom
Despite Jive & Yammer, VCs back away from social enterprise startups
VCs Invested $6.9B In 841 Deals In Q1 2013, Funding Up 17 Percent, Deal Activity Highest Since Dot-Com Days
Q1 VC deals hit highest level since dotcom days
VC, angel solar focus shifts as funding hits 5-year low
Here’s One Way To Monetise The Series A Crunch: Make A List Of Moribund Startups, Sell It For $5k (As Acqui-Hire/IP ‘Intel’), Profit
Series A crunch haunts California, New York
New stats show raising Seed money from big VCs increases survival. (The opposite of what everyone in the Valley says)
Sequoia edges Intel in revamped tech VC ranking
Big data startups a magnet for venture capital: study
2012 was Big Data's big year as funding, exits grow
Ed-Tech Companies Use Mergers, Acquisitions to Grow in 2012
Report: NYC tech acquisitions totaled $8.3B
How Frothy Is the Tech Boom?
This Week in Small Business: Leave the Building
CHART OF THE DAY: Half Of Startup Exits Last Year Were Valued At Less Than $50 Million
Tech M&A: Report Finds Most Startups Didn’t Raise Outside Cash
Report: 2,277 Private Tech Companies Were Acquired For Over $46.8B in 2012; Google And Facebook Were Most Active Acquirers
Facebook, Google lead 2012 tech M&As
Small and bootstrapped led tech M&A in 2012
Breaking down 2012 tech acquisitions by the numbers
As More Tech Startups Fail, CIOs Must Tread Carefully
More fodder for bubble debate: ed tech startups get $1.1B in 2012
Seed and Later Investments for Startups are Booming
VCs Invested $26.5B In 3,698 Companies In 2012, Total Dollars And Deal Volume Both Down
VC funding decreased in Q4 2012, but more investments were made in mobile and healthcare
After Rocky Year for Start-Ups, Investors Are Pickier
Why it’s too risky to take seed funding from friends and family this Christmas
An investor’s guide to surviving the Series A crunch
Angel Groups’ Activity by the Numbers
CB Insights: 812 Deals in Q2 2012
A Billion-Dollar Turning Point for Mobile Apps
Angel Investment Rounds in Startups Increase 40 Percent in 2011
We're On The Hunt For America's Most Promising Companies
Angel Investments, Venture Capital Industry Funds
Angel Groups’ Activity by the Numbers
Where The Ladies At? Funds Seek To Bring Diversity To VC
Why San Francisco is tech's utopia
New York Tops Massachusetts in U.S. Venture Deals for First Time
Founders Now Take the Money and Maintain Control
Women Breaking Firewall To U.S. Tech Capital
Venture Capital Report Examines Who Gets Funded
The Daily Start-Up: Founders Of A Feather Flock Together
Microsoft is doing deals, but not Linden Lab
Top 10 Sectors Venture Capital Likes Right Now
States That Truly Bet On Small Business
Twitter's Redesign Ruffles Some Developers' Feathers
Groupon's Biggest Deal Could Transform City's Tech Start-Ups
Top 10 Sectors Venture Capital Likes Right Now
The 10 Sectors VCs Are Going Crazy About Right Now
Venture investment rises in first quarter of 2010
Q1 2010 VC dollars and deals rebound
Report: Venture capital industry has reset to 'healthier' levels
Venture Activity Report Charts Surge in Energy and Cleantech Investments, Smaller-Sized Deals
Ten Technology Incubators Changing The World
Venture capitalists invest $168 million in Washington state
VC in New England: Deals up, dollars down
States That Truly Bet On Small Business
Seed Deals Account for 26% of Early-stage Web Investments
Why VC ain't broke; Zillow's record month; and much more
Want venture capital? Come to California
Gloomy data for VCs, but web startups thrive
A 'new normal' in venture capital
VC deals grow, but still lag mid-decade figures
Washington state ranks fifth in venture investing behind Texas
Small seed deals surge for new class of investors
Venture Surveys Show Nationwide Increase, More or Less, in Second-Quarter Investments
Clean-tech investment booms to $1.5 billion in second quarter 2010
Venture Capital Human Capital Report Examines Who Gets Funded
The Daily Start-Up: Founders Of A Feather Flock Together
Who Are You? Charting the Demographics of Venture-Backed Internet Startups
Investors Squeamish About Third-Party Twitter Apps [STATS]
Venture Capital Report Examines Who Gets Funded
Report Examines Relationship Between Gender, Education, and VC Funding
92% Of Founders Getting VC Money Are Men
Study: VCs give more money to women, Asians
The 8 Percenters: Women Raising More Venture Cash Now Than During the Bubble
92% Of Founders Getting VC Money Are Men
Who Are You? Part 2: Gender and Education Backgrounds of Venture-Backed Internet Startups
What Types of People Raise Money for Web Startups? [INFOGRAPHIC]
Investment in iPad and iPhone App Startups Up 220%
Venture capital for Boston firms declines
Philly venture capital fund is 3d-busiest in US: reports
Report Lists Top 10 Most Active Venture Capital Firms
PhillyDeals: First Round Capital ranks high in number of deals
Venture Capitalists are Favoring the Biomedical Sector (Again)
Report Examines Where the Top VC Firms Are Investing
Venture capitalists tire of Twitter-y start-ups
Biz need funding? Join the crowd
Value of Twitter Ecosystem Shrinks as Funding Falls
Investment in 3rd Party Twitter Startups Down 50%, Says Report
Time To Lower Our Expectations For Twitter?
Report: U.S. Mobile Venture Capital Investment, Q2 2010
Flying solo has its pluses, minuses
The VC Word: Women And Venture Capital
VCs Planting the Seeds for a Cleantech Bumper Crop in L.A.
Report Examines Rate and Focus of Google's Acquisition Spree
Twitter's Redesign Ruffles Some Developers' Feathers
Software Startups Are Gobbling Up All The VC Money: CHARTS
CHART OF THE DAY: Google Has Bought More Companies Than Ever This Year
Software Startups Are Gobbling Up All The VC Money
Investors rein in Twitter-tied startups by 52%
Measuring up to Facebook: Social Media Entrepreneurs Navigate the Minefield of Second-Round Funding
Q1 2011 VC funding
Show me the Mobile Money
Most tech startups acquired in 2012 had no VC funding
The Search For Minority Entrepreneurs Is Over — Now They Need To Be Ready For Investors
Study: More Than 1,000 Seed-Funded Startups Are Destined To Be ‘Orphaned’ At The Series A Stage
Finally, actual data: Series A crunch will kill 1,000 companies, $1B in angel money
Seed Funding Overload To Leave 1,000 'Orphaned' Startups
CHART OF THE DAY: $1 Billion In Seed Funding Will Be Vaporized As 1,000 Startups Die Next Year

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