List of Early-Stage Tech Startups Running Out of Cash (Dying)


A list of seed and angel-backed technology startups who may be running out of cash and who are showing signs of stress based on our Mosaic algorithms.

In our Series A Crunch / Seed Investing Report, we found that companies receiving Seed or Angel financing, on average, raise their next round of funding in 13 months and quantified the number of potential “startup orphans” the recent wave of seed investment might create. This list highlights seed and angel-backed technology startups whose last round of financing was more than 13 months ago and thus who may be running out of runway (aka cash) or for lack of a better phrase – may be dying. This is then combined with scores from Mosaic, our technology backed by the National Science Foundation, which programmatically identifies signals of stress or strength related to private companies.

For those looking to identify passive candidates for recruitment efforts or to acquire a smart, well functioning team or looking to acquire IP from innovative young companies, this list may be particularly useful. Tech startups on this list span internet, mobile and software companies.

Here’s who has asked us for/purchased this file already:

  • M&A groups looking to do acqui-hires
  • Venture capital investors looking to help portfolio companies recruit talent
  • Company HR/recruiting teams that are looking to find talent including hedge funds and more mature later stage technology companies
  • Organizations interested in the potential IP that these startups may possess

For each of the tech startups in this file, you will get the following information*

  • Name of company
  • Website
  • Company description
  • Industry classification
  • Mailing Address
  • Phone number
  • Total amount of money raised
  • Date of most recent financing
  • Amount of most recent financing
  • Investors