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Payments Tech Analyst

Identify and track performance of emerging payments companies, get ahead of disruptive trends, track the payments tech social network, and understand your competitor’s innovation strategy.

Emerging payment companies are quickly reshaping the payments industry. Disruptive technologies are cutting payment processing costs, enabling digital currencies to become viable methods of payments and letting customers make payments via their mobile phones. The pace of innovation in payments technology has accelerated and shows no signs of abating with $780 million invested into 140 payments companies in the last year.

Payments Tech Industry Analytics

Beyond emerging disruptive companies, the industry has become even more combustible with the addition of a number of big non-traditional payments players getting into the mix. Everyone from Google and Amazon to AT&T and Telefonica are attacking the space alongside traditional payments companies like American Express, Visa, Mastercard, and First Data.

Staying on top of these emerging technologies and competitor moves and strategies in an increasingly complicated payments ecosystem is incredibly hard. Payments Tech Analyst is like having an analyst review 12,200+ sources daily and then turn that data into predictive insights that you can use to track competitor strategies, stay ahead of disruptive innovation in payments technology, and understand emerging trends and companies.

Payments Analyst helps payment executives and managers:

Payments Tech Profile
  • Understand the payment technology market landscape – Our industry market map organizes over 800 emerging, high-growth payments companies to help you make sense of the payment tech market – covering the range of payment solutions, from mobile card scanners to new card-not-present (CNP) processing gateways.

  • Track disruptive innovation - Stay on top of technologies disrupting (and benefiting) payments – ranging from NFC and digital wallets to direct mobile billing.

  • Procure, partner and acquire smarter – Understand the health of private payment technology companies with our proprietary Mosaic ratings system. Source, partner, acquire and invest smarter by knowing which companies are best and avoiding those that are not.

  • Understand your competitors' real strategy with the business social network – Analyze the partners, vendors, investments and acquisitions of your competitors in order to understand their real strategy using our proprietary business social network

Payment Analyst provides subscribers with regular reports on emerging industry trends and key players, predictive insights and analytics on strategy and M&A activity, rich emerging company profiles, and private company ratings.

Payment Analyst helps:

  • Chief Executive Officers and Chief Operating Officers stay on top of the payment technology market and identify competitors.

  • Chief Information Officers, Chief Technology Officers and IT professionals buy payment technology solutions from the best companies and then track selected companies on an ongoing basis to avoid surprises.

  • Corporate M&A groups identify potential acquisition targets by seeing which payment tech companies have momentum and which do not.

  • Corporate R&D and product development groups recognize emerging payments tech trends and the companies developing these technologies.

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Understand the Payment Tech Market Landscape

Innovation in payment technology is accelerating. With major exits in the space from the likes of Evertec and Point International for $1.6B and $1B respectively and venture capital deals growing 45% annually, staying on top of the emerging players in the payment tech market is a full-time job.

The Payment Technology Market Map provides an overview of the different focus areas of payment tech companies and breaks them down to help you make sense of this exploding and increasingly complex industry. There are over 800 payment tech companies currently tracked as part of Payment Analyst, and this number changes daily as more companies are added.

Track Disruptive Innovation

But understanding the players in payment tech is just one step. By aggregating and analyzing the data about payment innovation, you start to see where payment technologies are going. Using proprietary data on angel investment and early-stage venture investment, you can identify the emerging disruptive companies, technology trends, and areas before your competitors do.

Payments Analyst provides rich profiles of all companies in payment technology and helps you understand their level of adoption, quality of investors, and overall health so you can see which areas of payment tech are gaining momentum and which are just hype.

Not all private payment tech companies are created equal.

Procure, partner and acquire smarter

Not all private payment tech companies are created equal. Payments Analyst’s ratings on emerging private companies help you make better sourcing, partnership and acquisition decisions.

What your competitors say their strategy is and what it actually is are often very different.

Understand your competitor’s real strategy with the business social network

What your competitors say their strategy is and what it actually is are often very different. Their real strategy is a function of where they allocate resources – where they invest, partner, and acquire. Using the business social network capability of Payments Analyst, you can see what your competitors are doing and understand their network of relationships and their real strategy.