About CB Insights Mosaic

Mosaic uses science to understand private company health.

CB Insights Mosaic offers a real-time, rigorous and ultimately more data-driven method to understand private companies. We'll be revealing more about Mosaic's algorithms, technology and applications over time, but right now, we're working closely with select clients to continue to refine Mosaic's capabilities.

We're excited that Forbes Magazine is using Mosaic to power the magazine's ranking of America's top private companies. You can apply for America's Most Promising Companies (AMPC) here.

If understanding the health of small private businesses is critical to your business, we encourage you to sign up here to be included in our early access program and to receive updates on Mosaic.

In the meantime, we hope you'll explore the CB Insights private company and venture capital firm/angel investor database, our daily newsletter detailing companies getting funded and our research briefs on private company financing and M&A trends.