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Date Company Round Amount Co-investors
2005-01-06Forticell BioscienceUnattributed VC - II$5.4MBayStar Capital, Bristol Capital Advisors, Cambrex, Crestview Capital Funds, Fiserv, Gibralt Capital Corporation, Monarch Capital Partners, North Sound Capital, Paradigm Group, ProMed Capital, Rock Hill Investment Management, SDS Capital Partners, Selwyn Partners, Stonestreet, and Whalehaven Capital
2005-01-05Knockout HoldingsUnattributed VC$5.47MAnasazi Partners, Bristol Capital Advisors, Bushido Capital Partners, Gamma Capital Partners, N.I.R. Group, Royal Capital Management, TCMP3 Capital, Vicis Capital, and Yorkville Advisors
2004-11-22BravoSolutionUnattributed VC - III$6.07MAtoll Asset Management, Bluegrass Growth Fund Partners, Excalibur Capital Management, Heights Capital Management, Iroquois Capital Group, Omicron Capital, TCMP3 Capital, and Weiss Peck & Greer Investments
2004-07-09Amedia NetworksUnattributed VC$5.25MAS Capital Partners, Basso Capital Management, DKR Capital, Emes Capital Partners, First Mirage, Greenwich Growth Fund, Gross Foundation, Hudson Bay Capital Management, Mea Group, Melton Management, Platinum Management, Professional Traders Management, Quines Financial S.A., Rock Hill Investment Management, Southridge Capital Management, Stonestreet, Whalehaven Capital, and Yokim Asset Management
2004-07-07Calypte BiomedicalUnattributed VC - II$10.79MMarr Technologies Bv, MTB Group of Funds - MTB Small Cap Growth Fund, MTB Investment Advisors, MTB Multi Cap Growth Fund, Proximity Capital, SF Capital Group, Sunrise Equity Partners, TCMP3 Capital, and United Capital Partners
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