List of Ed Tech Companies


This file contains a list of private venture capital financed ed tech (education technology) companies and provides information on the company's business, their investors, amount of funding raised and geographic location (address).

Venture capital to Ed Tech (aka Education Technology) companies has totaled $1.37 billion in the recent quarters and covers a broad array of companies ranging from Coursera and Udacity to Codecademy. With the outcomes being delivered by traditional educational institutions being described as suboptimal (for example, college students with too much debt and no real prospect of getting jobs), the ed tech industry has gained prominence as an area for investment.

This data file (in .csv format) provides a list of all private venture capital and angel-backed ed tech companies along with with the following information on each company:

  • Name of company
  • Website
  • Company description
  • Industry classification
  • Mailing Address
  • Total amount of money raised
  • Date of most recent financing
  • Investors
  • * fields provided when available