Using Science to Understand Private Company Health.

CB Insights' Mosaic understands the health of private companies by analyzing thousands of information sources and identifying signals of strength and weakness.

What private companies can Mosaic help you understand?

Mosaic powers Forbes' list of America's Top Private Companies.

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Who uses Mosaic?

Sales & Business Development | Supply Chain / Procurement | Lending Institutions
Investment Banks | Private Equity & VCs | Corporate Development

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Identify and Focus on Your Best Leads & Prospects

Mosaic helps sales organizations focus on the best, fastest-growing leads in their pipeline. It keeps your team informed about key developments at companies while also ensuring they spend time on those leads that offer the most upside for your organization.

Improve Initial Vendor Selection and Ongoing Due Diligence

Mosaic helps procurement and supply chain groups pick the right vendor when making a purchasing decision. It also evaluates vendor health on an ongoing basis to ensure that you're aware of bad news for a vendor – whether it be executive turnover, bad product response or legal woes. With supply chain reaching a board level priority for many organizations, the visibility that Mosaic provides can mitigate financial and reputational risks.

Improve Marketing & Risk Outcomes by Targeting the Best Private Companies

Mosaic helps lenders (small business banks and card companies) with company-level intelligence that allows them to identify companies experiencing growth or contraction well before conventional sources might uncover such signs. These signals can enhance marketing and risk management efforts and ultimately your bottom line.

Focus on the Rising Stars in Your Coverage Universe

Do you know who the stars in your ever-expanding coverage universe are? Do you know when key events occur at these companies so you can be first to contact them? Mosaic offers investment bankers a real-time, comprehensive way to stay one step ahead and on top of the best companies in your coverage area.

Track Prospective Investments, Existing Portfolio Companies and Their Competitors

Mosaic helps equity investors track the performance of prospective investments over time relative to see its performance over time. It also makes portfolio management easier providing an impartial view into the performance of your portfolio and ultimately enabling you to pinpoint and focus on portfolio issues sooner-than-later.

Find the Best Acquisition Targets and Conduct Faster, More Comprehensive Due Diligence

Mosaic allows corporate development groups to intelligently analyze potential acquisitions, investments, and strategic alliance partners. You can use Mosaic to screen HR, product, and partnership health to not just find better acquisition candidates but also conduct basic due diligence on numerous companies in an industry quickly, efficiently and in a data-driven manner.

Mosaic under the hood - How does it deliver private company intelligence?

Track Multiple Portfolios

In one quick snapshot, Mosaic's portfolios help you see the health of all the private companies you are tracking on a real-time basis.

You can establish unique portfolios of companies grouping them by industry, geography or any other criteria important to you.

And you can filter companies based on movements in their health over time and across various Mosaic-tracked life events, i.e., product, legal, partnership, financing, etc.

Whether it is figuring out the best sales prospects, analyzing your vendors, tracking loan recipients or doing diligence on an M&A candidate, Mosaic portfolios give you a way to see strength or weakness across companies in one clear snapshot on a real-time basis.

A simple click on a company tile opens up their individual Mosaic profile.

Dive Into Company Health

When diving into a Mosaic private company profile, you'll see its overall health tracked over time as well as its individual drivers of health.

You can look at recent key developments and what has driven changes up or down in health based on the digital footprints Mosaic has found for each company.

Tracking the health of a company over time and across numerous drivers of health equips you with a data-driven and real-time perspective that no other method can deliver.

By establishing Mosaic triggers, you can be proactively alerted to big changes (either up or down) in a company's health. Mosaic lets you passively stay ahead of the curve with intelligence about a company unlike anything that has been possible before.

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