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Date Company Round Amount Co-investors
2006-05-05Ziopharm OncologyPIPE$37MAbu Dhabi Investment Authority, Andrew Carter Capital, Broadlawn Capital Management, Bushido Capital Partners, Clarion Capital Partners, Cycad Group, Dorset Management Corporation, Downsview Capital, Emerging Technology Center, FCP OP MEDICAL BioHelth-Trends, H & A Lux VCH Expert Biotech, Hackney Group, Hauck & Aufhauser, Henderson Global Investors, Highbridge Capital Management, Iroquois Capital Group, Knott Partners, LBI Group, Lewis Asset Management, Medical Strategy, Mehta Partners, Millennium Management, Mosaix Ventures, Panacea Asset Management, ProQuest Investments, Quantitative Bioequities Management, Riverside Contracting, Sterling Securities International, and Visium Asset Management
1999-12-24SafeNetUnattributed VC$15MAgile Asset Management, Agile Partners, AWM Investment Company, BayStar Capital, Chartwell Investment Partners, Clarion Capital Partners, Crosslink Capital, Fidelity Investments, Gruber & McBaine Capital Management, Hyposwiss Private Bank Genève, ING, Lancaster Investment Partners, Paradigm Capital Investment Company, Security Trend Partners, TCMP3 Capital, Trellus Management Company, Tudor Ventures, and Veritas Capital
1999-12-13Ramtron InternationalUnattributed VC - II$5.39MBrant Investments Ltd, Castle Creek Capital, Clarion Capital Partners, Graham Investment Advisors, Jupiter Partners LP, and Tera Capital
1999-08-11U.S. Plastic LumberUnattributed VC$17.33MApex Venture Partners, Apodaca Investment Partners, Atwell & Company, Chartwell Investment Partners, Clarion Capital Partners, Cudd & Co., Daly & Company, Fidelity Investments, Paradigm Capital Investment Company, Psychology Associates, Sears Capital Management, Stichting Pensioenfonds ABP, The Bank of New York Mellon Corp Private Banking & Securities Investments, and Zesiger Capital Group
1999-03-22Wave SystemsUnattributed VC$23MApodaca Investment Partners, AWM Investment Company, Balestra Capital, Clarion Capital Partners, Commerzbank - Equity Markets and Commodities Unit, Endeavor Capital Management, Fidelity Investments, Gruber & McBaine Capital Management, Gryphon Investors, Hamilton College, Hyposwiss Private Bank Genève, Lancaster Investment Partners, Porter Capital Management, Security Trend Partners, Trellus Management Company, and Veritas Capital
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